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Subject: Health Freedom Movement Fails to Kill EU Vitamin Directive in Committee: Measure Moves Next to Full EU Parliament in March
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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:05:38 -0500

IAHF List: See my message to Ingrid in Sweden below....... we're in a real uphill battle here in our efforts to kill the EU Vitamin Directive. We failed to kill it in committee, so next it moves to the full EU Parliament in the middle of March. We have by NO MEANS given up, and still need all of your urgent assistance!! See my message below and please forward it to more people. Anyone can be on the distribution list of International Advocates for Health Freedom at

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I mailed this to a chain of people and have received many e-mails back with gratitude for all you and so many others are doing! Just wanted to pass it on!

Thanks Ingrid. Unfortunately, the EU vitamin directive got voted out of committee today. Although we did pick up 9 more MEPs to reach a total of 18 on our side, we needed to reach 22 more, or 11 more than we ended up with. So now we are in the even MORE challenging situation of having to attempt to kill this evil Directive in the middle of March when it comes up for a vote in the full EU Parliament, and if we don't succeed, for any reason, the EU Commission will sign it into law in May.

I talked for a long time today with Paul Taylor in England, and he and I are both of the view that as long as there is breath in our bodies, we shall never give up. We brainstormed the idea of what to do next for over an hour, and came up with several ideas. We're going to be utilizing these celebrities to best advantage to try to make this issue front page news if we possibly can.

I offered to go over to England to help out if necessary, telling Paul of trips I've made in the past to Canada and South Africa to help rally the grass roots in those countries on this same health freedom issue.

I organized the largest pro vitamin health freedom rally ever held in Washington DC back in the early 90s and have a lot of experience as an organizor/lobbyist and am very impressed with Paul Taylor's abilities in this area in England. I am also very respectful of the good job done by Tamara Mosegaard in Denmark with her group Mayday to rally people all over Denmark and Sweden, and have equal respect for Ralf Langner who is Dr.Rath's main organizer.

Today I talked with Steven Carter, Managing editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine in Toronto, Canada to let him know that although I am very glad he forwarded my urgent EU alert to all of the orthomolecular societies world wide, since not a single one of them got back to me with any evidence of having tried to communicate with the EU Parliament against the Directive, we need to do follow up work to find out if any of them even bothered to lift a finger to try to defend their interests.

If not, clearly we will have our work cut out for us to try once again to patiently explain to them that they are going to one day not have the nutrients their patients will need because many just won't be available. Clearly, the other side has a brilliant take over strategy of moving very incrementally so as to not generate a public backlash. That is what makes this so challenging to stop, but we will not ever give up, and we need everyone to keep fighting!! I consider it a breakthrough that I finally got an American vitamin company to sound an international alarm on this- you can see the alert on the front page of Life Extension Foundation's website at under "European Emergency" please help me to urge MORE vitamin companies to sound the alarm!!!

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Dear all

I have been today discussing with John Hammell the issue of getting celebrities involved in the EU Food Supplement Campaign, and thought that I should take this opportunity to let you all know that, together with Ralph Pike, I have recently been recruiting internationally-known celebrities from my contacts in the world of music who are opposed to the EU Food Supplement Directive.

At present the UK NAHS has statements of support from Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Sir Cliff Richard, Phil Collins, and a number of others. We are planning to "announce this to the world" in the article that will be appearing in the Rapporteur newspaper next Monday. (Rapporteur being the newspaper that is widely read in the EU Parliament).

From the UK point of view we are not yet using these celebrities names overtly, but are using the Rapporteur article as a means of "testing the water" to gauge public reaction. If you wish to use these names as a springboard to bring in more celebrity support from your own country please do so. Let's now see if we can roll this out across the EU to bring in further celebrities and attract both media attention and public support.