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Subject: Update on ANH Lawsuit + Anti NWO Intel Update
Date: 1 Aug 2003 20:14:02 -0000

IAHF List: See my response below to Barry Schaeffer who wanted an update on how things are shaping up regarding the Alliance for Natural Health's efforts to sue the EU to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. If you're new to this issue, please see my article at If you haven't yet donated to the ANH lawsuit please do at

Below I present Barry with enough information to present the suppression of dietary supplements in a much broader context as just one part of a eugenics agenda which all of us, world wide, are up against. Some of the information below could ruin some people's sleep.

Fair warning. There are links to some unnerving documentation vis the Illuminati's take over plans, but its better to be aware and prepare than to not know about these matters. We can all stop the eugenics agenda by working together to expose and stop it. See links below to US Army documentation re the concentration camps on our soil. See a gif file of a letter from a congressman confirming their existence. See photos of the concentration camps complete with guard towers, razor ribbon fences, etc

See photos, aerial photos of the Ohio Crematorium. See photos from anti NWO demonstrations. We CAN stop this madness, donating to the ANH lawsuit is VERY important!

Please forward this widely. Anyone can sign on to the IAHF email list at To donate to IAHF send a check or mo to IAHF POB 10635 Blacksburg VA 24062 or via paypal at

At 08:31 AM 8/1/03 -0700, Barry Schaeffer wrote:

John, Ralph, and Co...

Given what you have all said about the necessity to support the ANH lawsuit, would it be fair to say that somebody you know (e.g. Metabolife, associations of health food store owners, ???) is commingling their hard earned dollars with my own to help them out? After all, owners of health food stores ought to be able to realize that they're "staring into the face of oblivion"??

Barry Schaeffer

ANH is working hard to try to bring NNFA fully on Board, but it remains to be seen if they will succeed or not. They have gotten some individual NNFA companies on Board, but are still working to try to secure support from NNFA's front office. They will be moving forward and will be filing the lawsuit, but will need a lot of help to sustain it.

Rob Verkerk and David Hinde of ANH went to NNFA's trade show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and gave a presentation about their lawsuit to the joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA (American Herbal Products Assn). They were the guests of Metagenics vitamin company, a highly respected company started by Jeff Bland, PhD which sells strictly through doctors and which stands to be driven completely out of business in Europe by the Directive, and globally by harmonization because they are one of the innovative companies that would be hardest hit by the Directive and by harmonization of the laws globally.

Verkerk and Hinde were very well received when they gave their characteristically excellent Power Point Presentation, and while the joint NNFA, AHPA International Committee unanamously voted to back their efforts, it is presently being run past NNFA's front office, and it remains to be seen what position they will take. They have been shown a copy of the legal opinion wherein ANH's attorneys have outlined those aspects of the case that they feel comfortable sharing with perspective backers, and the last I checked, ANH was in the process of putting together information pertaining to the finances of the case so they could consider that aspect of it as well, and they were going to be getting that to NNFA's front office for scrutiny as well.

Randy Dennin of Pfizer who NNFA stupidly allow to not only be amongst their membership (in direct violation of their bylaws), but who they have, in the past allowed to co chair their International Committee, which he is still a member of although he is not currently cochair, was not at this meeting where Verkerk and Hinde spoke, he was in Vegas at the trade show, but he stayed away from this meeting, most likely due to ANH's connection to me which is very publicly known.

I have exposed Dennin, and his organization IADSA, as being controlled opposition which is attempting to lead the supplement industry to the cliff. IADSA was heavily criticized by all who were present at this meeting that ANH spoke at, but the criticisms raised were somewhat different than mine as expressed here so it remains to be seen how many members of NNFA even grasp how they're being set up.

ANH is of the belief that if the front office balks at backing the ANH lawsuit, that it will greatly anger those people who heard their presentation, and that it could cause real problems for NNFA's front office- especially as pertains to their not enforcing their conflict of interest bylaw, it could even result in their being sued by some of their own members.

Your question about health food stores, and whether or not they're backing ANH directly ties in with this whole situation involving NNFA since many health food stores are members of NNFA and they've been lied to and kept in the dark about Codex and related harmonization matters for many years as very active spin control has been done against my message.

Needless to say, this situation has been very frustrating to me, but theres nothing I can do about it except keep persevering and reaching out to anyone who will listen.

Many Americans are in total denial as to the threat posed by harmonization to all of our domestic laws, and very few have ever taken the time to study the implications of our joining the UN or the WTO, so they just have difficulty perceiving a threat stemming from outside our borders.

It takes time for these realities to sink in in a country that is isolated from globalization events occurring in Europe by this large body of water known as the Atlantic ocean.

While its very easy for people in England and other countries in Europe to see and understand the threats I write about because they're experiencing the effects of globalization and harmonization first hand, Americans have not been experiencing this to nearly the same degree...... YET, even though there HAVE been instances where WTO decisions HAVE forced changes in US law, its just that it hasn't happened enough times for the average American to feel impacted, so most aren't paying any attention.

That is VERY dangerous, because an effort is underway to create a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere to be called the Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA. Via the FTAA, our would be overseers intend to harmonize the laws between Canada, the US, Mexico, all the central and south American nations. They intend to make these laws all the same, just like is going on in Europe.

This is sick. Its wrong, and its going to generate a WAR between the American people and the New World Order. This war has already started as witnessed by the large demonstration in Seattle in '99 against the WTO, and the large demonstration in Quebec City against the FTAA in 2001. See these photos of tear gas being fired, plastic bullets being fired, riot gear clad cops arresting demonstrators, street theatre mocking the NWO------make no mistake about it Barry vitamins are just the TIP of the iceburg because ALL of our rights, ALL of our freedoms are on the line here as we are plunged, against our will, into a global totalitarian state for which the EU Dictatorship is the Blueprint. At some point our fiat money system will collapse, there will be a huge economic crash and it will be done deliberately as a means of culling our numbers and instituting martial law which the NWO are very well prepared for:



The New World Order knows we will resist, and is preparing for it. They fully intend to incarcerate resistance in prison camps that they've been building, and they are planning on killing large numbers of resisters. They have built at least two very large crematoriums that we know about. They have a eugenics agenda, they intend to radically cull our numbers and force us into a psychocivilized society with everyone under electronic mind control, and they have the technology to do this:

The Ohio Crematorium: Photos, Aerial Photos, Map, Commentary by Scott Bowman, an Attorney in Ohio

Executive Orders to Impose Martial Law

Concentration Camps in America Official Letter on Congressional Letterhead Confirming Existence of American Concentration Camps Military Police Internment Resettlement Operations- Army Manual For Running Concentration Camps
especially see sections for "Rules of Engagement" "Use of Force" "Use of Deadly Force" "Riot Control" and "Non Lethal Weapons" They're anticipating a huge uprising from citizens

They're going to attempt door to door weapons searches at some point and they've been preparing for that with special training centers on army bases that resemble typical American towns complete with business and suburban neighborhoods:
Mechanics of UN Dictatorship in Place Already see concentration camp photos, see photos by state, see article: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision More concentration camp photos and commentary

MKULTRA MIND CONTROL see anti chip section, anti NSA section


SCALER WEAPONS (Using Microwaves to Trigger Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Using Weather as a Weapon)


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