Please Stick To Promise of Holding Oversight Hearing
on Codex Vitamin Issue

To: The Honorable Dan Burton
Chairman, House Government Reform and Oversight Committee
Re: Your Promise to Hold Oversight Hearing on Codex Vitamin Issue

Dear Congressman Burton:

We have viewed the gif files of two letters to the FDA signed by yourself, Congressman De Fazio, Congressman Paul, Stump, and Cook. You can view these letters at under the Category, "Letters from Congress" in case you don't remember having written it.

Some of our people have been told by Beth Clay in your office that you intend to send a member of your staff to the upcoming Codex meetings of the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use in Berlin and Geneva this June, however this would not solve the problem.

The problem is that the FDA has broken the law. They have taken an action which was specifically forbidden via an act of Congress in 1997, but more importantly, they have taken an action which threatens to set the United States up for forced "harmonization" to the emerging highly restrictive Codex vitamin standard, which the FDA has not been properly trying to stop as desired by the American people.

The FDA is using a paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" at Codex over your objection. This paper has been expertly rebutted by several MDs and Ph.Ds working as a team led by Rick Malter, Ph.D. a practicing clinical psychologist with years of experience in the realm of orthomolecular medicine- a suppressed alternative treatment mode employing the use of vitamins and other natural substances protected under Proxmire and DSHEA.

The problem is how the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO would view the unscientific NAS paper, which never underwent any public comments period prior to being used illegally by the FDA.

The DSB would view the NAS paper as the "Gold Standard" on Safety, and would use it to force the USA to harmonize its laws under threat of trade sanctions. Evidence that the DSB of the WTO has ALREADY forced the dismantling of US laws can be found at the website of Public Citizens's Global Trade Watch at: in the "Harmonization Alerts" section.

Please let me know when you intend to hold an oversight hearing. I note that you are receiving PAC support from many pharmaceutical interests at Please know that those multinational corporations do not represent the will of the American people. Please also know that they are well represented in the vitamin trade associations CRN and NNFA as clearly evidenced by the CRN website at and via the NNFA's membership directory, and that these vitamin trade associations are being controlled from the top down by pharmaceutical interests who clearly do not represent the will of the American people as expressed under our current vitamin laws.

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Information Provided Courtesy John C. Hammell, legislative advocate, IAHF

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