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To: IAHF List
Subject: Generic Viagra Online Free Shipping - Erectile Dysfunction (Sildenafil), Viagra Generic Viagra Free Overnite Shipping [Do NOT Read if you Have Trouble Sleeping]
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 22:23:13 -0400

All Webmasters: Please post.

Everyone: Please forward and read carefully. This is VERY deep - VERY
disturbing stuff!

IAHF List: Due to being on the Washington Capital Police's and FBI's Watch Lists, and given the fact that next weekend I will be driving the 12 hour round trip from Floyd to the DC area for Easter with family members, given that I paid my dues by protesting in Seattle, and needed to recharge my batteries this weekend, I decided to stay home this weekend and provide you with information about Project L.U.C.I.D. since it sheds much light on the totalitarian regime embodied in the UN/WTO/World Bank/IMF that people in DC are protesting against- often without even REALIZING the full extent of what we're up against as we fight this CODEX war to defend our access to supplements and everything else!

If you know anyone who was protesting in DC this weekend who may not be aware of this information, or anyone else, please forward this to them! When you're done reading this, please call your Congressman and Senators and ask them to cosponsor Ron Paul's bill "The American Sovereignty Restoration Act" which pulls out out of the UN/WTO completely!!! If you appreciate the time it took me to transcribe the information that follows about Project LUCID, please send a donation to help me cover the UN CODEX Meetings in Berlin, and Geneva at the end of June. As you can see from this, Jean-Paul Creusat, an Officer in the UN stationed in New York, is one of the two creators of this LUCID enslavement system. Help me get over to Berlin and Geneva to keep monitoring these monsters because they want control from tit- to tomb, but they have to go through US first, right?: Please send your most generous donation to IAHF POB 625 Floyd, VA 24091 America, and a HUGE THANK YOU to those who have already started kicking in! It will be GREAT if I don't have to crawl over broken glass to get to these meetings in your behalf- so keep that greenstuff rollin' in!

Generic Viagra Online Free Shipping - Erectile Dysfunction (Sildenafil), Viagra Generic Viagra Free Overnite Shipping

By Dr.Anthony Sutton, from his newsletter, Phoenix Letter Ste. 216 C, 1517 14th St. Billings MT 59102 reprinted with permission in Appendix 3 of Project L.U.C.I.D. by Texe Marrs transcribed from Marr's book by me, for you.

We live under the rule of law and the basic law that rules the United States is the Constitution confirmed by the Bill of Rights.

The rights to privacy and due process are well established and almost universally accepted. We say "almost" because there are disturbing signs that a few elements in Washington, New York, and the academic world place themselves above the Constitution and have other plans for our future.

We presume that all contracts let by the Federal Government are checked by Constitutional lawyers for constitutional implications. We presume that academics and universities would not propose a contract that recommended violation of the Constitution. Apparently our presumptions may be in error.

Big brother planners have now excelled themselves with a totalitarian scheme to hook us up to a central computer tracking system, with the assumption that we are all potential criminals and need to be catalogued and tracked.

We have received an article by two academics who should know better but haven't read the Constitution. (To be fair the senior author is a United Nations Officer and may not be a US citizen.) In grand totalitarian style they propose to treat us all as criminals and have developed a magnificent plan known as L.U.C.I.D., described as "a concept study for a future Universal Information Identification System."

LUCID proposes that the Universal Biometrics Card, now under development by the Department of Defense, be used as a "secure, uniform, interactive and instantaneous tracking system."

Tracking of whom you will ask? Not criminals but "non criminal justice background checks" and "alias criminals". That means virtually everybody. (We applaud their ingenius use of the English language. Whats an "alias criminal?"

The authors are so bold as to call this a "Universal" system and include "Individual Universal Biometrics Card" on a chart outlining the LUCID system. (The word LUCID is notably close to LUCIS or LUCIFER. We trust this wasn't a Freudian slip on the part of the authors.)

This Big Brother study was written by Jean-Paul Creusat, MD of the United Nations, New York, and Professor Anthony S. Halaris of Iona College, New Rochelle, New York. (Iona is a four year, private, "liberal arts" college founded in 1940, but has no institutional link to the study.)

LUCID is the entire hardware, software, computer machinery framework to handle the UNIVERSAL BIOMETRICS CARD no under development by the Department of Defense. The system transmits encrypted data from remote sensors (i.e. implants and cards.)

