To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues"
Subject: D-Day For Global Health Freedom is Tuesday March 12th: What You Can Do No Matter Where You Live in the World
From: "I A H F"
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 11:25:56 -0500

IAHF List: Health Freedom D-Day is tomorrow in Europe for the whole planet. They vote tomorrow on the EU Vitamin Directive in the full EU Parliament. Matthias Rath has a website from which you can send an email to the entire EU Parliament against the EU Vitamin Directive.See Dr. Rath's letter below. Rath is not liked by some health freedom fighters in Europe or by the sold out vitamin trade associations who are concerned that he is "alienating" Members of the criminally corrupt body known as the "European Parliament". (As if we have to kiss the butts of these politicians.)

See the cartoon in the attached file, it clearly expresses the absurdity of this whole situation. This cartoon should be sent to the entire EU Parliament to let them know they are about to become the laughing stock of the world if they ream their people the way they are planning to. Their actions threaten the health of vitamin consumers world wide, and the lives of all American politicians because the American people will never be disarmed and there is no way we will harmonize to the EU, even though all the sold out American vitamin trade associations active in TABD (see think they're going to force us to.

What the health freedom fighters in Europe who are angry at Rath utterly fail to grasp is that Rath was over here in the USA when we succeeded in getting the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act passed in the US Congress to directly STOP an FDA rulemaking effort at that time that would have DESTROYED our industry as surely as the EU Directive threatens to destroy the European dietary supplement industry, (with the only exception being the largest companies, such as Dutch Numico, Hoffman La Roche, and other pharmaceutical giants who seek to destroy and take over the industry to stop it from competing with their pharmaceutical drugs.

What some in Europe such as Ralph Pike of the National Assn of Health Stores in the UK fail to grasp when they rail against Rath and make insulting comments about him calling him "rude" and "ego driven" is that Rath is absolutely CORRECT to take the hard nosed approach that he's taking in Europe. Here is why:

The ONLY WAY we succeeded in defending health freedom in America in '94 was by damn near SHUTTING CONGRESS DOWN so that they could not conduct ANY OTHER BUSINESS unless they DID WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DEMANDED on this issue. We generated more letters, faxes and personal visits to Congress over the drive to pass DSHEA than on any issue in the HISTORY of the US Congress including more letters than were even generated by opposition to the War in Vietnam, and this is NO EXAGGERATION. For several YEARS we made the lives of our Congressmen and Senators a LIVING HELL by making their fax machines run out of paper and ink, by putting them under a state of SIEGE, but having MILLIONS of personal letters flood in to them in mail bags weighing TONS!! We sent them so many personal letters that they couldn't even REMOTELY respond to them all, but they KNEW, they KNEW that if they screwed with us and did not do what we demanded, that an ARMED MARCH on Washington would be NEXT, with many politicians being hung from the nearest lamp posts- at the VERY LEAST the buggers feared we'd run them all out of office, and we WOULD HAVE TOO!!!

Our European health freedom allies had better grasp reality: you do not win in the struggle for health freedom by being "gentlemanly". You win by ramming the desire for health freedom straight up their corrupt collective asses, combined with the sort of IRREFUTABLE scientific FACTS that Rath provides, or you do not win at all. There is no silver or bronze medal and this is a WAR. "Close" only comes in horeshoes and hand grenades. This is GENOCIDE we are facing down. Now go to Rath's website and cast your vote against the MINDLESS EU Vitamin Directive, and I don't give a DAMN if you don't live in Europe because what they are doing over there is threatening to impact the WORLD via Codex. This situation is threatening to trigger a trade war that will destroy the WTO. There is no way the WTO will EVER be able to force this harmonization on the American people not even with the help of such sold out change agents as Randy Dennin, Karl Riedel, David Seckman, Loren Israelson and all the OTHER so called "Leaders" of the American dietary supplement trade associations who are active in trying to screw us via TABD.

Subject: Europe is once again standing at the crossroads!
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:32:45 +0100 (CET)

Planned Europe-wide ban on vitamin therapies

Dear Advisers,

Europe is once again standing at the crossroads. On 12th March the European Parliament decides whether the people of Europe will continue to have unrestricted access to side-effect free natural therapies or whether the pharmaceutical lobby will succeed in reducing the European Parliament to the role of the pharmaceutical cartel's Strasbourg puppet show.

Never before in history has there been such an intense struggle over the right of the European people to natural, effective and side-effect free health care. To date over 400 million (!) e-mails have been sent to EU politicians demanding this right and rejecting the unscrupulous EU Directive providing for a Europe-wide ban on vitamin therapies and whole groups of natural substances, for example natural amino acids.

