by John Hammell

I am not a lawyer, although I have learned a lot about the law from 10 years of working as a professional health freedom lobbyist. I interact a lot with attorneys, particularly with Suzanne Harris, JD, of the Law Loft, a multi-disciplinary think tank that has been exploring a host of issues pertaining to civil liberties including the erosion of our constitutional rights caused by such trade agreements as NAFTA and GATT.

I am 40 years old. When I was younger, I was forced out of college by a severe, genetic biochemical imbalance. I have some genetic anomalies that cause me to require a lot of specific nutrients in order to maintain my health. My life was saved 19 years ago by a suppressed alternative treatment mode called orthomolecular medicine.

"Orthomolecular" is a term coined by the late Dr.Linus Pauling in an article in Science Magazine that was published in 1968 to describe the important work of two Canadian doctors -Humphrey Osmond, and Abram Hoffer, who first began using niacin, vitamin B-3 in the treatment of what the mainstream refers to as "schizophrenia". The term "orthomolecular" is from the Greek meaning "to correct" and refers to bringing about a state of balance by varying the concentration of natural substances that are normally present in the human body, namely vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and hormones. (I also use herbs and other natural metabolites and enjoy regular exercise, especially wind surfing and running.)

After being forced out of college by so-called "schizophrenia", I ran a gauntlet of mental hospitals and jail for four years where I endured the torment of the damned. They almost killed me with shock treatment and drugs, not having ever had the opportunity to study clinical nutrition due to the fact that the curriculum committees of our medical schools are controlled by pharmaceutical interests who dictate what gets taught. (Fortunately, this is finally beginning to change.)

An Aunt sent me 3 books about orthomolecular medicine while I was on a locked ward in a hospital in Connecticut, but my symptoms were so severe at that time that I couldn't concentrate at all. Nevertheless, I felt an intrinsic pull to the books, perhaps due to some sort of survival instinct, and I vowed to try to effect a sufficient physiological change that I hoped to be able to concentrate just enough to at least be able to skim them and thus glean their essence.

Running had been the only thing that alleviated my symptoms, as I experienced a release of the neurotransmitter "norepinephrine" from running, and I ran long-distance around the perimeter of the grounds of the hospital until they threw me in a locked ward for allegedly "trying to run away from my problems" and for refusing to see my doctor, whose style of therapy was to sit impassively and say nothing - it was like talking to a brick wall, and the hospital refused to let me switch to a different Dr., so I decided to skip sessions and go running instead.

On the locked ward, since they had taken running away from me, I taught myself yoga from a book out of the hospital library, and got to the point where I could tune out all sound around me. I could tune out the TV, the stereo, the fist fights between patients and the goons. I got so I could retreat from the hellhole I was in and into my own world of quiet contemplation, upon which no stress could intrude.

I brought about a sufficient physiological change by doing this that I was able to concentrate just enough to be able to skim the books that my aunt had sent. They were "Mental and Elemental Nutrients", by Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD (Keats Publishing, New Canaan CT), "Fighting Depression", by Dr. Harvey Ross, and "The Eden Express", by Mark Vonnegut, the son of the famous writer, Kurt Vonnegut.

I was astounded by Vonnegut's revelation that he had recovered from schizophrenia by taking dietary supplements. He not only recovered, but he went on to get into Harvard Medical school, and for many years now he has been a pediatrician practicing medicine in Boston, Massachusetts.

I dared to feel a glimmer of hope for the first time in years. All I wanted was the chance to resume my life, to return to college, and to live as a free man, outside the walls of the psychiatric system, but for a long time I was denied the chance I needed by brainwashed MDs who refused to let me try what they considered to be "quackery".

I naively approached my Dr. at the time, and she angrily refused to let me try taking vitamins, exclaiming loudly that I was a "Dead Man" because of my attitude. She was an obese woman, and to my astonishment, when I asked her if I could try vitamins, she JUMPED to her feet, (which astonished me because I didn't know she could move that fast) and she proceeded to SCREAM (as if I had zapped her with a cattle prod): "MEGAVITAMINS ARE BULLSHIT!"

This was the most unprofessional thing I'd ever heard come out of the mouth of a Dr. in 4 years of incarceration in the psychiatric system, and I did not like being screamed at, by her, or any of the goons. I responded by saying: "IF YOU'RE SO MUCH AGAINST 'EM, THEY'VE GOT TA BE GOOD, and I'm GONNA TRY 'EM! NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY, BITCH, I'M OUTTA HERE!" I barged out of the room, which was to break the rule that you weren't supposed to leave a session before it was over, and walked straight into a mob of attendants who called themselves "THE GOON SQUAD". These were a pack of sadistic aids who were led by a HUGE Jamaican named Stormin' Normin Virgo. They specialized in knocking the crap out of people and stuffing them into seclusion rooms. I tangled with them regularly, and they had respect for me because I'd injured all of them at different times.

