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Subject: ACT NOW EMERGENCY ANTI ID/CHIP ALERT!! Feds to States: Want Money For Your Roads? U Best Toe De Line & Lay Biometric Drivers Licenses on our Slaves Our Property or ELSE: Please Call Your State Legislators NOW, especially in Virginia!!! What to Do
From: "I A H F"
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 11:03:14 -0500

IAHF List: [See emergency alert below] Spook Central, aka Georgetown U. School of alleged "Law" are the evildoers who concocted the so called "Model Emergency Powers Legislation" that they gave to the Centers for Disease Control, which in turn gave it to the Natnl Assn of State Governors dictating that the states better pass it........ or ELSE!

(And what does "OR ELSE" actually mean? It means...... any state that refuses to do the bidding of the District of Criminals by not forcing their slaves to put their thumb prints and other biometrics on their drivers licenses so that they can force vaccinations on us, etc, will LOSE FEDERAL FUNDING FOR THEIR ROADS AND HIGHWAYS. Via this they intend to FORCE VACCINATIONS on us, and via nanotechnology they can put microchips into a vaccine that you would not even be able to see unless you have an electron microscope, and this is not science fiction. A nanochip will bind directly to your cells and can be powered off your bodies own electrical energy. With that inside you you can be tracked by the GPS satellite and targetted via microwaves for further control purposes. They seek to turn this into a psychocivilized society under mind control and they have the technological ability to do so right now. Don't believe it? See NSA section to see a lawsuit filed against NSA that describes, in detail, their technological capability in this regard. Get and read MASS CONTROL: The Engineering of Human Consciousness by Jim Keith at

Powerful arm twisting maneuver by los federales scummos? Correctamundo senior, to xpress de truth in Spanglish.

What can we do about it?

Can you pick up a phone and dial it?

Please, people: Unless you are willing to end up accepting a microchip in your butt, because thats next,

1. Get the website of your state legislature using a search engine and find out if the Model Emergency Power Act is moving in your state. (We know for a fact it is moving in Virginia, California, New York, Maryland, Nevada, Minnesota, Illinois,Kentucky, South Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine, and by now probably more states. (This info from Wall Street Journal: January 7, 2002 Article "States Seek to Strengthen Emergency Powers: Movement is Raising Privacy and Civil Liberties Concerns.

2. Call your state legislature (Virginians see below for details, all others better hop to it and get the jungle telegraph cookin' pronto in your state) (Listen my children and you shall hear, of the midnight ride, of Paul Revere, only this is for real and its happening now, so please, help me out, each one, teach one.

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January 27, 2002

Stop National I.D. Card !

Dangerous Senate Bill 62, to require everyone applying for a driver's license to submit either a thumbprint or "other biometric identifier", has already been reported out by the Virginia Senate Transportation Committee!

You must phone or FAX your state senator Monday morning, January 28, and tell him/her to vote against this totalitarian bill!

SB 62, introduced by Sen. John Watkins (R-Chesterfield), is expected to come up on the Senate floor for second reading Monday afternoon! This is the only opportunity for senators to speak about the bill on the floor!

Then they take a voice vote. A recorded vote will be taken on the third reading Tuesday, January 29, but there will be no floor discussion at that time.

If you do not know the phone number of your state senator, phone the General Assembly Hotline: 1-800-889-0229, or call Senate information: 1-804-698-7410 or 1-888-892-6948.

FAX number for all senators is: 1-804-698-7610. (Senators Newman and Rerras voted correctly against SB 62 in committee. Thank them.)

The fight against this bill to implement a national identification card for everyone must be fought at the state level, not the national level !

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators is spearheading a drive to force automobile licenses in every state to show standard identification which goes into a national database.

This would allow officials to access information about anyone in any state at any time. The "biometric identifier" could be an iris scan, a DNA sample or a facial-recognition scan.

Alleged purpose of SB 62 is to "fight terrorism." But while stringent controls are being imposed on law-abiding Virginians, the General Assembly is doing nothing to urge Congress and the administration to enforce present immigration laws!

Countless terrorists are daily flooding across Mexican and Canadian borders, or are already in the U. S. and Virginia, with professionally forged licenses, which will not be questioned!

Tracking all Americans is slavery by gradualism, and must be stopped!

At the time our original alert was issued, action by the Senate Transportation Committee had not yet been reported on the General Assembly web page.

HJR 115 (Watts), calling on Congress to propose state issuance of a national I.D. card, will likely be taken up by the House Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety at 9 a.m. Friday, February 1 in House Room C.

Act now! You will be glad you did!