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Subject: Rep. Kucinich's HR 2977 Names Chemtrails As An 'Exotic Weapon' 'Particle Beams' Too - NOT a Hoax, I Checked in
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 00:10:39 -0500 but for grins put in the IAHF website under What You CAN Do... brief synopsis of threat for total control of American pop : [details below] CDC Trying to Sneak Forced Vaccinations Into Us Via Model Emergency Powers Legis Presented to State Governors Assn, Also all too real... (put HR 2977 into search engine on the Thomas website to see bill language---- Via vaccines they can microchip us (see see lawsuit Akwei vs NSA. What You CAN do...,,, to alert more people, each one, teach 10, each 10 teach 100, each 100 teach 1000, each 1000 teach 1,000,000. There are 75 Million Gun Owners in America. We Need You To Be Aware Sign onto the IAHF list via

Freedom Lovers: Evidence found on Library of Congress, Thomas Legislative database (see HR 2977)Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio exposes chemtrails and particle beam weapons as all too real as a threat to coerce we the people, its NOT a hoax for total details.... For far too long a handful of courageous researchers, especially author Will Thomas in BC Canada, have endured taunts, the lowest form of yellow journalism, ridicule, and even being openly mocked to their faces in snide, subtle ways by mainstream so called "reporters" from the wire services and other bottom dwelling CIA Operation Mockingbird planted media establishments to ambush them from the controlled media, but they have prevailed, they have taken the truth in bill form (less than 6% of all bills are passed into law) to a handful of human beings in that august body that I irreverently refer to as con-gress, and as always, there are a few, albeit a miniscule number of folks within that body who try to do good things, and by inserting language into a bill before Congress that ....states truthfully that the shadow government is intentionally trying to cull our numbers by dumping designer toxic chemicals on us from airplanes to weaken our immune systems enough to kill, SOME men in Congress deserve not to hang, but this bill does not (yet) have a single cosponsor beyond Kucinich himself- hey Norm wake Ron Paul up eh? Dennis needs and deserves bipartisan moral support on this one, cause you guys are the only reason we don't all start marchin' towards the beltway with our guns...... with full disclosure.... no less on the Library of Congress's legislative database.

Please lob in a message to Dennis Kucinich that we love him, on THIS issue anyway, and folks world wide, not just Ohio, THANK him from the very marrow of our beings that he has the spine to boldly state what no congressman has ever had the guts to state before, that we are in FACT being killed by the government through chemtrails and malevolently directed microwaves that they pretend do not exist!!!! The number to call to reach any member of Congress and Dennis's office in this case is 202-225-3121. PLEASE, do the right thing. Thank Kucinich. I did today and see because that way you can tell everyone in congress to get behind his bill which (under "search" put "HR 2977" to see bill language which if passed into law (only 6% of all bills are so we MUST ACT) protects us from contrails and malevolently directed particle beam weapons (microwaves), and we WANT this to become among the 6% that some years get passed into law so forward this widely and remove any of my snide comments that you don't like first, just don't remove the documentation which I personally examined.

Tell the aide who you reach in Kucinich's office (via 1-202-225-3121 or email via that you love their boss, even if on OTHER issues he may be akin to Adolph Hitler or Stalin, on THIS issue at least, he has balls, BIG balls, balls BIG enough to leave pecker tracks on the ceiling and to get himself snuffed by the CIA or given diesel therapy the way they did to former Congressman George Hansen who wrote a book about the IRS and was given diesel therapy for 10 years where they forced him to piss and shit on himself, and you can't have balls any bigger than that on this earth, unless you are willing to die for not accepting an injected microchip which they're going to be trying to sneak into all of us via vaccinations, and I am not "paranoid" on that one either as CDC has just introduced model emergency powers legislation to the State Governors Assn asking that all 50 state governors pass into law a bill that would force us at the state level to get vaccinated under threat of having our cars, houses seized of coercing us under gunpoint under threat of labelling us all "terrorists" and its opposed by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons and you can sign their petition and see info at (concerned citizens opposed to police states) also Jews for Preservation of Firearm Ownership (they have not forgotten what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto- the only Jews who weren't rounded up by the Nazis of their time were those who stuck to their guns and did not give them up per Adolph Hitlers gun control legislation. JPFO has researched objective proof that world wide, whenever a government has instituted gun control, genocide has followed.