Only by being aware of the background facts can we understand the aggression with which the pharmaceutical lobby and its political marionettes are acting. How, otherwise, can we explain

- that there are still MEPs, particularly those from the pharmaceutical republic of Germany, who are ignoring the 400 million no votes against this Europe-wide muzzling law.

- that there are still EU politicians who believe in the pharmaceutical lobby fairy tale of consumer protection from vitamins and other natural substances, whereas every child now knows that no-one has ever died from taking vitamins, whereas every year hundreds of thousands of people die from the lethal side effects of pharmaceutical drugs (remember Lipobay?)

- that the planned EU Directive would ban precisely those natural substances which have now proved vital to the breakthrough in the natural fight against cancer: optimum doses of vitamin therapies in conjunction with natural amino acids such as lysine and proline. These are now to be outlawed under this unscrupulous EU Directive because they threaten a billion-pound market in chemotherapy and other hazardous anti-cancer drugs.

- that the newly-erupting EU corruption scandal has now revealed that the pharmaceutical lobby has managed to infiltrate a member of the supervisory board of the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the world, in the person of EU commissar Bolkenstein, into the 'cabinet of Europe' , without this man ever having been elected by anyone.

Are you really surprised that the debate about EU corruption seems never-ending, given that the unelected and anonymous pharmaceutical cartel is sitting in the highest political body in Europe and is now issuing its own laws from there?

In view of these alarming facts, the eyes of millions of Europeans have turned to Strasbourg, where the European Parliament votes on the EU Directive for the banning of natural therapies on 12th March. EU politicians have the following choice: either to send out a message against corruption of the EU by the pharmaceutical lobby by rejecting this directive, or to vote for it, and in so doing reduce the entire European Parliament in the eyes of the world to a Strasbourg puppet show run by the pharmaceutical cartel. Worse still, any such decision would endanger the health and lives of millions of Europeans.

On 12th March every European politician present will be taking the most important decision of his or her life - and they will have to take responsibility for it.

What you should do before the vote on 12th March:

- Phone the MEPs from your region, either in their UK or Brussels office and insist on speaking to the MEP personally. As a voter you have that right. Speak up for yourself!

- Demand a clear no vote from the MEP on the EU Directive on Dietary Supplements on 12th March. No MEP has the right to ignore 400 million votes.

- Tell the MEPs that if they do not vote against this muzzling law, the debate on EU corruption will grow still louder, because one group and one group alone will profit from the outlawing of natural therapies: the pharmaceutical industry.

- Point out that the consumer protection argument used by the pharmaceutical lobby to attempt to force this directive through the European Parliament is ridiculous in face of the facts: no person has ever died from taking vitamins, whereas the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs have become the fourth -most common cause of death.

- Say that it is unacceptable for laws affecting the health of all the people of Europe to be made by a commission for which no-one has voted. Make it clear that it is unacceptable, that members of the supervisory boards of pharmaceutical companies are sitting on the European Commission (e.g., EU commissar Bolkenstein) from where they are writing Europe's laws in the interest of pharmaceutical companies and other economic interest groups. Say to them: that's corruption!

- Ask them: who voted you into the European Parliament? As EU politicians, was it the voters, the people of Europe to whom you are answerable or the big multinationals?

- Insist that the MEPs allow a voice for the greatest peoples' movement in Europe and the 400 million votes for natural health on 12th March. Demand that Dr. Rath is not muzzled but is allowed, on behalf of humanity, to speak in the European Parliament and officially inform the MEPs.

- Vote for the right to free access to natural therapies in Europe. For more information go to the website There you can cast your vote by clicking a mouse and send your protest to all the responsible politicians. Vote before March 12th.

- Speak to friends and acquaintances about the breakthrough by vitamin research and cellular medicine in the fight against cancer. For the first time it is possible to combat the causes of cancer by natural means and with no side effects. For further information go to Also draw their attention to Dr. Rath's lecture series at the end of March (see box below).

- Tell your acquaintances about the connection between the progress of vitamin research and the pharmaceutical industry's machinations to outlaw this information via new muzzling laws, simply in order to protect their billion-pound markets in pharmaceutical drugs.

12th March 2002 is an important date for the people of Europe. Do your bit to see that the decisions made in the European Parliament on that day serve our health interests rather than the pharmaceutical industry trade in disease. Do it now.

Best wishes

Dr. Matthias Rath