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Subject: Cheap Prazosin For Sale (Minipress), Minipress Xl 5mg Price -
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 19:25:08 -0400

All Webmasters: Please post.

Everyone: Please forward widely. Anyone can be on the IAHF list, sign up at or send email to

IAHF List: The article below about the genocide agenda of the ruling elite is well worth the time to read, and ties in with the totalitarian effort being made via Codex to ban our access to dietary supplements within the therapeutic range, as well as to any dietary supplement with an RDA, except by prescription. That Codex agenda is being played out right now at the EU, and IAHF is cranking up its outreach program via radically increased networking and the translation of information into several languages in an effort to stop it.

Nancy Johnson, who wrote the following article, is a skilled researcher. She is an MD as well as an attorney who has done much to help alternative physicians and the dietary supplement industry, and I appreciate the effort that she put into writing this article. Along with it please check out a well researched commentary on the UN and the New World Order and the effort being made to force us into a totalitarian world government, against our will, and without our informed consent. If we allow the UN to take control, they won't just deny our access to the dietary supplements we want to take as part of the genocide agenda discussed below, but they'll also attempt to dictate to us how many kids we can have, or even whether or not certain of us can even have kids at all. Think I'm joking? Read this article, and also go to the website listed in my comments above. ALL of our freedoms are at stake, and we are NOT being told the truth. This article helps illustrate this fact. If you are a member of the Life Extension Foundation, or anyone else who wishes to live a long life and enjoy good health, you must oppose the genocide agenda of the United Nations.

Many people in Europe, and far too many in the US and Canada have been brainwashed into trusting the UN. Serious mistake... The UN and those who control it can be trusted about as far as you can trust a used car dealer or a serial killer. Check it out...
An Internet Publication for Real Americans
Friday, September 29, 2000 | 6:18 PM

Cheap Prazosin For Sale (Minipress), Minipress Xl 5mg Price -
By Nancy Johnson - Posted: 09.29.00

I laughed when the Ranch Chief. told me that the name of the manufacturer of RU-486 was not being released "for security reasons." Even though I happen to be Pro-Choice, the hiding of a drug manufacturer -- and it's liability -- by the government did not sit well with me. Having spent a lot of hours exploring medline and the patent data base, I knew that there would be published information dating from prior to that decision that could not be erased. So I went to work.

The earliest peer reviewed medical article published on RU-486 was "The effects of an antiprogesterone steroid in women: interruption of the menstrual cycle and of early pregnancy," by Herrmann W. Wyss R. Riondel A. Philibert D. Teutsch G. Sakiz E. and Baulieu EE. Hermann, W., 294(18) COMPTES RENDUS DES SEANCES DE L ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES 933-8 (1982).

It states that "Oral administration induces the interruption of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and that of early pregnancy in women. Its mode of administration and its properties enable us to envisage a new methodology for menstrual cycle regulation and human birth control." Other medline articles describe the compound as "beta-hydroxy-11 beta-[4-dimethylaminophenyl-1]-17 alpha-[prop-l-ynyl]-estra-4,9-dien-3-one." Rojas FJ,, 23(6A) JOURNAL OF STEROID BIOCHEMISTRY 1053-8 (1985) or credit the French drug company Roussel-Uclaf. Vervest HA, Haspels AA. 44(5) FERTILITY & STERILITY 627-32 (1985).

There are several early patents for similar chemicals, the earliest (filed 1982, issued 1984) being U.S. Patent No. 4,447,424, an invention of Teutsch; Jean G. (Pantin, FR); Costerousse; Germain (Saint-Maurice, FR); Philibert; Daniel (La Varenne Saint Hilaire, FR); Deraedt; Roger (Pavillons sous Bois, FR) and assigned to Roussel-Uclaf, the French drug maker. Note that two of the authors, Teutsch and Philibert, are also inventors. The compound, 2.alpha.-methyl-11.beta.-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-17.alpha.-(prop-1-ynyl)-.

DELTA..sup.4,9 -estradiene-17.beta.-ol-3-one is listed as an example of the invention. This is similar, if not identical, to RU-486, and there are four subsequent related patents, all assigned to Roussel-Uclaf.

Thinking I had brilliantly ferreted out the elusive drug maker, I then ran its name on the web and learned that National Right to Life was way ahead of me. Roussel-Uclaf is owned by Hoechst AG, whose American affiliate is Hoechst Roussel. In 1995, Hoechst purchased American drug manufacturer Marion Merrell Dow (MMD), forming a new pharmaceutical company Hoechst Marion Roussel. But in 1994, Roussel-Uclaf transferred its US patent rights to . . .

The Population Council.

This author's familiarity with the Population Council pre-dates my political enlightenment. Its name was mentioned frequently in attempts to exonerate another well-known birth control compound, the oral contraceptive, in cases involving birth defects and stroke.

Today, the Population Council announced on its own web page:

NEW YORK (28, September, 2000)-The Population Council, the U.S. sponsor of the new drug application for the MifeprexT brand of mifepristone, is pleased that the Food and Drug Administration has approved this important new medical option.

American women now will have access to this nonsurgical method, as do women in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and other countries in Europe. MifeprexT has been studied in many countries and used by over 620,000 women.

The Population Council - along with its licensee, Danco Laboratories -has worked long and hard to make this important product available in the United States. Now that the product has been approved, Danco Laboratories will begin to distribute MifeprexT through physicians and clinics nationwide.

The Population Council is purportedly a private, non-profit group started by John D. Rockefeller located "within walking distance of the United Nations building and CBR on the campus of the Rockefeller University. [It also has] an office in Washington, D.C., which manages [its] global programs to improve reproductive health and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Half of [its] staff of almost 500 people is based in developing countries, at five regional and 15 additional country offices."

Right to Life also writes that Roussel-Uclaf transferred its remaining RU486 rights (those outside the U.S.) to Edouard Sakiz, one of Roussel's former chief executives, in April of 1997. Sakiz is a co-author of the 1982 paper. Another name that popped up a few times on the medline was E. Baulieu, about whom Right to Life states:

"[A]dmits he was looking for some way to deal with the "demographic," i.e., population, "crisis" of so-called Third World countries. Baulieu's vision had not changed in 1990 after seeing the drug approved in France, Britain, and Sweden. In his history of RU486, The "Abortion Pill," Baulieu declared that, in developing countries, "Women badly need the [contraceptive] backup methods of effective contragestion and abortion. RU-486 has a vital role to play." Beyond personal medical benefits Baulieu projected for the drug, Baulieu indicated he also believed RU-486 had a "broader role" in such countries helping "governments to dampen a population explosion which threatens to outstrip the world's resources."

The Population Council is quoted as saying,

"China's view is that reproductive rights belong to the state; reproductive rights are not something for an individual or even a family to possess," said an official at of the Population Council.4 And apparently, the U.N. approves, since it has suggested that countries model themselves after China. As a result of the U.N./China one child policy, imposed in 1979, China is now suffering from a population imbalance. "

So, it's about population control. That is why the press is not releasing the name of the manufacturer, patentee, and licensee, so easily identifiable in public records. But the feds told their puppets without telling their puppeteers --- and its all on the Population Council's own web page.