To: IAHF List
Subject: KNOW Your Enemy: Websites of Hoechst,Bayer, BASF (BASF and Rhone Poulenc are members of CRN/NNFA and Hoechst is on the verge of merging with Rhone Poulenc, so the companies that comprise Nazi IG Farben, will ALL soon belong to CRN/NNFA and they've been KEEPING us from getting an Oversight Hearing on CODEX.
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 20:18:03 -0400

IAHF List:

One of the first rules of war is to know your enemy. Study your enemy. Hoechst was part of IG Farben, the drug and chemical combine that fueled Hitler's war machine, and which ran the Nazi concentration camps. So was Bayer and BASF. This has been proven. See "An Open Letter from Matthias Rath, MD to the American Health Food Community." Deutsche Bank was forced to open their records from WW2. Its all coming out now! Today they control NNFA/CRN the vitamin trade associations that are blocking our CODEX oversight hearing. See urls for their websites below.


In 1963, Hoechst, Bayer, and BASF realized that they needed to position themselves to one day destroy the dietary supplement industry. The control these companies have long held over the German government led to Germany becoming the host country for the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Use, where the current draft proposal for vitamins and minerals threatens to destroy health freedom world wide, with a little help from FDA/NAS/CRN/NNFA which are all very clearly working together against US!

1. Visit the Evil Nazi website of Hoechst at and observe the stock market ticker tape scrolling across your screen showing the stock prices of Hoechst stock on the world's stock exchange. They worship money, and the devil. They're also on the verge of merging with Rhone Poulenc, which is a member of NNFA and CRN, the two vitamin trade associations which won't do a thing to help us get a CODEX oversight hearing. (

Bayer is also a member of CRN, which has overlapping membership with NNFA, and whose lead NNFA is following via Randy Dennin of Warner Lambert, Chairman of their International Committee which has formulated their position on CODEX and who refuses to talk with me, much less debate me on the Gary Null show.Be sure to read the article on Hoechst's site about their merger with NNFA/CRN member Rhone Poulenc.

2. Along with Hoechst in Nazi IG Farben were Bayer "Bayer is an international chemicals and health care group. Employing some 145,100 people worldwide, the group has operations in nearly all countries of the globe. With annual sales of DM 54.9 billion and an operating result of DM 6.15 billion (1998), it is considered a world leader in its sector." Bayer is a member of Council for Responsible Nutrition See complete list of their members.

3. Along with Hoechst and Bayer in Nazi IG Farben were BASF (member of CRN and NNFA) "With sales in excess of DM 54 billion, BASF is one of the leading companies in the chemical industry. Our products range from natural gas, oil and basic chemical products through innovative intermediates to specialties, high value-added chemicals, crop protection products and pharmaceuticals. We are noted for our chemical know-how and highly developed integrated systems, which we call Verbund. We are an international company. From a strong position in Europe, we want to grow in global markets."

When I was in Berlin last September for the CODEX meeting, the most memorable things that happened were these:

1. Dr.Yetley of the FDA ignored a letter signed by Congressmen Dan Burton (Chair of the House Government Reform Commmittee) along with Congressmen Paul, Stump, Cook, and De Fazio that told her to remove the second paragraph and the NAS "Risk Assessment Paper" ("A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients") because it violated current US law which stipulates that nothing be done to harmonize our laws to emerging CODEX standards. Moreover, the offending comments clearly violate the will of Congress as expressed in DSHEA, and represent pseudoscience at its worst.

2. In Berlin I took photos of the HQ of Hoechst. When I tried to enter the building, I was barred from entering by armed guards. Hochst's headquarters in Berlin has a huge gold sign on the side of it. I wonder if the gold to make the sign was created by melting down fillings out of people's teeth from the concentration camps that they helped to run.

3. In the Codex meeting, the German Chair of the meeting stopped me from videotaping. They can't work their scam under cover of darkness. It is up to US to expose whats going on. Be sure to go to to see Dr.Rath's website, especially his "Open Letter to the American Health Food Community" Rath risked his life to demonstrate in front of the gates leading to the CODEX meeting. He was accompanied by 2 huge bodyguards, each wearing full length trenchcoats with sumachine guns under them. He had over 1000 demonstrators- a typical cross section of German vitamin consumers who are outraged by what Hoechst/Bayer/BASF are doing to destroy people's health world wide by suppressing the use of vitamins through CODEX. Rath was opposed by Berlin police wearing full body armor, brandishing automatic weapons, assisted by snarling German Shepheard dogs... to face down little old ladies, old men, students, women pushing babies in strollers...

What is WRONG with this picture?

