Email From Ron Law, former Executive Director of NNFA New Zealand explaining the significance of the following documentation that he sent to IAHF.

The reference to Kava was that Law had requested that Simon Pettman issue a press release under IADSA's auspices defending Kava, but Pettman and Dennin refused, then got very angry at Law for suggesting that it hadn't been sent out due to a conflict of interest for both of them. (The conflict was for Dennin as an employee of Pfizer, and for Pettman as a consultant to not only IADSA (and Pfizer via Dennin) but also to EHPM and ERNA both of which have numerous pharmaceutical clients. (See separate emails on the issue of the need to defend Kava further down between Law and IADSA, and draw your own conclusions...)

Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 23:07:16 +1200
From: Juderon
Subject: More docs
To: John Hammell
Cc: Edward Fry, Jim Roza,
Elwood Richard

Some more docs -- March 1 2002 -- letter from IADSA -- not a shred of a hint regarding expulsion -- request for NNFA to remove me from the scene, etc. The reason for my expulsion (from IADSA) was simply that that was the only way Val Johanson could stay on the IADSA executive, and Randy and Simon could get some peace & quiet -- especially after the deafening silence regarding the defence of kava. Notice that Johanson agreed with the voluntary withdraw of kava in Australia -- the TGA couldn't force a withdrawal as it was a registered legal product. They needed time to gazette its removal from the market and Val gave it to them...

The CHC one is really insidious. Note the lies regarding the reason for my expulsion -- undermining IADSA objectives... The only objective I was undermining was Val Johanson's and others not walking the talk...

Note Val is Chair of the IADSA Herbal task force. that should be a real worry. She is working in a behind the scenes group with the Aussie TGA to get each extraction method of a herb approved as a separate ingredient --that will require separate safety assessments for each... It's a time bomb waiting to hit industry...

To give you an idea of Val's propensity to, let's say, Truth Deficiency Syndrome, note the CHC Summit speakers profile ... and note that Val wasn't appointed to chair the HERBAL task force until the AGM in Sth Africa a month AFTER the CHC conference... she says, "head of IADSA's International Regulatory Task Force." She never has chaired an IADSA regulatory task force, let alone an international one.

More spin -- the self proclaimed "honoured" press statement. That came a month BEFORE she asked IADSA's executive if she could chair a task force --she never was asked... see the attached November 2000 exec minutes... clearly it says it will be discussed in Capetown in march... The press statement was a deliberate attempt to regain some face lost when her minister slammed her publicly -- called her two faced -- see Tambling's document.

I've suffered as a result of confronting important issues -- all my life I've taken the punch, but kept focussed on ensuring the ten count was in my favour -- I think having got the inquiry in NZ we should end up with fair, affordable, evidence-based and risk-proportionate regulations... that's the goal anyway.

Hope this helps...

Ron Law

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