A card will store more than 5 gigabytes of personalized data with multilingual capability. It can be read into fixed or portable units. In brief, all your personalized data (equal to 100 or so floppy disks) can be received on a small, portable unit in the field from any language at any time.

The identification techniques used are already developed and, whatever its designers say, are extraordinarily invasive of personal liberties.

Within the Universal Biometrics Card will be DNA genotyping and human leukocytes antigen (i.e., through protein material.) An iris scan system (i.e. "every iris has a unique stable and highly detailed texture") will be used for personal identification. The eye cannot be surgically altered without impairing vision. An iris code can be analyzed in about 1/10th of a second, say the designers.

What the designers are not telling you (as if the above is not bad enough) is that your entire medical history and current medical condition can be read from the iris. This is the little known, but interesting, medical field of iridology. We have been assured personally by doctors we trust who have worked in the iridiology field, that the system works. What you are and have been medically is recorded in the iris.

You see the value to Big Brother!

Finally, just to make sure they've got everything on you, footprints and fingerprints will also be recorded on your Universal Biometrics Card.

The Smart Card is the preliminary version of the Universal Card and is already in use. Some states are using it for food stamps, others for welfare programs.

The Universal Biometrics Card is a gross invasion of privacy, is unconstitutional, and is presently under development. UNLESS CITIZENS PROTEST TO CONGRESS, IT WILL COME INTO OPERATION.

The Republicans are worse than the Democrats on this one. They have increased the Defense budget funding these control schemes to more than Cold War days against some presumed threat. The presumed threat appears to be citizens, not terrorists.

Remember, not a single terrorist incident in the last ten years has been reliably and completely solved. It leaves open the possibility that one or more may be State-sponsored incidents to create the environment for Congressional passage of anti terrorism legislation.

Something has gone badly wrong in these United States. We suspect it goes back to the educational system under the control of the National Association and the Thomas Dewey (Socialist) mentality. These control ideas do not reflect American values, tradition, philosophy- and certainly not the Constitution. These planners are the Hegelians. They believe the state is boss and individuals have to obey the State. (In Hegel this is twisted to "you find your freedom by obeying the State."

They have to be reminded sharply that in the US, State powers are delegated by the people, i.e., power comes from the bottom, not the top. And any politician who wavers on this needs to be removed from office.


1. Law enforcement has a right and a duty to track criminals, that is their function. Law enforcement has no right to track or collect data on citizens who have not committed a crime unless there is evidence that they may have broken the law. This is protected under the Fourth Amendment. We the people did not delegate the right of privacy to the Federal Government in the Constitution, and it is protected under the Due Process Amendment.

Sure, this makes life difficult for law enforcement, but thats what they are paid to do, catch criminals and stay within the law. The pleading of "future terrorism" as a reason to infringe on individual constitutional rights is entirely unacceptable. In the case of LUCID it is self-preserving pleading. The authors own LUCID system, and one is President of Advanced Technologies Group that has a financial interest in Big Brother, computer control systems. In brief, your loss of personal freedom is their future personal financial gain.

2. The Department of Defense has developed a Universal Biometrics Card with 5 gigabyte memory. If this is designed to track civilians in some broad, unconstitutional manner, then Congress needs to remove the funding NOW. DOD has broad functions. Control of the population is NOT one of those functions.

3. These developments have not been investigated by Congress. They should be and your voice should be heard.

4. A more urgent task for those who would catalog and track all citizens is to correct present systems. The credit reporting system is jammed with false information. (AND YOU CANNOT GET IT REMOVED. We have personally tried to have false credit information removed for six months without success. One credit reporting firm- not one of the larger outfits-allowed a fraudulent ID operator to penetrate the system and plant information.)

Imagine a LUCID system. Your enemies can plant false information. The government can plant false information. The LUCID system can make individuals anything its operators want. Unfortunately the days are over when we can routinely trust law enforcement. Waco and Ruby Ridge told us that even the finest law enforcement agency can be taken over by criminals. The O.J. Simpson case showed us that police detectives DO lie. The Omaha child abuse case tells us that Federal law enforcement will go along with cover-up and criminal activity.

Do you want a LUCID system in the hands of criminals?

The day that Washington cleans out the cover-ups, investigates the score of messy episodes, and acquires a moral approach to life and work, then, at least, we will listen to proponents of LUCID, if they can overcome the Constitutional question. Which we doubt. The way things are today, we wouldn't trust Washington with a tool like LUCID any more than we trust O.J. Simpson or Detective Mark Furhman to tell the truth.