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Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:50:37 -0400
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It is ESSENTIAL that more people on this list visit Dr.Rath's website at in order to see the ANTI DRUG CARTEL
BILLBOARDS that he had all over Berlin Germany (along with a HUGE banner
draped off the side of a building at a busy traffic circle) prior to the
Codex meeting to advertise his DEMONSTRATION. He had over 1000
demonstrators in front of the building, and was BLOCKED from entering the
compound by heavily armed German police equipped with full riot gear!!! Can
you understand the full import of this? Students,retirees,ordinary folks
like you and me looking down the barrels of automatic weapons, wielded by
jack booted Berlin police equipped with face shields,flack jackets....

It is IMPERATIVE that more of you read Dr.Rath's statement which TOTALLY
EXPOSES the fact that IG Farben was never really disbanded in the aftermath
of WW2, and TODAY we are STILL fighting the same forces which drove the
Nazi war machine... Click on the "Berlin Tribunal" info on Dr.Rath's
website... you'll THEN see, perhaps for the FIRST time, what we are REALLY
up against here... Gawd, I hope more of you read Dr.Rath's information! No
one has a more clear grasp of what we're up against than he does. Rath and
Dr.Linus Pauling wrote an article titled "The Secret of Human
Cardiovascular Disease" which was published in the Journal of
Orthomolecular Medicine, yet the drug cartel is MASSIVELY suppressing their
information about the nutritional CURE for heart disease- the world's
number one killer!

We MUST unite behind Dr.Rath! He was accompanied to the demonstration
outside the Codex meeting by 2 VERY LARGE BODYGUARDS, each wearing trench
coats with weapons under the trench coats. After you read whats in his
website, you'll understand WHY, and you won't think I'm so bloody crazy
when I tell you in no uncertain terms that we are at WAR. GS Odin of
International Nutrition in New Mexico delivered a SPEECH at Dr.Rath's
demonstration and will verify all I'm telling you here. Many of you on this
list don't seem to truly GRASP what we're up against, but if you go to
Dr.Rath's site, a LOT will become clear to you that isn't now, so I urge
you to PLEASE take the time to look!

I have caught the FDA lying on video at the meeting of the US delegation,
the day before the Codex meeting began in Berlin, Germany. I have Dr.Yetley
on video refusing to listen to 5 members of Congress who had furnished me
with letters which inform the FDA that the 2nd paragraph in their Codex
comments (which seek to "harmonize" or laws pertaining to dietary
supplements to the EU's where they're heavily restricted as "drugs")
violate current US law, and the will of Congress as expressed under DSHEA.

I received a call back from Laurie Taylor in Burton's office regarding the
letter. She is very sympathetic to our plight, and acknowledges that if we
don't get oversight in this matter that we will see the end of health
freedom in America, and she has referred the matter to her colleague, Milt
Copulous, who I hope to contact in the morning.

Laurie's reality, (AND OURS AS WELL), is that Congressman Burton is sick,
and his mom just died. Moreover, Laurie will soon be leaving the Oversight
Committee, and she is currently hard at work on a report that she has to
finish before the end of the current session of Congress, which is rapidly
winding down to a close. There simply won't be ANY OPPORTUNITY for an
oversight hearing during this session of Congress, AND THE FDA KNOWS IT,
which is one reason they are so BRAZENLY flaunting US law, and are
FLAUNTING the will of Congress------- they KNOW how to play Washington like
a pinball machine. The FDA, and the multinational corporations which
dominate the FDA and its international regulatory counterparts are
BRILLIANT at pulling off the sort of sleight of hand maneuvers that I have
just EXPOSED ON VIDEO, because they are masters of timing. They know
EXACTLY what they can and can't get away with, and they know just exactly
WHEN to cross the line... taking CALCULATED RISKS that they will get away
with certain things...

Right now, here is what the FDA is figuring: This session of Congress
adjourns in the middle of November, leaving no more time for Oversight
hearings. The next session won't begin until January. They're counting on
all of us just GOING TO SLEEP on this in the meantime....

