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Stephen Ames has been incarcerated for 8 1/2 months. Stephen Ames is imprisoned at Dauphin County Prison and administered psychotropic medications Thorazine and Zyprexa. Stephen Ames has been in Segregation at Dauphin County Prison for 19 days.

Michelle Baird, a case worker at Dauphin County Prison, told me Stephen Ames would be housed in a Strip Cell with a guard outside the door 24-hours a day at least until Stephen's court date of June 4. Attorney Allen Welch's office told me Friday Stephen Ames was not listed on the Trial List at Dauphin County Courthouse. Attorney Allen Welch told me Stephen Ames' case most likely will not be on June 4. Dauphin County Prison told me while in Segregation Stephen is not allowed visitors or to use the telephone, and Stephen Ames' mail is withheld.

Stephen Ames has been incarcerated for 8 1/2 months for sending a Email he was allowed to send. I telephoned Dave Zug, psychologist at Dauphin County Prison, four times in attempts to find out why Stephen Ames was removed from the Medical Block to a block where inmates are housed for punishment, but Dave Zug has not returned my messages. Dauphin County Prison Mail Department told me Stephen Ames had been "in the hospital" before Segregated in a Strip Cell on a Punishment Block. In a Strip Cell nothing is allowed in the cell with Stephen, a light shines 24-hours a day, and Stephen is subjected to constant blasts of cold air. Judge Hoover said Stephen Ames could use the Internet except make postings about Richard Medellin, Hershul Lock, and Justice Lindsey.

Stephen Ames does not want to fight "Government", "Government" is a myth. Stephen Ames wants to exercise the faculties of his Mind, read books, and study Mathematics and Law. Dauphin County Prison administers medications Thorazine, Zyprexa, Anafranil, Klonopin, Depakene, and Lithium to Stephen Ames. Dave Zug, psychologist at Dauphin County Prison, told Stephen Stephen was the most intelligent person in the prison including the staff. An IQ test placed Stephen's IQ at 158. Stephen Ames' short-term memory is nearly gone and violent, uncontrollable shaking grips his entire body.

Call Dauphin County Prison at 717-558-1100; or contact the governor's office at 717-787-2500, fax: 717-787-8614; or the attorney general's office at 717-787-3391, fax: 717-783-1107. Tell Dauphin County Prison, attorney general, and governor that you support Stephen Ames.

Nicole Terry