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Subject: Man Wrongly Given Life Imprisonment After Vaccination Killed His Child: Yurko Project: Please Help!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 01:00:41 -0400

IAHF List: The hell Alan Yurko and his wife Fran are going through is incalculable. The courage they have to fight the way they are is immense, and my heart goes out to them as they bravely seek to expose the dangers of vaccination while Alan has been very wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly harming his child who was killed by vaccinations. Alan was given a life sentence solely because he was the last person seen with the child. Please donate to his legal defense fund, and please forward this to everyone you know.

Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 21:28:44 EDT
Subject: Yurko Project / The Story of Baby Alan

This is a note on behalf of the Alan Yurko Project. Scroll Below to the text document:
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2) The Story of Baby Alan can be viewed on our website

If I have already sent this to you, please just consider it a reminder. I don't always remember who has what or how long it's been since our last correspondence. Don't forget to periodically check out our website at - Free Alan Yurko We're always stay tuned for more updates to come.

If you have any problems with receiving this information please contact me via my internet address of (no "O" in world) and I will promptly get back to you. Thank You! for your time and support in this matter.
Sincerely, Francine Yurko
The Yurko Family NMW

Alan R Yurko AX13917
Washington Correctional Institution
4455 Sam Mitchell Drive
Chipley, FL 32428-3501 USA

Dear Friend
Vaccines are licensed for use in healthy individuals only. My son Alan was vaccinated despite several contra-indications. He was a premature baby weighing only 5lb 9oz at birth. My wife's pregnancy was complicated with maternal gestational diabetes, and group B streptococcal infection (which in itself poses a high risk of infant death). My son suffered in his short life from pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, and hyper- bilirubinemia. Despite all of this he was given a cocktail of vaccines at eight weeks of age.

The day after he was vaccinated, my baby developed a fever and started to fuss. Ten days later he elicited a high pitched scream. We were told to expect this and not to worry. A couple of days later he stopped breathing. I rushed my baby to the hospital where he died after several severe iatrogenics took place (iatrogenic diseases are those caused by physicians).

Because we could not explain his injuries, and because I was the last adult alone with him, I was charged with aggravated child abuse and first degree murder. We could not afford counsel; our lawyers were public defenders. If that wasn't enough, our four-year-old daughter was taken by the authorities to 'protect her' from I - the accused who was in a maximum security facility without bond. She was used by the police and authorities to threaten and blackmail my wife to help them fabricate evidence and testify against me. My wife adamantly refused to do this. She was charged as an accessory to murder and our daughter was placed in extended custody. Here, she was sexually battered and molested when her 'protectors' left her unsupervised with two boys who had a history of deviant behaviour. My wife's charges were dismissed after great effort and cost and our daughter was returned. They both fight every day to bring our family together and have been fighting since 1997.

More recently, we discovered that one of the vaccines given to my son - DTAP - was from a batch of vaccines that stands as the number one ranking in deaths, the number one ranking in non-recoveries, and the fourth ranking in total events reported. DTAP 7H81507, which was given to my baby was a Hot Lot.

I am serving a life sentence in Florida without the possibility of parole. I did not kill my son. His death was the result of the medical treatment he received and a fatal reaction to his childhood immunisations. Since my conviction, I have rallied the support of an armada of scientists, doctors, and organisations which support my innocence. Doctors and scientists from 15 countries, including the US, have stood up to support us; some of these are listed overleaf. We have numerous reports from experts whom after record review, have declared my innocence. Many are up in arms at the iatrogenic implications shown in the records.

Many reports by independent scientists can be found at The report by Drs Harold E Buttram and F Edward Yazbak represents nearly 2,000 hours of review and research of the case. Several organisations have started legal fund campaigns. The International Chiropractic Association has established a fund which will not only help us defray the phenomenol costs of justice, but will help others in similar straits. CHC, a veterinarian-based health concern organisation in the United Kingdom, has also started a fund to help us. Other organisations such as PAVE (Parents Advocating Vaccine Education) and AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) are helping us in an effort to raise funds. In addition, groups and organisations involved in health freedom and awareness are taking a stand to help us show this injustice and maybe prevent it from happening to others. There are many other families, like mine, who are being destroyed.

