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Subject: UK Vote Thursday on Statutory Instrument That Threatens Harmonization to EU - What You Can Do
From: "IAHF.COM"
Date: 1 Jul 2003 21:51:01 -0000

IAHF List: See the update below my comments from Paul Taylor of the UK.

On Thursday the UK House of Commons Standing Committee on Health will vote on whether or not to approve the Standing Instrument that harmonizes their vitamin law to the mindlessly restrictive EU Dictate known as the "Food Supplements Directive."

Although the House of Lords voted 132 to 79 against the Standing Instrument in a motion intended not to annull, but only to express dissatisfaction, the Standing Committee will just ignore them.

In an effort to screw the people of England, the dictating Labor Party plans to totally change the membership of the Committee only hours before the vote because they know we've been lobbying the current 12 members.

Due to the fact that the EU Food Supplement Directive threatens consumers world wide due to how it threatens to push through a mindlessly restrictive vitamin standard at Codex, consumers world wide- especially people in England should write to all 400 + MPs (see email addresses listed below) to complain about the Labor Parties oily tactics (of changing the committee members only hours before the vote, and to protest the Food Supplements Directive in general, complaining that it threatens your access to supplements you want to buy. Use your own words, and tell them you intend to donate to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the Food Supplement Directive.

From: "P.Taylor"

Hi John

We won the vote in the House of Lords last night. The motion was carried by 132 votes to 79. Perhaps not surprisingly though there does not appear to be anything about this on the BBC this morning, either BBC TV News or on the BBC News website.

Because the House of Lords motion (put forward by Earl Howe) was not an annulling motion, it will not prevent the Government from implementing the Statutory Instrument that will translate the Food Supplement Directive into UK law. What it will do however is send a strong signal to the Government. The Government are however at liberty to ignore the result of the Lords vote - which they probably will, at least for now.

The 16 members of the Standing Committee hold the real power on this issue, and will decide on Thursday 3rd July whether or not the UK implements the Statutory Instrument that will translate the Food Supplement Directive into UK law. If the Standing Committee vote to implement the legislation, which they probably will, we must file papers to implement the legal challenge by mid August.

