The Congressional Research Service confirmed to Congressmen Paul and De Fazio that the USA IS obligated to harmonize our laws to international standards due to our membership in the WTO:

See the GIF file of letter from Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and Peter De Fazio (D-OR) about this to Congressman Burton. These congressman grasp that NONE of our domestic laws, including DSHEA, are safe from the pressures to harmonize to international standards. They are going on a basis of the Congressional Research Services interpretation of our obligations as a member of the WTO to harmonize our laws to international standards.

The Congressional Research Service, Congressmen Paul/ De Fazio are aware of Examples where WTO has overturned US law:

WTO DEMANDS CHANGES IN US TAX LAWS WTO appellate panel ruled that U.S. tax rules exempting some corporate income earned overseas from taxation constitute an "illegal subsidy."

WTO ruled that US Endangered Species Act amounted to "arbitary and unjustifiable discrimination"
To view the full reports of the Appellate Body and the Dispute Settlement Body, see the WTO's website at

Burma Case I: The European Union and Japan v. The Selective Purchasing Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Illustrates that not even US State Laws are protected from forced harmonization to international standards

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