We pray that you take interest and offer any assistance you can, whether it be financial, professional or spiritual. This is not just about one family's injustice. It is about hundreds of families who have and will experience such tragedy.

In earnest, Alan R Yurko
Family and Supporters

We presently have close to 150 doctors, scientists and experts as well as 70 organizations on four continents that stand behind us. Below is a partial list:

Partial List:_____________

Harold E Buttram MD, FAAEM...F Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP
Jane M. Orient, MD, FACP (AAPS)...W Jean Dodds, DVM
Mary N. Megson, MD, FAAP...Prof C.Alan B.Clemetson, MD, FRSM, FACOG
Douglas R. Shanklin, MD, PhD, FRSM...Viera Scheibner, PhD.
Harris Coulter, PhD...Catherine O'Driscoll, pres. CHC
Archivides Kalokerinos,MB,BS,Ph.D...Richard Moskowitz, MD
Horace B. Gardner, MD, JD...Catherine Diodati, MA
MikeGodfrey,MB.BS, FACAM, FACNEM...Jana Shiloh, MA, CCH
Michael Culbert, DSc, PhD, NHF, ICHF...Dawn Richardson, pres. PROVE...
Jock Doubleday (NWNM Inc)...Susan Kreider, RN, MA...Hilary Butler, (IAS)
Alan Scohy, MD...Kris Gaublomme, MD...Meryl Dorey, pres. AVN...
Lisa Jillani, pres. PAVE...Judith Coates, DI hom...Gary Krasner, CFIC
Guylaine Lanctot, MD...Philip Incao, MD...Bernard Rimland, Ph.D
Walene James, founder VACLIB...Edda West, pres. VRAN...
Ingri Cassel, pres. VacLib-NIC...Don Harkins, ed. IO...Rebecca Carley, MD.
Sherri Nakken, RN, MA...Maxine McMullen, DC, FICCP...
Molly Rangnath, ed. ICA Rev....Greg Wilson, BS...Gunner Oedum, MD
Tad Lonergan, MD...Dana Ullman, MPH, DHM...Patricia Kane MD...
Tedd Koren, DC...Eva Snead, MD...Amnon Goldworth, Ph.D...
William G. Kracht, DO, FAACP...Teddy H. Spence DDS, ND...
Barbara Mullarkey, pres. IVAC...MaryAnn Kessick, pres. AIA... Barbara Kramer...Toni Blake, MA, JD...Kizzie Exum, JD...
Lyn Thomson, BVSc, MRCVS...Warren Bruhl DC, DICCP...
Grace Girdwain, cons., auth...Christine.Anderson, DC, DICCP
Peter Baratosy,MD...Richard Neubauer, MD...Anthony Penepent, MD, MPH
John Watt, MSc...Marvin E. Miller, MD, FAAP, FACMG
Rita Hoffman, pres. Anaphylaxis Action...
Magda Taylor (TIP)...L.David Mirkin,MD,FCAP, FAAP, FASCP...
Yoshinobu Horiuchi, MD, PhiD, (NIID-JP)...Patrick Holdsworth, VI/HAN
Maureen Hickman, ACII,Carters Law Firm...
Colin Paterson, MA,MSc,DM,FRCP,FRCPath...
Joanna Karpasea-Jones, dir. VAN-UK...Drs. Renee & Alan Foster, DC...
Roy B. Kupsinel, MD...Anne Attivissimo, pres. L.I.V.I.N.G.
Donald Scott, MA, MSc, pres Common Cause Foundation, edit Journal of Degenerative Diseases

To Support The Yurko Project:
Alan has to file for appeal the beginning of this year 2002 to come. In order to do what needs to be done-attorney wise and filing, we need to raise $15,000.00 to start with by the end of this November 2001. We understand that money doesn't grow on trees and appreciate your help. Every little bit counts!

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CHC Yurko Family Fund
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