The Lords vote is however being reported at (See link at and at (See link at

Kind regards


UK MPs Email addresses

Diane Abbott
Nick Ainger
Peter Ainsworth
Robert Ainsworth
Douglas Alexander
Richard Allan
Graham Allan
Davis Amess
Rt Hon Michael QC Ancram
Rt Hon Donald Anderson
Janet Anderson
James Arbuthnot
Hilary Armstrong
Paddy Ashdown
Candy Atherton
Charlotte Atkins
David Atkinson
Peter Atkinson
John Austin
Norman Baker
Tony Baldry
Jackie Ballard
Harry Barnes
John Battle
Hugh Bayley
Margaret Beckett
Anne Begg
Roy Beggs
Alan Beith
Martin Bell
Stuart Bell
Hilary Benn
Tony Benn
Andrew Bennet
Joe Benton
John Bercow
Paul Beresford
Roger Berry
Harold Best
Clive Betts
Liz Blackman
Tony Blair
Hazel Blears
David Blunkett
Crispin Blunt
Paul Boateng
Richard Body
David Borrow
Tim Boswell
Peter Bottomley
Virginia Bottomley
Keith Bradley
Peter Bradley
Ben Bradshaw
Graham Brady
Tom Brake
Peter Brand
Julian Brazier
Colin Breed
Helen Brinton
Peter Brooke
Gordon Brown
Nick Brown
Russell Brown
Desmond Browne
Angela Browning
Ian Bruce
Malcom Bruce
Karen Buck
Richard Burden
John Burnett
Paul Burstow
Christine Butler
Stephen Byers
Vincent Cable
Richard Caborn
Alan Campbell
Anne Campbell
Menzies Campbell
Ivor Caplin
Roger Casale
Martin Caton
Ian Cawsey
Ben Chapman
Sydney Chapman
David Chaytor
David Chidgey
Malcolm Chisholm
Christopher Chope
Judit Church
Michael Clapham
James Clappison
David Clark
Michael Clark
Paul Clark
Charles Clarke
Eric Clarke
Kenneth Clarke
Tom Clarke
David Clelland
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
Ann Clwyd
Vernon Coaker
Ann Coffey
Harry Cohen
Tim Collins
Tony Colman
Michael Connarty
Frank Cook
Yvette Cooper
Robin Corbett
Jean Corston
Brian Cotter
Jim Cousins
James Cran
Ross Cranston
David Crausby
John Cryer
Jim Cunningham
David Curry
Claire Curtis-Thomas
Alistair Darling
Keith Darvill
Edward Davey
Valery Davey
Geraint Davies
Ron Davies
David Davis
Terry Davis
Hilton Dawson
Stephen Day
John Denham
Andrew Dismore
Jim Dobbin
Frank Dobson
Jeffrey Donalson
Frank Doran
Stephen Dorrell
Jim Dowd
David Drew
Julia Drown
Iain Duncan Smith
Gwyneth Dunwoody
Angela Eagle
Maria Eagle
Huw Edwards
Clive Efford
Luoise Ellman
Peter Emery
Jeff Ennis
Nigel Evans
Margaret Ewing
Michael Fabricant
Michael Fallon
Ronnie Fearn
Frank Field
Mark Fisher
Jim Fitzpatrick
Lorna Fitzsimons
Howard Flight
Caroline Flint
Paul Flynn
Barbara Follett
Eric Forth
Derek Foster
Don Foster
Michael J. Foster
Michael Jabez Foster
Norman Fowler
Christopher Fraser
Maria Fyfe
Sam Galbraith
George Galloway
Mike Gapes
Barry Gardiner
Edward Garnier
Andrew George
Bruce George
Neil Gerrard
Nick Gibb
Ian Gibson
Sandra Gidley
Cheryl Gillan
Linda Gilroy
Norman Godman
Paul Goggins
Llin Golding
Teresa Gorman
Donald Gorrie
James Gray
Damian Green
John Greenway
Dominic Grieve
Jane Griffiths
Nigel Griffiths
Win Griffiths
Bruce Grocott
John Grogan
John Gummer
John Gunnell
William Hague
Peter Hain
Mike Hall
Patrick Hall
Archie Hamilton
Fabian Hamilton
Philip Hammond
Mike Hancock
David Hanson
Harriet Harman
Evan Harris
Nich Harvey
Alan Haselhurst
Oliver Heald
John Healey
David Heath
Edward Heath
David Heathcoat-Amory
Douglas Henderson
Ivan Henderson
Stephen Hepburn
John Heppell
Michael Heseltine
Stephen Hesford
Patricia Hewitt
Keith Hill
Margaret Hodge
Kate Hoey
Douglad Hogg
John Home Robertson
Jimmy Hood
Geoff Hoon
Phil Hope
Kelvin Hopkins
John Horam
Michael Howard
Alan Howarth
Kim Howells
Lindsay Hoyle
Beverly Hughes
Kevin Hughes
Simon Hughes
Joan Humble
john Hume
Alan Hurst
John Hutton
Brian Iddon
Eric Illsley
Adam Ingram
Michael Jack
Helen Jackson
Robert Jackson
Bernard Jenkin
Brian Jenkins
Alan Johnson
Melanie Johnson
Geoffrey Johnson Smith
Fiona Jones
Helen Jones
Ieuan Wyn Jones
Jenny Jones
Jon Owen Jones
Lynne Jones
Martyn Jones
Nigel Jones
Tessa Jowell
Gerald Kaufman
Sally Keeble
Alan Keen
Ann Keen
