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Subject: A Former Freemason Exposes Black Magic Used to Control Members
  Free Wills
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>Subject: Re : Freemasonry a Benevolent Force for Good? Codex Viewed Against
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>From: "Docteur Gerard L.J. Loranger,O.M.,N.D." <>
>To: John Hammell <>
>Yes John, you are right concerning the Freemasonery.
>I was initiated in Kepera Lodge of "The Menphis Misraïm Rythm" connected
>with the Grand Orient de France. I know now that they are using Astral
>Entities and Magic during the Work session in the Lodge but most of the
>members are not able to feel what is appening on their light bodies. After
>tree years of work with this system, a person is no more able to be a free
>tinker. He is completely transform in his beleive system and his soul belong
>to the Fallen Lords of Light. The false light of Austades.
>Thank you for the Email, your work is very important
>Gerard Loranger.ND.

IAHF List: In an effort to better understand what we're up against as we
work to get a Congressional Oversight Hearing to investigate the FDA for
illegally seeking to harmonize US dietary supplement laws with Europe's and
with the Codex draft proposal for vitamins and minerals, I started a threat
to delve into Freemasonry and other secret organizations which pervade our
government and society, to orchestrate events from behind the scenes,
outside our field of view.

Bill Clinton is a 33rd Degree Freemason. I have alleged that the upper
echelon of the Masons is satanic, and that most Masons are blissfully
unaware of what they're involved with. This mssg from Dr.Loranger in
Quebec, Canada confirms my suspicions. You can scoff at the message above
if you want to, but I leave you all with one thought: When the UN
headquarters in New York City was built, it originally contained a room
called "The Lucifer Room" The name of this room was later changed due to
public protest to "The Lucis Room" at the same time that the Lucifer Trust
Publishing Company changed its name to the "Lucis Trust" In the "Lucis"
room in the UN headquarters are 11 chairs, and over the center chair is a
portrait of a serpent- in honor of Lucifer, the master deceiver- whose
return the UN awaits. The seek to takeover the world for him. By conquest.

The url of the Lucis trust is They are
UN Groupies. They're humanists, who favor the imposition of a UN run world
government, and they await Lucifer, who they call "the Christ". Go ahead
and scoff if you want, but y2k is coming fast, and its going to kill a lot
of people. The world's ruling elite could have set things into motion soon
enough to trigger a repair, but chose not to. Why? Its because they want to
kill off as many of us as they can. Whats in it for them? Control. They've
been wanting for centuries to control the whole world- this is why they
want to limit us to untherapeutic dosage levels of nutrients, and why
they're trying to get control of the world's food supply. Their end goal is
to kill of about 2/3rds of us, and microchip the survivors-- to force
people to take the chip if they want food.

Some people on this list think I'm a paranoid lunatic for saying stuff like
this, but thats ok. I really don't give a damn what they think- I'm not
expecting to win any popularity polls from putting out this information and
you can believe whatever you want.

I'll tell you one thing, though, having attended two UN Codex meetings, and
from observing the so called Codex "process" I can tell you one thing: they
have a predetermined agenda, and a predetermined goal. They're relentlessly
working towards the goal of destroying our health freedom, but first, y2k
is going to thin our ranks considerably unless more of us take steps to
take cover.

In the millenium bug section of the IAHF website there are 2 white papers
about the Year 2000 Computer problem. If you haven't read them, I urge you
to. They'll help you to prepare and to get out of harm's way. Codex is a
serious matter. Y2k is even more serious. I am trying to get a
Congressional hearing to investigate the fact that the FDA broke the law at
Codex by submitting comments which threaten to harmonize our dietary
supplement laws with the EU's.

That is a serious matter, and I will fight the FDA as long as we have
electricity, phones, and the internet-- but I want to emphasize to all of
you: the FDA isn't going to be around much longer, and neither will
electricity, the phone system, the internet, the USA or whatever country
you live in. We are rapidly heading for a New World Order, and its going to
be a very ugly situation, with an unprecedented effort being made to kill
large numbers of us and to control us. So, please... have no illusions
about what is coming and take steps to prepare accordingly. A good book to
read which helps explain what we're dealing with is "And the Truth Shall
Set You Free" by David Icke- order it via
International Advocates for Health Freedom
2411 Monroe St. #3 Hollywood, FL 33020 USA
800-333-2553, overseas 954-929-2905
fax 954-929-0507,,
Donations Needed For Trips to DC
To Get FDA Oversight Hearing
Due to Illegal FDA Codex Comments
& for Trips to Europe to Assist
Dr.Rath in Getting Hearing at
International Court of Justice
Against the Pharmaceutical Cartel