To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: 2nd ID Bill Killed in VA State Legislature, 1 to Go in VA, GA + Other States - Action Needed to Kill Biometrics Bills- Drive Stake Thru Heart of New Whirrrrrld Odor- Georgians & Everyone See
From: "I A H F"
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 23:24:47 -0500

To the Editor: The Floyd Press,
To Various Reporters: The Roanoke Times

From: John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd, VA 24091 USA
800-333-2553 (h&w) local 540-763-3051

IAHF List: SB 62, a horrible biometrics Model Emergency Powers Act bill was just killed yesterday in the VA State Legislature by a vote of 13-8 thanks to IAHF and the Virginia Taxpayers Assn. (The bill had previously passed the State Senate by 28-10 in January. (IAHF notes that State Senates are more controlled by corporate interests than State Houses of Delegates are so its much easier to kill legislation like this in the House of any state, so don't be discouraged if a bill like this passed in your State Senate by big numbers, you can still kill it!) These biometrics bills have their origins in the United Nations via ISO- see below, they're trying to standardize the drivers license in over 140 nations world wide. Explain this to everyone you know and kill this legislation in YOUR state- see all documentation below. Your help is needed to drive a stake thru the heart of the vampire: the New Whirrrrrrld Odor. Everything we're being told about 911 in the mainstream media is a lie: see From the Wilderness: 911 is being used for major mileage to strips us of our civil liberties.

SB 62 would have put our thumb prints on the state drivers license, turned the governor into a dictator via very loosely worded language, and would have criminalized refusal to be vaccinated. Similar bills are moving nationwide, please see to kill similar bill in Georgia (everyone see this site, regardless of where you live). Contact your state legislature about this. IAHF posted flyers urging help to kill SB62 all over Floyd county VA on public bulletin boards urging everyone to flood the legislature with complaints. John Hammell of IAHF hung out in the local bars, health food stores, DMV office, and area businesses educating the masses on this issue, and urges similar vigilance world wide to kill all similar bills. Ken White of the VA Taxpayers Assn deserves the most credit for killing this and a previous biometrics bill in VA, he went to Richmond and told the legislature these bills had to be killed. Hammell will be generating an article about this for the Floyd Press, the local newspaper and urges everyone to do the same where you live, and to post your article about the death of biometric bills to the web and to send copies to Herr Bush and Herr Cheney along with all the running dogs in Con-gress and the stinking UN.

ONE DANGEROUS BIOMETRICS BILL REMAINS IN VA- See details at end of this mssg on how to kill a bill that would allow the cops to take your prints if you don't have a license on you, like maybe you forgot your wallet at home, or the DMV hassled you and wouldn't give you a license due to some Orwellian BS, so now you're without a stinkin' license and the cops want your prints? I DON'T THINK SO!! See complete details below on how to kill this one too!

GEORGIA: KILL THIS ONE, EH? (Everyone, World Wide, Check This Cool Anti New Whirrrrrrld Odor Website!!!) website was put up by Dr.Sandra Lance to help people in Georgia to oppose MEPA legis moving in GA state legislature, but people nation and world wide should see her site, its very well done- shows ID cards with fingerprints used by Nazis in WW2 to control people back then. There is nothing new under the son, Herr Bush is a modern day Hitler. Was alerted to this site by Jimmy Wynn of the Militia of Georgia.

Each one, teach one!! Check with your own state legislature to oppose all biometrics bills nationwide and world wide. All this is coming down via the UN's ISO NGO, Internaitonal Standards Organization, they're trying to standardize the drivers license world wide, through over 140 nations, using 911 psyop as excuse. See Standards - International Standard for the Driver License

Monkeywrench control freak agenda by passing out flyers at DMV offices nationwide, and call your state legislature today in opposition to biometrics on the drivers license: no to thumbprints, retina scans, smart licenses with computer chips, no to making state governors into dictators who can quarantine people who refuse to be vaccinated. Be wary of vaccination shots- vaccines are dangerous in and of themselves see anti vaccine section, but also be wary of microchips that could be so small via nanotechnology that you wouldn't even know they're in the vaccine vial without checking with an electron microscope.

Become aware and familiar with Remote Neural Monitoring by reading the lawsuit of John StClair Akwei vs NSA in the anti NSA section at Be mindful that the ruling elites wet dream is to turn this into a psychocivilized society with everyone walking in lockstep under electronic mind control and they have had the technology to do this for some time.

IAHF gets phone calls from victims of illegal human experimentation on a regular basis since putting Akwei's lawsuit on the iahf site Anti NSA section and they assure me that this stuff is for real, its no joke and its horrible to hear how they're being tortured by microwaves. For more insight read MASS CONTROL: Engineering Human Consciousness by Jim Keith

VIRGINIANS: See Alert Below: Remaining bad bill would allow cops to take our prints if we get caught driving without a license, even if you just forgot your wallet at home!!! Screw this, right?? DAMN RIGHT, IT MUST DIE TOO!!!

Only remaining Virginia bill promoting fingerprints with licenses is: Senate Bill 348, requiring the owner or operator of a motor vehicle to allow imprinting of his finger on a summons if he fails to exhibit his driver's license when requested to do so by a law-enforcement officer. SB 348, sponsored by Sen. Russell Potts (R-Winchester), was passed by Virginia Senate, 37-0, February 1. Now in House, the Transportation Committee has re-referred it to House of Delegates Courts of Justice Committee, which may take it up Monday, February 25.

What to do:
Phone any of the following members of Courts of Justice Committee that you can before noon Monday, February 25, and tell them:

(1) A number of persons who do not have licenses with them simply inadvertently forgot and left them at home, yet these innocent individuals will have fingerprints on police files even if they are later acquitted of any misdemeanor in the incident.

(2) SB 348 is unnecessary because identity confusion between persons ticketed on the highway and those who later turn up in court to answer summons is not a major problem.

(3) SB 348 unconstitutionally gives police a judicial function, since another police officer who later encounters a fingerprinted motorist â€" checked by computer by highway officer â€" will treat motorist differently from other motorists, perhaps placing him/her under arrest.

(4) Federal courts have ruled that prints collected for licenses cannot be compared to criminal print databases, so SB 348 would not aid crime control.

(5) Real purpose of SB 348 is incremental people control, to get more members of the public used to being routinely fingerprinted by the government ! House of Delegates Courts of Justice Committee
( Meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1/2 hour after adjournment in House Room C)

Howell, William J. (R) Chmn. (804)698-1028
Bell, Robert B. (R) (804)698-1058
McDonnell, Robert F. (R) (804)698-1084
Marrs, Bradley P. (R) (804)698-1068
Albo, David B. (R) (804)698-1042
McDougle, Ryan T. (R) (804)698-1097
Griffith, H. Morgan (R) (804)698-1008
Reese, Gary A. (R) (804)698-1067
Kilgore, Terry G. (R) (804)698-1001
Almand, James F. (D) (804)698-1047
McQuigg, Michèle B. (R) (804)698-1051
Johnson, Joseph P., Jr. (D) (804)698-1004
Black, Richard H. (R) (804)698-1032
Jones, Jerrauld C. (D) (804)698-1089
Weatherholtz, Glenn M. (R) (804)698-1026
Melvin, Kenneth R. (D) (804)698-1080
Hurt, Robert (R) (804)698-1016
Armstrong, Ward L. (D) (804)698-1010
Athey, Clifford L., Jr. (R) (804)698-1018
Moran, Brian J. (D) (804)698-1046
Janis, William R. (R) (804)698-1056
Joannou, Johnny S. (D) (804)698-1079