Paul Keetch
Ruth Kelly
Charles Kennedy
Jane Kennedy
Robert Key
Piara Khabra
David Kidney
Andrew King
Oona King
Tom King
Tess Kingham
Julie Kirkbride
Archy Kirkwood
Ashok Kumar
Stephen Ladyman
Eleanor Laing
Jacqui Lait
Andrew Lansley
Jackie Lawrence
Bob Laxton
Edward Leigh
Christopher Leslie
Oliver Letwin
Tom Levitt
Ivan Lewis
Julian Lewis
Terry Lewis
Helen Liddell
David Lidington
Peter Lilley
Martin Linton
Ken Livingstone
Richard Livsey
Peter Lloyd
David Lock
Elfyn Llwyd
Tim Loughton
Andrew Love
Peter Luff
Nicholas Lyell
Calum MacDonald
John MacGregor
Andrew Mackinlay
David MacLean
Robert Maclennan
Denis Macshane
Fiona mactaggart
David Madel
Ken Maginnis
Alice Mahon
John Major
Humfrey Malins
Judy Mallaber
Peter Mandelson
John Maples
John Marek
Gordon Marsden
Paul Marsden
Robert Marshall-Andrews
Eric Matlew
Michael Mates
Francis Maude
Brian Mawhinney
John Maxton
Theresa May
John McAllion
Thomas McAvoy
Steve McCabe
Chris McCafferty
Ian McCartney
Robert McCartney
Siobhain McDonagh
John McFall
Eddie McGrady
Martin McGuinness
Anne McGuire
Anne McIntosh
Shona McIsaac
Rosemary McKenna
Henry McLeish
Kevin McNamara
Tony McNulty
Tony McWalter
Michael Meacher
Alan Meale
Gillian Merron
Alun Michael
Bill Michie
Ray Michie
Alan Milburn
Andrew Miller
Austin Mitchell
Laura Moffatt
Lewis Moonie
Michael Moore
Margaret Moran
Alsdair Morgan
Julie Morgan
Eliot Morley
Estelle Morris
Malcolm Moss
Majorie Mowlan
George Mudie
Jim Murphy
Paul Murphy
Douglas Naysmith
Patrick Nicholls
Archie Norman
Dan Norris
Mark Oaten
Mike O'Brien mike.o'
Stephen O'Brien
Bill Olner
Martin O'Neill
Lembit Opik
Diana Organ
Sandra Osborne
Richard Ottaway
James Paice
Ian Paisley
Nick Palmer
Ian Pearson
Tom Pendry
Linda Perham
Eric Pickles
Colin Pickthall
Peter Pike
James Plaskitt
Kerry Pollard
Chris Pond
Greg Pope
Michael Portillo
Stephen Pound
Bridget Prentice
Gordon Prentice
John Prescott
Dawn Primarolo
David Prior
Gwyn Prosser
Ken Purchase
Lawrie Quin
Bill Rammell
Nick Raynsford
John Redwood
Andrew Reed
David Rendel
Andrew Robathan
Laurence Robertson
Peter Robinson
Barbara Roche
Allan Rogers
Jeff Rooker
Ernie Ross
William Ross
Andrew Rowe
Frank Roy
Chris Ruane
Joan Ruddock
David Ruffley
Bob Russell
Christine Russell
Joan Ryan
Nick St. Aubyn
Alex Salmond
Martin Salter
Adrian Sanders
Mohammad Sarwar
Malcolm Savidge
Phil Sawford
Jonathan Sayeed
Brian Sedgemore
Jonathon Shaw
Barry Sheerman
Robert Sheldon
Richard Shepherd
Debra Short
Alan Simpson
Keith Simpson
Marsha Singh
Dennis Skinner
Andrew Smith
Angela Smith
Chris Smith
Jacqui Smith
Robert Smith
Martin Smyth
Nicholas Soames
Clive Soley
Helen Southworth
John Spellar
Caroline Spelman
Michael Spicer
Richard Spring
Rachel Squire
John Stanley
Phyllis Starkey
Anthony Steen
Gerry Steinberg
George Stevenson
David Stewart
Ian Stewart
Paul Stinchcombe
Howard Stoate
Gravin Strang
Jack Straw
Gary Steeter
Graham Stringer
Gisela Stuart
Andrew Stunell
Gerry Sutcliffe
Desmond Swayne
John Swinney
Robert Syms
Ann Taylor
Dari Taylor
David Taylor
Ian Taylor
John M. Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Peter Temple-Morris
Gareth R. Thomas
Simon Thomas
Stephen Timms
Paddy Tipping
Mark Todd
Jenny Tonge
Don Touhig
David Tredinnick
Jon Trickett
David Trimble
Paul Truswell
Desmond Turner
Derek Twigg
Stephen Twigg
Paul Tyler
Bill Tynan
Keith Vaz
Peter Viggers
Rudi Vis
Cecil Walker
Jim Wallace
Joan Walley
Robert Walter
Claire Ward
Charles Wardle
Nigel Waterson
Steve Webb
Bowen Wells
Andrew Welsh
Brian White
Alan Whitehead
Raymond Withney
John Whittingdale
Malcolm Wicks
Dafydd Wigley
David Willetts
Alan Williams
Betty Williams
Phil Willis
Michael Wills
David Wilshire
Ann Winterton
Nicholas Winterton
Rosie Winterton
Mike Wood
Shaun Woodward
Phil Woolas
Tony Worthington
Dr. Tony Wright
Tony Wright
Derek Wyatt
Tim Yeo
George Young


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