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From: "I A H F"
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 15:01:17 -0500

IAHF List: Josh McClintock is on an airplane right now en route from DC to the District office of his boss: Congressman Julius Caeser Watts ("JC" Watts, the former pro football player turned Illuminati stooge con-gressman. All I can say is how ironic that his name is Julius Caeser. (Et tu, Brutus?) Seems to me good ol' Julius Caeser played a role many moons ago in nailin' Yeshua to a cross, and now a guy bearing that man's name is seeking to nail all of our butts to a cross by walking point on trying to force House Joint Resolution 115 straight down our throats, so that a National ID card would be laid upon us via each of the 50 states. This matter will be taken up by the House Committee on Militia, Police, and Public Safety at 9am Friday, Februrary 1, in House Room C.

What U Must Do If You Desire to Remain a Free Man or Free Woman:

You must call JC Watts, via Josh McClintock and leave a message for him at the district office in Oklahoma at 405-329-6500 and also call his DC office at 202-225-3512, fax 202-225-3512 email:

You must call your own Senators and Congressmen via the Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121 and tell THEM that you strongly oppose the National ID Card

Use THIS Form letter if you wish or make up your own, and if you do not like my rhetoric, feel free to edit what you see below any way you wish, but do not chastise me for what I have choosen to write, I am angry and decided to really vent my splean in very strong terms below. If obscenity offends you, do not read this letter, there are four letter words in this letter that aren't spelled out entirely, but my meaning is clear and I do not want to hear any angry criticism from anyone who does not like my choice of words because you are free do choose your own- this is just a form letter.: Kindly forward this to more people and edit it first if you wish.


To: The Honorable Julius Caeser Watts
fax 202-225-3512 email
The Honorable JC Watts
US House of Representatives
Washington DC 20515

Dear Congressman Watts:

I strongly oppose HJRes 115 which would attempt to lay upon me a National ID Card via my state. Do not attempt this. There are 75 Million gun owners in this country, and if this is attempted it will lead to a state of war between the American people and our illustrious government. Although you may firmly believe your Illuminati paymasters when they tell you that they think they have a RIGHT to regard us to be chattel slaves, and their property, and although we realize that they BELIEVE that we will willingly accept the notion that our Birth Certificates have been monetized as collateral against the Debt and registered for that purpose with the International Monetary Fund and that our SS #s are our slave numbers, being a free human being with unalienable rights conferred to me via my Creator, I totally, completely, and absolutely REFUSE to accept a National ID card, even if that means never being able to board an airplane again and even if it means not being able to travel freely in America or the world again without running the risk of being regarded to be an alleged "terrorist".

Unless you do a U-Turn on this issue, I won't have any choice but to regard YOU to be a TERRORIST, sir and I humbly beseetch you to ponder the error of your ways because I am not at all pleased with your arrogance, and the same goes for any member of con-gress foolish enough to push this piece of S_ _ _ so much as one IOTA towards passage. I truly hope I have made myself clear and I thank you for listening to my views, because I do not want to have to get you in my scope.

Contrary to the NFL, this is reality, and in the real world, we are not playing a mere game here. The fact is, sir, that if you continue to go in this direction, you will become an enemy of we the people. Therefor, you do not want to continue down this path. You must make an immediate U-turn, an About Face, because otherwise, I won't have any choice but to join my local militia in defense of my privacy and my unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This includes the right to be secure in my home and personal effects, and I do not need any "assistance" from the "government" I just want to be left the F_ _ _ alone so that I am not forced to march armed on Washington for the sake of removing Nazi swine Herr Bush, Herr Cheney, and any other piece of scurrulous S_ _ _ that thinks the way they do from the face of this earth, and that goes too for the pondscum at Georgetown University School of alleged "law" who generated the so called "Model Emergency Powers Legislation" that they gave to the CDC which issued it to the Natnl Assn of State Governors with the solemnly corrupt admonission that if they should fail to lay it on the citizens of their state in order to force biometric identifiers such as our thumb prints onto state drivers licenses that Federal funds will be withheld by Uncle Sam to their state to help maintain their roads.

Trust me, JC baby, there are some bad assed mo fos in this country who are former and current military, as well as millions of hunters and ordinary people who are armed to the teeth, and you do NOT want us riled up, you want to be very very very friendly to us, and right now, you are not being friendly, you are being a major league asshole and it would behoove you to chill out and back off before we have to clean your clock. Although you and the IMF may not like this strong rhetoric, you do not HAVE to like it, because every single word of it is still protected by the first amendment and the first amendment is still very much protected by the second amendment. Do not force me to invoke the second amendment. Comprende? Capiche? Good. So glad we both speak the same language and that we are both Americans, because for a minute there, I thought you might have switched sides to becoming allied against us as a point man for the New Whirrrrrrld Odor.

For Freedom and Civil Liberties,