Understanding the IADSA/Pharmaceutical Connection

Politics is the manipulation of perceptions. It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer did not become the world's #1 pharmaceutical company by accident-they got there by being very shrewd businessmen, and that includes having a very solid grasp of politics- and how to manipulate perceptions. It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer has a vested interest in suppressing the dietary supplement industry world wide.

It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer's gameplan is to have their employee, Randy Dennin make contributions via Pfizer subsidiary Capsugel to numerous dietary supplement industry causes and functions: (eg: American Association for Health Freedom, Citizens for Health, NPI Center, etc); and to join numerous vitamin industry trade associations, (eg NNFA, AHPA, CRN, IADSA) in order to create an APPEARANCE of loyalty to the dietary supplement industry. ("Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.")

It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer prefers to have Dennin create and hold chairmanship of IADSA to create an APPEARANCE of loyalty to the industry in order to keep people from looking "too closely" at the position of hardliners (such as Ron Law or John Hammell) so that people won't bother to examine whether our concerns are correct or not regarding what IADSA is ACTUALLY doing in our industry. IAHF Presents the following documentation to back the OPINION that IADSA is a controlled opposition group, which is actually doing the OPPOSITE of what it CLAIMS to be doing. We feel that their action of expelling NNFA New Zealand for also asking questions about conflicts of interest illustrates this.

It is IAHF's opinion that the supplement industry is being led to the cliff by a wolf in sheep's clothing. IAHF asserts an opinion here regarding what the dietary supplement industry must do if it wishes to avoid being taken over by the pharmaceutical industry.

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