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Subject: The Myth of Thanksgiving Day: 4th World Documentation Study Exposes the Lie
From: John Hammell
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 11:53:00 -0500

IAHF List: I am part Narragansett Indian. Today the tribe ceases to exist, it was wiped out by my European ancestors who first landed in Rhode Island in the early 1500s. Only the bay near Newport Rhode Island, and a beer, continue to remind anyone that the tribe ever even existed at all- and given the genetic problems native americans have handling alcohol, it is highly ignominious and very offensive to me that a beer was named after my ancestor's tribe.

The Wampanoag indians who sat down to feast with the Pilgrims at Plymouth were massively conned and set up by a band of exploitive Illuminati bastards who they should have scalped because theirs was no GENUINE gesture of friendship, it was just a PR con game intended to butter them up not to interfere with the next wave of terrorists who were soon to arrive.

I didn't write the article below my comments, but I sure do agree with what it says- it was written by The Center For World Indigenous Studies -4th World Documentation Project in Olympia, Washington and its well worth your time to read and reflect on.

Everything that was pounded into our brains in elementary school when we were kids about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving and the Indians sitting down peacefully with the Pilgrims for a feast has been an unmitigated spin controlled lie to cover up what REALLY happened and to sanitize the odiferous stench of mass genocide and rampant exploitation of native americans. Kevin Annett is doing a great job of exposing this on his website Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust which could just as easily be titled the American Holocaust. Get to Kevin's site from the link at see Canadian Holocaust on the scrollbar.

I'm on the 5th day of a fast, and vow to never celebrate Thanksgiving Day again after reading the article below especially. Amerika has little to be "thankful for", we should be making amends for the vast crimes committed in the name of this country. The corporation known as "The United States Incorporated" invaded this continent and immediately began a fascist genocidal campaign to kill off and exploit the native peoples who were here before us, living in harmony with nature instead of exploiting it. See G. Edward Griffin's superb analysis of the 911 Psyop titled The Grand Deception: A Second Look at the War on Terrorism at We're living under the 4th Reich, we're allowing ourselves to be unwittingly used as cannon fodder by the Illuminati which conned us into the war in Afghanistan via the 911 CIA Psyop. The war will be used to give "legitimacy" to the World Court, and if we don't fight a lot harder against globalism, we could be labelled "terrorists" and hauled over to the Hague ourselves to be put on trial for having the nerve to express opinions such as this.

Please forward the article below to more people. The truth shall set us free. Our Creator sees through all lies and spin control, and a time will come when each and every one of us must give a full accounting of our actions. The time has come for all people to unite against the evil of the Illuminati, and if you are skeptical as to its existence, please go to and do a search. There you will find an interview of a former Illuminati trainer along with several articles by her about the group she escaped from. I also urge you to read Jim Keith's book MASS CONTROL- The Engineering of Human Consciousness. See my review of it at 45 of 51 people who read my review and commented on the amazon website found it helpful. Anyone can be on the IAHF email distribution list. Sign up at

THANKSGIVING DAY: by the The Center For World Indigenous Studies - 4th World Documentation Project, Olympia, Washington USA

Thanksgiving Day in the US is an awkward time. Aside from the fun of having a day off, watching football, overeating, or just being with family and friends, we shouldn't forget that the holiday actually commemorates a big myth in American history. This holiday originated as a feast of giving thanks, celebrated by cooperation of the Native Americans (aka Indians) and the newly arrived immigrants, the pilgrims. Have you ever wondered how Native Americans feel about this holiday today?

We've all seen images of the meal, with both groups contributing and enjoying a feast. History books report that this happened ( But, considering what we now know happened to the Native Americans in the years that followed (see Native American links below), it is extremely unusual that this image is still pushed onto school children and the public at large. Most of the Native Americans at that feast were dead a few years after their contact with the pilgrims, from diseases introduced to their native land. Most of the Native Americans that were spared death from these new diseases, died resisting the expansion of territories held by the colonists. The result has been that a population that numbered a few million 300 years ago, is now no more than 400,000 - most of them living in isolated reservations far from their original fertile hunting and farming lands.

Thanksgiving Day symbolizes the "Last Supper" of the Native Americans. Arab-Americans familiar with the modern history of the Palestinians find it difficult to play along with this game. Jewish Europeans fleeing the Holocaust and survivors of persecution in Europe arrived in Palestine for refuge. They then turned around, took the land with arms and forced out the local population in 1948, destroying as much of Palestinian culture and history as they could. Golda Meir's remark that, there is no such thing as a Palestinian, shows clearly the attempt of the colonialist to rewrite history. If the Arabs resist, label them terrorist. This sounds all too much like the term used to describe the Native Americans, "savages", for their attempts to protect their nation, land and way of life.

Thanksgiving Day has become commercialized like most other holidays in America today. But, let us not be ignorant of the true history associated with it. Let us give thanks for the good things in our lives, our family and friends. let us also take this reminder of history as an opportunity to learn about the history of Native Americans, as an integral part of the history of this nation. Let us not allow their rich history to be forgotten. There are many useful sites on the internet by Native Americans. Following are just a couple of interesting ones. Let us know what you think.

Native American Links:

Pocahontas' tribe, the Powhatan Renape Nation's history of their experience with the European immigrants:"Since the time we met the Europeans in the 1500's, our history has been characterized as a struggle to survive war, disease, prejudice, and cultural disintegration. Foreign disease alone probably accounted for halving the Powhatan population by the end of the 17th century. Many of the survivors of those early epidemics were largely decimated by war and starvation. Yet, against all odds, we the Renape (human beings) have survived."

excerpt from the Fourth World Documentation Project:

4. The Wampanoag Indians were not the "friendly savages" some of us were told about when we were in the primary grades. Nor were they invited out of the goodness of the Pilgrims' hearts to share the fruits of the Pilgrims' harvest in a demonstration of Christian charity and interracial brotherhood. The Wampanoag were members of a widespread confederacy of Algonkian-speaking peoples known as the League of the Delaware. For six hundred years they had been defending themselves from my other ancestors, the Iroquois, and for the last hundred years they had also had encounters with European fishermen and explorers but especially with European slavers, who had been raiding their coastal villages.(6)

They knew something of the power of the white people, and they did not fully trust them. But their religion taught that they were to give charity to the helpless and hospitality to anyone who came to them with empty hands.(7)

Also, Squanto, the Indian hero of the Thanksgiving story, had a very real love for a British explorer named John Weymouth, who had become a second father to him several years before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth. Clearly, Squanto saw these Pilgrims as Weymouth's people.(8)

To the Pilgrims the Indians were heathens and, therefore, the natural instruments of the Devil. Squanto, as the only educated and baptized Christian among the Wampanoag, was seen as merely an instrument of God, set in the wilderness to provide for the survival of His chosen people, the Pilgrims. The Indians were comparatively powerful and, therefore, dangerous; and they were to be courted until the next ships arrived with more Pilgrim colonists and the balance of power shifted. The Wampanoag were actually invited to that Thanksgiving feast for the purpose of negotiating a treaty that would secure the lands of the Plymouth Plantation for the Pilgrims. It should also be noted that the INDIANS, possibly out of a sense of charity toward their hosts, ended up bringing the majority of the food for the feast.(9)


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