They eventually were able to chuck me into seclusion where they knocked me down and shot me full of a knockout dose of thorazine and beat my head into a cinder block wall till they knocked me out. When I came to, I was so angry I punched out the safety glass window on the seclusion room door. It had cross-hatched metal wires running through it and I lacerated my hand pretty badly. I cursed a blue streak at them, daring them to come back and try messing with me again. They piled in, knocked me out again, and I came to really groggy from the huge dose of thorazine. I went to the broken window again, and dared them to come on and try it AGAIN! They came in and this time I backed into a corner so they could only approach me head-on. I stood up the first two that reached me and they were hospitalized. They eventually got me down and shot me up again.

How I eventually escaped the system and recovered by using nutrients will be the subject of an upcoming book. I have been offered money by someone in California who wanted to make a movie based on my experience, but I turned him down. Someday I want a movie to be made, but I want control of the rights to it so I can use the proceeds to fight for health freedom.

In the meantime, I need donations in order to be able to hire a helper so that it's not just me vs. the world. I have a guy in mind. He could work dirt cheap, and has good computer skills and a knowledge of the issues I deal with. He is going to start working here soon and I am going to pay him out of pocket, but it will be tough because I am making just enough to live on, and not much more.

I believe so strongly in taking vitamins that I have made huge sacrifices for the cause of health freedom, and will continue to live frugally and to fight hard so that no one will ever lose their access and so that people all over the world can someday have the chance to heal that I've had.

It saddens me a lot to know how much needless suffering could be alleviated if only people could have the same chance I've had. I was on the ad hoc advisory board that laid the groundwork for the creation of the Office of Alternative Medicine at National Institutes of Health. You can get a book from the US Government Printing Office titled "Alternative Medicine-Expanding Medical Horizons" that I helped write. By working together, all of us can win. I just know it. I feel it in my bones. Our creator gave us the nutrients, and by working hard we CAN pass HR 2868, the Consumer Health Free Speech Act into law. If you swing a sledgehammer at a slab of concrete long enough, you will start seeing cracks.

We just pulled off a miracle in DC, you, me and everyone who called in. We succeeded in getting dietary supplements removed from the harmonization language in the FDA Reform Bill.

Every year it is very gratifying to get email from people all over the world who learned of orthomolecular medicine via the IAHF website, and who made good use of the information on the site to get help for themselves or their loved ones, and I hope this expanded list of resources is very helpful to people. Each time someone has a positive experience with vitamins, or via a suppressed alternative treatment mode, they tell as many people as they can. With one click of the mouse I am sending this message to a huge number of people all over the world, who in turn are relaying it to still more people, who in turn are doing the same thing. Via this means we shall prevail against Codex.

I also hope everyone will network with these and other orthomolecular organizations to help spread the word about the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom. I will be doing more such networking in the coming year, because all of these sites should have alerts on them to help people fight back, but sadly, most do not because they are so immersed in their work with patients that they just don't realize how they're being set up to be blindsided. Please forward this info to more people. Anyone can be on the IAHF list- sign up at http://www.iahf.com


Orthomolecular Medicine- #1 Orthomolecular Site With Links to other key sites such as Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation, International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, Newsletters, Links to other orthomolecular resources- Site located in Canada where orthomolecular medicine originated, includes a link to website of Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, orthomolecular pioneer http://www.orthomed.org/

Orthomolecular Treatment and Research Centers
Links to Many Orthomolecular Treatment Center websites:

Health Research Institute (Carl Pfeiffer Treatment Center)
http://www.hriptc.org/ founded by Bill Walsh, PhD, who learned by apprenticing himself to Pfeiffer, is truly carrying on with his research-perhaps the best treatment center in the world for schizophrenia-Naperville, Illinois

The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning
A truly comprehensive orthomolecular facility founded by Hugh Riordan, MD A very futuristic clinic with a large staff, excellent facilities

*Note: Many more orthomolecular treatment centers and institutes have websites from the red link above, the 2 I've listed are just examples.

Orthomolecular Education Foundation- Holland- English language site
Solid Reference Information, Medical Contacts, Schedule of Conferences

Orthomolecular Oncology http://www.canceraction.org.gg/
England - Nutritional answers for cancer- a solid charity organization Resource Guide to practitioners world wide

Dr.Rath's Research Site http://www.dr-rath-research.org
Rath and Pauling did a lot of work together and this site is a wealth of information, especially in the prevention of heart disease

Many More orthomolecular links can be found via

The Creator of these natural substances is on our side. FOODS, HERBS, VITAMINS are not "DRUGS" and any company that thinks otherwise should be boycotted heavily. May the Lord have mercy on the soul of any sorry SOB who tries to push our herbs across the line, into the OTC drug category. May the Lord have mercy on the soul of any man who tries to say that FOODS are "DRUGS".

The time has come for all of us to take a stand on basic principles. God gave us the herbs for OUR use. No man has the right to exploit them for his own personal gain. No company has the right to grab market share. Together we are going to KEEP the presently existing diversity in the supplement industry, so that monopolies don't develop. The problem with an OTC drug category for herbs is that whoever could clear the hurdles would be able to make therapeutic claims, and that, in my opinion, would give him an unfair market advantage. What is needed is a level playing field. Foods are not drugs. Amen.