Codex Cassette Available

This morning from 6am-8am Pacific Time I discussed the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom on the Mason in the Morning Program- a call in show on Radio Station KKEY in Portland, Oregon, USA.

This talk radio program has an avid listenership, and I was given a lot of quality time by a skilled talk show host to discuss the health freedom issue not only as it pertains to the United States, but as it pertains to the world. Get your copy today by sending $10. to "Radio KKEY, Post Office Box 5757 Portland, Oregon 97228 USA, or by calling 503-222-5539 during business hours. Specifically request the tape of John Hammell, from the "Mason in the Morning" show on 8/28/97.

I urge everyone to get copies of this tape, and ESPECIALLY spread it around the United States because I discuss the dire threat to health freedom posed by S.830 "The Food and Drug Administration Modernization and Accountability Act of 1997"

A MAJOR TROJAN HORSE was inserted into the bill. It is section 202: "Sense of the Committee Regarding Mutual Recognition Agreements and Global Harmonization Efforts" It is IMPERATIVE that we get this section cut out! The reason is that it forces harmonization between American food and drug laws and those of the European Union where dietary supplements and herbs are being regulated as DRUGS!

Please, get this tape. Also, get the September issue of Life Extension Magazine which has my article "Fighting for Health Freedom Worldwide: A Report From the Battlefield" I encourage people to join Life Extension Foundation, which is a client of mine by calling 800-841-5433, or send them email at or visit their website at

IMPORTANT! You can now get to my website by going to life extension's website at and jump to mine through the link off their "Fighting for Health Freedom" section. The link is very prominently featured with a blinking sign that says "URGENT"! Its hard to remember the url for my site because its so long, but its EASY to remember! So give out LEF's url and people can easily find me that way at At some point I'll get a domain name, but until then, this will help.

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