To: IAHF List
Subject: GRAVES ALERTS U.S. SUPREME COURT TO AIDS BRIEF: Press Conference 4/11 at 11am Steps of Supreme Court - IAHF to Be There - Need Your Help - Also Will Visit Congressional Offices Re Questions for CRS on Codex
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 17:43:13 -0400

All Webmasters: Please Post.

IAHF List: Please read very carefully and forward massively- Very important!!!

Please join me in sending some money via paypal to Boyd Graves at to assist him in his efforts to expose genocide via the government's creating AIDS. His website must be viewed by a lot more people

I am trying to stay focused on making sure my Senators and Congressman file my questions with the Congressional Research Service re the Codex vitamin issue, and although I am feeling burned out from my own Codex battle, If any of you will please just tell me you'll join me there in DC on April 11th at 11, I will be there to support Ed's effort, which really deserves our support, but if you won't stand with me, why should I do anything more to help any of you? On the 11th, if some of you will please join me, we can also visit our Senators and Congressmen to make sure they run our questions re Codex past the Congressional Research Service (see Whats New, April 1. Please send that in to your Senators and Congressmen- by mail is best, and call them in advance at 202-225-3121 to discuss it and get the name of the person handling FDA issues so you send it to the right person.

I would encourage anyone who lives in the DC area to be there in support of Boyd Graves and to bring a camcorder. We are at war, we're not using bullets, and hopefully we will never have to, but we must use our voices and our pens.

The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance. Don't blow off this guy Ed Boyd, send him some money via Pay Pal. He's risking everything to try to bring out the truth, and he really deserves our support. With the Free Trade Area of the America's meeting coming up fast in Quebec City April 20-22, I am disgusted that I only had one single solitary email from anyone about it, its as if the apathy has set in and people are asking to be enslaved. The one person who emailed me re the protest in Quebec City didn't even have anything serious to say, he asked a stupid question wanting to know whether or not you had to have a "Mohawk" haircut to cross the border when the Mohawk Indians blow past the Customs scum to seize the bridge to enable protestors to cross so their gas masks won't be seized.


Now I ask again: Will anyone from this list help out either with the protest in Quebec City or with this action in DC of Boyd Graves? We can simultaneously visit Congressional offices to make sure our elected officials ask CRS our Codex questions.

Please let me know.

Also, if you asked your Senators and Congressman to run my legal questions re the Codex vitamin issue past the Congressional Research Service, let me know. You can still do this. The stuff to send in is at under whats new, April 1. If you have done this, please let me know. I'm trying to find out who the people are on this list who I can really count on. Action talks- bullshit walks. We've got work to do people, and if we don't motivate ourselves to fight tyranny, we WILL be enslaved. I need to know how many of you are willing to fight back.

March 19, 2001



Boyd E. Graves, J.D. 888-842-6419

U.S. Supreme Court 202-479-3011


(Washington, D.C.) Boyd E. Graves, J.D. today notified the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court that he will file the people's brief on April 11, 2001 on behalf of the 30 million innocent victims of the U.S. Special Virus program (1962-1978). The filing follows the Sixth Circuit's Election Day order ruling Graves' case and the origin of AIDS as "frivolous" November 7, 2000.

"This is the one case the high court can not turn aside," declared Graves. "We will buttress our brief with the petitions in support of our efforts from common America."

Our call for review of the 30 year old "blueprint recipe" for AIDS is just. The nation's high court will be under siege to adjudicate the significance of the Flow Chart and progress reports of a secret federal virus development program that produced 60,000 liters of AIDS (and other illnesses) by 1978.

According to a spokesperson for the Court's public affairs office, they anticipate Graves will attract a crowd on April 11 when he files his brief at 11:00a.m. and makes his statement on the Court's steps. They are also aware of the growing international interest this case has attracted from Argentina, to Croatia, to Germany, to Kenya, to Malaysia, to South Africa and Zimbabwe.

"We have met the extraordinary proof requirement to allow our extraordinary claims to be heard," Graves said. "We are confident the U.S. Constitution compels this Court the ultimate duty of blanket coverage of "equal protection". Poor people with AIDS must be entitled to Equal Justice Under Law. The issue of AIDS bioengineering is real and supported by credible and substantial U.S. medical and scientific documentation as well as the 'manipulative' policy decisions of Richard Nixon and others."