From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 03:26:25 -0400

IAHF LIST: I wholelheartedly endorse this new home study course in herbalism! It was created by our good friend and ally Anthony Rees,ND, Master Herbalist who has put his 18 month course on a CD Rom after months of very hard work to generate the course. Mr.Rees grew up in the S.African bush where he first started learning about herbs. His mom and dad ran a trading post in Zululand, and Anthony began learning about herbs from earliest childhood.

As an adult Dr.Rees served in the elite S.African Anti Poaching Patrol where he continued learning about herbalism and had a lot of experience living off the land, putting his knowledge of herbs to truly practical use. He has also studied N.American herbs through a course he took in New Mexico. Rees was the President of a guild of herbalists in S.Africa where he was also the co-founder of PHARMAPACT, the dynamic health freedom group which forced the S.African Government to back off from the unconstitutional "Listings System". Today, through Citizens Voice for Health Rights, Dr.Rees is helping the people of Canada to defend their health freedom and through our consultations, he's helping everyone world wide via IAHF.

When I visited Dr.Rees in S.Africa he took me on a hike one day in which he identified a slew of herbs we came upon and he rattled off all their uses to me. I was impressed. This guy is good, and his course is rock solid. In 12-18 months, depending on your motivation, you can graduate from his home study course, and have access to Dr.Rees via email and phone. He's my good friend, and he won't steer you wrong. I intend to enroll in his school myself and urge you to join me. Together we can learn to make our own tinctures and learn just how to use the herbs for healing purposes, and this will help us to tell the government/pharma cartel to go to hell because they can't ban what grows in the wild, and they can't stop us from making our own tinctures! Please forward this widely!

-John Hammell