Subject: Rath's Campaign Killed Anti Vitamin Bill in UK Last Summer (Important We All Take Notice as Codex Meeting Is June 19, 2000 in Berlin)
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 17:26:57 -0500

IAHF LIST: I reported on this in August/1999, but just noticed that it never was put in the UK Section of the IAHF website as it should have been. See Dr.Rath's notice below my comments. We all have Dr.Matthias Rath to thank for his successful campaign to kill MLX 249 in the UK. If not for his last ditch effort, this Codex harmonization bill would have destroyed health freedom in the UK. Because similar legislation could come up again in the UK, (or anywhere in the world at any time) we must remain vigilant!

It is important that we all go to to carefully read the 4 page newsletter that Dr.Rath distributed all over the UK in his successful bid to kill this terrible bill!!

Please download his newsletter and save it. Keep it handy, and show it to your countries Codex delegate to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use prior to the next Codex meeting in Berlin June 19th, 2000 as you tell him you oppose the Vitamin proposal pending before the Codex Commission, the matter should best be left up to national authorities to decide, and you oppose the NAS paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" because it is unscientific, fraudulent, paid for by pharmaceutical moneyz and designed to destroy consumer access to high potency vitamins. See the footer below my mssg here for more info.

The health news that changed the face of Great Britain

Why the British government had to withdraw its entire vitamin legislation MLX 249 in the middle of summer recess.

London/Almelo. The news bomb detonated in the third week of August: In the middle of the summer vacation, the British government had to withdraw one of the most outrageous legislations in recent history: MLX 249. Under the pressure of the international Pharma-Cartel and the British pharmaceutical multinationals Smith, Kline & Beecham, and Glaxo Welcome, the British government was about to forbid forever the dissemination of natural health information in relation to vitamins and other natural therapies. What forced the government to act so swiftly, was a four-page health newsletter that had been distributed during the first weeks of August to hundreds of thousands of households in London and other British cities. This four-page health newsletter entitled "Good health – do it yourself" ( unmasked the unethical background of the MLX 249 legislation and encouraged the people in Great Britain to contact their political representatives.

The newsletter was written by Dr. Matthias Rath, the physician and scientist, who had discovered that heart attacks and strokes are no diseases rather than the consequence of vitamin deficiency and that they are preventable. Dr. Rath also holds the world's first patents for the natural reversal of heart disease. Ever since Dr. Rath published his discoveries early in this decade, the pharmaceutical industry had conspired to stop the dissemination of this live saving natural health information. In his newsletter Dr. Rath wrote the business of the pharmaceutical industry is the business of disease. They are fighting prevention, therapy and eradication of diseases, because it would destroy a multi billion dollar global market. MLX 249, the UK law that would have criminalised the further dissemination of this information was a law dictated by the international -Cartel against the health interests of millions of people in Great Britain and other countries.

Never before in British history was a law of that significance and with such powerful backers withdrawn in such a short time. Never before did the British government take steps of that significance in the middle of summer recess, forced by public demand in the middle of the holiday season. Never before was there a piece of printed matter that so directly must have touched off the nerves of hundreds of thousands of people in London and beyond. Never before were the members of parliament in the UK confronted with such burning questions: Whom do you represent, the health interests of millions of people or the financial interests of a handful of pharmaceutical shareholders.

Reactions we got tell us the magnitude of this fire storm. We got letters from patients, health food stores, writers and many others, all of them unanimously out of gratitude for opening the eyes of the people for the unethical plans of MLX 249. Even a member of the House of Lords wrote on the 10th August to Dr. Rath that he intends to contact health minister Dobson on this matter. Apparently, he was not alone and Mr. Dobson's summer vacation was cut short by on public demand to withdraw MLX 249 immediately.

In April this year, Dr. Rath had met with representatives of the British health food industry. When he realised that even these representatives were unaware of the global dimension of this UK law and that resistance among the health food stores was developing slowly, he decided to prepare for this information campaign in order to help the people in Great Britain and ultimately save millions of British lives.

Based on this powerful victory, of the will of the people against the unethical interests of the United Kingdom. All over Europe tens of thousands of patients who have been helped by the vitamin programs and natural health therapies developed by Dr. Rath, have joined him in his global campaign to create a new health care system. The blueprint of this new health care system is outlined in his book "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks - But People Do." Further information on how You can also help to save lives and start a new career in natural health consulting are provided on this website.

Extracts from our four-page health newsletter that led to the withdrawal of MLX 249:

Frontpage: Information about scurvy - censored!

The whole story in short words: The medical breakthrough concerning heart attacks, the blockade by the Pharma-Cartel and role of MLX 249

Open Letter by Dr. Rath to Prime Minister Tony Blair

Next Codex Mtgs Re Vitamin Issue
CCNFSDU in Berlin
June 19- June 23, 2000
47th Session of Codex Executive
June 28-June 30, 2000 in Geneva

What to Do:
Contact Your Countries Delegate to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use
(Beth Yetley in USA, Margaret Cheney in Canada)
Tell Them To Oppose the Draft Guidelines for Vitamins and Minerals & That the Paper Titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" Is Unscientific, Biased Against Vitamin Use, Was Paid for by Pharmaceutical Interests, Is Anti Consumer, And a Complete Expose Is Available at
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We hereby put all unelected CODEX bureaucrats,UN and WTO Supporters World Wide,Employees of the FDA, HPB, MCA, MCC and similar drug cartel stooges on NOTICE that We Believe Strongly in the American Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms As Well as in the Right to Freedom of Speech & In All Unalienable God Given Rights, Both Numerated and Unenumerated, As Set Forth in the 9th Amendment to the United States Constitutition.

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