The FDA is attempting to act illegally, under color of law at CODEX. We must use the enclosed form letter to send to the FDA by certified mail after having a witness watch us sign it, in order to challenge their jurisdiction, and to put them on notice that we are challenging their authority, that we are demanding they act in such a way as to protect our rights, and we're letting them know that if they ignore this letter, anyone who sends them this demand can sue them as private citizens under Title 42.

To use this letter, substitute your own return address for mine, and your name for mine at the end.

Be sure to send it by certified mail with return receipt requested to the individuals enclosed.

Be aware that this demand letter can't have any direct impact on any nation's delegates at CODEX aside from the US delegate, and that the FDA might well ignore it, and challenge us to sue.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

The form letter referenced as an attachment to this letter is the one we will be sending to all Codex delegates in the world as soon as we post it on the site.

IAHF has sent this letter to the FDA.
You can too and should.
The more of these they get, the better.

This letter was reviewed by Ralph Fucetola, III, JD who made some improvements to it.

John Hammell- IAHF

Demand Letter to FDA