NNFA New Zealand Wrongly Kicked Out of IADSA

Why Doesn’t NNFA USA Enforce Conflict of Interest Bylaw???

For Immediate Release, 10/2/02: Contact John C. Hammell, President, IAHF 800-333-2553 http://www.iahf.com

Members of NNFA USA have been led to believe that IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Trade Associations) was created to "defend the interests of the dietary supplement industry" as a UN NGO participant at Codex.

On April 22, 2002, IADSA Chair Randy Dennin sent a letter of expulsion to NNFA New Zealand, announcing without any specific explanation that a decision had been made to expel this vitamin trade association from IADSA.

This letter was in response to a letter from NNFA New Zealand to IADSA sent in April 2002 wherein NNFA NZ called IADSA to task for reneging on an agreement to allow New Zealand to represent the South Pacific region in 2002- thus showing clear favoritism to Australia- which is attempting to force New Zealand to harmonize its very liberal, food based dietary supplement regulations to Australia’s far more restrictive medicalized regulatory model.

NNFA NZ stated to Dennin: "The NNFA Board is very concerned at the perceived willingness of the IADSA Executive to side with a Pharma-centric regulatory system earlier rejected by the Australian Complementary Healthcare Council, and the NNFA (NZ) Board. This model has also been unanimously rejected by a recent pan-industry meeting in New Zealand. The IADSA Executive appears to have declined support for a regulatory system in line with IADSA’s stated position of dietary/food aligned regulation. The NNFA Board’s concern should be recorded in the minutes."

International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF) holds the opinion that IADSA is a controlled opposition group set up by Randy Dennin, who was an employee of Warner Lambert at the time IADSA was first established, but who is now an employee of Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. Dennin’s email address is Randy.Dennin@Pfizer.com

IAHF asserts the opinion that Dennin showed his "true colors" by kicking NNFA New Zealand out of IADSA when they (quite correctly) demanded that IADSA help to protect New Zealand’s supplement industry from forced harmonization to Australia’s medicalized regulatory model- which threatens to drive numerous small New Zealand manufacturers and health food stores out of business, and severely threatens consumer access to dietary supplements in New Zealand.

Additionally, IAHF asserts the opinion that it should come as no surprise to anyone in NNFA USA that Dennin, an employee of Pfizer, would take this action, clearly intended to medicalize the dietary supplement industry in order to assist in a pharmaceutical takeover of the industry. After all, Pfizer became the world’s largest drug company in 2000 when they bought out Warner Lambert. They own 9 of the top 20 best selling pharmaceutical drugs in America, and eight have more than a billion dollars in sales. Their drugs are sold in over 150 countries. http://www.pfizer.com

Pfizer leads the pharmaceutical industry in manufacturing heart disease drugs, and certainly it would be in their best interests to suppress the truth about Drs. Rath and Pauling’s very simple/inexpensive nutritional protocol which successfully PREVENTS and treats heart disease, the world’s #1 killer.

IAHF expresses the opinion that NNFA USA should be approached by its membership and told that the trade association MUST enforce Article 14.3 [Conflict of Interest Disclosure] and related bylaws in light of these facts. IAHF asserts the opinion that unless the members of NNFA vote to expel Capsugel (Pfizer) from their trade association, that Dennin will only continue to lead this industry to the cliff- via IADSA, and manipulation of NNFA’s International Committee while only going through the MOTIONS of defending the interests of the dietary supplement industry- which Pfizer and other pharmaceutical interests strongly appear to be taking over, especially via passage of the EU Vitamin Directive.

IAHF asserts the opinion that members of NNFA USA have not been told the truth regarding the Codex vitamin issue, and that IADSA is not protecting their interests- as evidenced by the expulsion of NNFA New Zealand, and numerous other examples which bear up under close scrutiny. IAHF asserts that we must help our International allies right now- their battle is OUR battle. IAHF is available for consultation to industry regarding this matter. Contact John Hammell at 800-333-2553, 540-961-0476.

[Documentation- original letters at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com/ also at http://www.iahf.com

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