Theres just ONE THING they haven't counted on, and thats that I WILL NEVER
will be doing a LOT of radio shows between now and then in order to keep
this matter before the public.

They figure that they can just keep BOILING THE FROG SLOWLY, and that we
will just GO ON BACK TO SLEEP on this, so that they can come back in to the
NEXT Codex meeting in June, in Rome, and USE the bloody so called "RISK
ASSESSMENT" document (which they have NEVER put, in FULL on the web for
download) or shown to us for ANY SORT of public comment period.

We are just supposed to ACCEPT the mindless pronouncements of the National
Academy of Science regarding Maximum Upper Limits on Vitamins, and NOT
CHALLENGE anything said by MAINSTREAM nutritionists (who have ZERO clinical
experience) and who are funded by pharmaceutically funded research grants
in the University labs...

So.... in the morning, I will talk with Milt Copulous on the House Reform
and Oversight Committee, and I'll try to get an appointment to go to
Washington to meet with him and show him the videotape. I'm gradually
gettin unjetlagged, and hope to get a good sleep tonight. Its now 9:51 pm
and I went to sleep at 4pm, and slept like a dead man til 8:30 when I heard
the phone ring. Its very stressful to do this work, and I urge all of your
forbearance if I sometimes go off the deep end with it. As stated in my
website, I am what some people refer to as a "lunatic". I can call myself
that, but don't really like hearing it from others, even thought its
true--- sorta like black folks calling each other "niggers", but if you
aint black, jack, I wouldn't recommend it-- cause you jus' might get
punched out!

My basic situation is that I am doing this high stress lobbying because my
back is up against the wall. The genetic biochemical imbalances which I am
handicapped with force me to need the copious quantities of vitamins that I
take as part of my orthomolecular treatment program. If I weren't trying to
do this work, I don't know who ELSE would be, and thats the "bottom line".

There are times when I just plain go into "gonzo" mode due to stress. Thats
my RIGHT. If I was deaf or blind no one would be giving me any grief about
being handicapped, but the moment anyone has the sort of biochemical
imbalances that I have, some people mistakenly think they have a right to
go into hypercritical mode...... but they DON'T.

Theres an apt saying here which comes to mind: "Don't try to lead, I might
not follow. Don't try to follow, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be
my friend." Now, I damn well realize that after I give some well meaning
person a hard time for not liking the exploding GIF of the FDA logo on my
website they're not likely to follow me or recommend that others do either,
and some feel that I am "shooting myself in the foot" but I ENJOY that
exploding GIF, and sometimes go to my website and blow the bloody FDA all
to hell a handful of times, and just enjoy listening to the sound file on
my website! Sorta like playing a videogame in an arcade.... its just good
STRESS RELIEF and no one gets at ALL hurt by it. So, if you have a sound
card in your computer, and a coupla speakers, and if you haven't yet had
the PLEASURE of checking this out, I urge you to go to the IAHF website,
and click on the spinning globe... you'll suddenly be ABUZZ from the
international distress color, international orange, as it SHOCKS your
senses into AWAKENING... your aderenals will kick in, and you'll feel as I
do from watching the FDA logo get blown to SMITHEREENS on your screen: DAMN
GOOD!!! ;->

So, will we get the Oversight we need? It all depends on you and me,
folks-- if we want it BAD ENOUGH, we'll GET IT.

My earnest pledge to all of you is that we DAMN WELL WILL HAVE OVERSIGHT,
because I am bloody well DETERMINED to, and in the next few days I'll have
another report on all of this, so stay tuned, same place, same channel, and
be sure to forward this message out to a few million people to compensate
for the handful who hate my guts and dislike my way of doin' stuff. Every
day the IAHF list grows bigger and I might have to automate it through
majordomo because I don't have the time to do all the administrative work
all the time of adding and removing people from it.