We must remind the morons in Con-gress that 70 Million homes are protected by firearms that the CDC Emergency Powers Act put before the National Assn of State Governors see makes it illegal for us to have a gun if we refuse to be chipped (vaccinated)!!! See the lawsuit against NSA and Ft.Meade Maryland view at along with the anti vaccination, anti chemtrail, anti chip, and anti codex sections as we PUSH-BACK-THE COR_PORATE_ATTACK** PUSH PUSH BACK THE CORPORATE ATTACK a la SEATTLE-

Serious prayer is in order folks and the Lord helps those who help themselves, regardless of where you may be on the political spectrum, they are trying to get us all divided up: "right' against "left" "left: against "right" its all a smokescreen to disguise the fact that they control both parties so they can railroad their globalist agenda (see to see campaign donations by multinational corporations to con-gress and we must come together to defend our very lives now for it is truly us..... vs NSA see download lawsuit by Akwi vs NSA and Ft Meade Maryland to learn about MKULTRA technology arrayed against us for population control purposes. also see All is suppressed "FOR REASONS of NATIONAL SECURITY (LOL! They routinely confiscate sketch books from Appalachian Trail hikers who get too close to the surface installation, guys with no identifying insignia on their uniforms do this if you are on the AT and get too close to Mt.Weather and attempt to sketch anything re the surface installation- wear camo, use telefoto lens, be mindful of electronics that detect heat from your body as you get "too close" (forget sketchpad, you can't get close enough) (they can see you and dispatch guys with automatic weapons in a flash.)

Hell, contact Kucinich even if you live in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, S.Africa, Chile, Australia,Iceland,New Zealand or Hong Kong because the sun doesn't set on the IAHF grass roots empire, we have our tentacles everywhere on this planet that NSA does, but ONLY when we remind 'em, and I can prove it irrefutably through the donations that have come in here, but don't send me anything, just call Dennis, or email him, to thank him, and not because I think its a good thing, but because the Lord and whatever higher power you may happen to believe in to also do, Amen ??? No surrender, No RETREAT!!!

Forward this to any active duty military people who you have any solid reason to trust, and let them know they are going to have to choose which side they're on, and it starts with education. They are already microchipping the British military. Don't go there people. Its fire if you do. They can put you to sleep at will when you are behind the wheel of a car. They can use microwaves to induce burning sensations inside your body. They can know exactly what you read, purchase, even when you take a dump or make love. They can track you by the Global Positioning System if they can only vaccinate you or your children- thats why they're now threatening us the way they are see then see the lawsuit against NSA at see anti chip section, anti vaccination section, anti Codex section.

They can read your mind and put thoughts into your mind, and the way they intend to mass chip all of us is via vaccinations. Do not take my word for it, see the lawsuit against NSA at to learn about MKULTRA technology. They can use microwaves and particle beam weapons against us. They're doing already to test subjects that are subject to illegal, black budget programs such as MKULTRA which are protected "for reasons of National Security" WHOSE security? Certainly not your or mine, they won't let us inside places like Mt.Weather! It only protects the executive branch of the gummint, certainly not us highly expendable "useless eaters" whose birth certificates have been monetized with the IMF international monetary fund as collateral against the unpayable national debt which is unpayable because there aren't enough dollars in circulation to even BEGIN to pay it, and the dollar is borrowed into existence through the mere act of printing them, its backed by nothing, we were taken off the Gold Standard long ago, and that was when the yellow fringed flag of Admiralty law first was put into the courtrooms and into the halls of Con-gress putting us under Admiralty law, but only for those who do not grasp that they are not that all capital letter strawman name contained within the IRS's Individual Master File which is written in a code that has been broken.

My IMF code was broken by a woman in Georgia who knows how to break it and I issued legal notice that I am not that strawman. They legally defaulted by not responding, so I entered a default judgement against IRS. Now they think they're going to send the National Guard or State Troopers in on me eventually via this CDS Model Emergency Powers legislation put before the National State Governors Assn. ?? They better not attempt this. Long live the 2nd amendment, its all we have left damn near. Please join me in pointing that out to Congress. Who are they KIDDING? Oh, I get it, duh, now they are STILL gonna say "contrails do not exist, and we're all insane and Kucinich is insane, and all the people in Ohio whose medical records prove they were injured by contrails are also insane and it "MUST" be true because mainstream reporters will all be fired if they don't go along with the CIA's Operation Mockingbird whereby CIA has placed plants posing as "journalists" inside AP and Reuters news "services" ?? Yeah, "news SERVICE" my ASS! Its we, the People who are being "SERVICED" all right LOL, just give me a garbage can lid to protect my anal orifice, or better YET, a Faraday cage to keep microwaves out of my House! Want instructions on how to build one? An experimental physicist from Washington State sent IAHF accurate instructions, just type "FARADAY" onto the IAHF internal site search engine at Still think I'm "insane" not any more, thanks to dietary supplements healing me, but Codex could drive me nuts, could drive me really nuts, could drive me into a homicidal rage because mainstream drugs almost killed me, but I got out by smuggling vitamins in to the last hospital I was in, hid them in a cavity gouged out of the underside of my foam mattress, took them on the sly while mouthing my "meds" which I spat down a toilet where they belong! Look out NSA, IAHF is onto MKULTRA, and lots of people are seeing the truth!!!

From: "David Feustel"
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Subject: Rep. Kucinich's HR 2977 Names Chemtrails As An 'Exotic Weapon'
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 05:46:56 -0500

Rep. Kucinich's HR 2977 Names Chemtrails As An 'Exotic Weapon'

By Lorie Kramer

After years of denial from government, military, and environmental agencies, the reality of the controversial issue regarding the covert programs known as Chemtrails has been acknowledged.