DON'T GET MAD- GET EVEN! Hoechst/Bayer/BASF are working through NNFA/CRN to keep us from getting an oversight hearing on CODEX. Call Beth Clay at 202-225-5074 (Government Reform Committee) and say the following:

"I am on the IAHF email distribution list, and feel strongly that you and Congressman Burton have been manipulated by pharmaceutical interests which have infiltrated CRN and NNFA and which have been actively trying to block the holding of an oversight hearing on CODEX due to the fact that they support the FDA's recent illegal actions at the Berlin meeting last September, of which you have been apprised.

Allegedly, NNFA is a trade association which represents the dietary supplement industry, but in reality, there is a growing body of solid evidence that the are being controlled from the top-down, due to the financial leverage of their pharmaceutical members, which include BASF, and Rhone Poulenc, two companies which were named by the Department of Justice in the recent Vitamin Price Fixing Scam.

Although NNFA does have a Conflict of Interest clause in their bylaws, they are clearly not enforcing it, as evidenced by the fact that they have allowed Randy Dennin, a representative of Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical Company to chair their International Committee, which formulates their position on CODEX. The Executive Director of NNFA seems disinclined to kick BASF or Rhone Poulenc out of the trade association despite the fact that the parent companies of the affiliates which belong to his association are responsible for ripping off most of his manufacturing members over the past several years by gouging them on the price of raw materials. As a CONSUMER, I am outraged by this, for this has forced me to pay MUCH higher prices for my vitamins! Be aware that when challenged to debate all of this on the air with John Hammell on the Gary Null Radio show, Michael Ford of NNFA and Randy Dennin, their International Committee Chair refused to debate! What are they trying to hide?

It is no accident that NNFA and CRN's position on CODEX is the same as the FDA's. Warner Lambert, BASF, and Rhone Poulenc belongs to BOTH trade associations.

Given this fact, we are forced to examine the pharmaceutical presence in BOTH alleged vitamin trade associations VERY CLOSELY. When we do, we find the following:

We find that BASF, Rhone Poulenc, and Capsugel (Warner Lambert) are members of NNFA, while Bayer, BASF, Rhone Poulenc, Capsugel,AHP, Daiichi Fine Chemicals, Nutrasweet Kelco Co. (Division of Monsanto) Roche Vitamins (Div. Hoffman LaRoche), Takeda USA, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. are members of CRN .

Moreover: BASF, Rhone Poulenc, Capsugel (Warner Lambert) are members of BOTH NNFA and CRN and Randy Dennin of Capsugel(Warner Lambert) is Chairman of NNFA's International Committee, and the person "primarily responsible" for NNFA's position on CODEX, according to Joe Bassett, NNFA President. It should be noted that Capsugel does business with both pharmaceutical companies and vitamin companies, selling empty gelatin capsules. It makes sense that Capsugel, as a member of both CRN and NNFA, would echo the CRN party line within NNFA. (Their biggest competitor, AHP, is also a member of CRN, and if they didn't toe the CRN "party line" on CODEX, they'd stand to lose mega business in vegetable capsules to AHP.

Given the high stakes game played by these pharmaceutical interests, CRN and NNFA appear to be piling your plate full of non time sensitive issues in an effort to BLOCK the timely holding of an Oversight Hearing on CODEX, a hearing which they clearly DON'T SUPPORT. (They have been invited time and time again to discuss the gross scientific irregularities within the NAS Risk Assessment paper, but like NAS, they have declined because they have a clear agenda. Their goal? Their goal is to get high potency vitamins regulated as DRUGS, because they can make FAR more money off LESS product, and DOWNSIZE at the same time.

None of this, however, is in the best interests of CONSUMERS,(or of the rank and file members of NNFA who are being spoon fed misinformation on CODEX by their own trade association) and we remind you that in the Campaign to pass DSHEA, consumers deluged Congress with more phone calls, faxes and mail than Congress has ever received on any issue in its HISTORY.

FDA's Plaisier's letter to Congressman Burton has been clearly refuted on the IAHF website between Suzanne Harris's Codex Comments to the FDA's ANPR of July 7, 1997 wherein they announced their intention to harmonize their regs to emerging Codex standards, and in John Hammell's article titled

"FDA Is Using Codex In An Illegal Attempt To Make An End Run Around American Dietary Supplement Laws - Codex Oversight Hearing Badly Needed Before Next Codex Meeting June 24th."

You need to force FDA to formally withdraw the illegal second paragraph from their comments and you need to force them to withdraw the totally unscientific NAS Risk Assessment Paper. Bear in Mind that the US doesn't have any more voting power than any other country at CODEX, and we can easily be outvoted.While the FDA's position at CODEX may be the lesser of two evils, it is still not only unscientific, but it is also evil. Brian Leibovitz,Ph.D. has scrutinized the NAS paper and pronounced it "pseudoscience". He is the former editor of the Journal of Applied Nutrition and was also editor/publisher of the Journal of Optimal Nutrition. Bonnie Camo, MD has also pronounced it "pseudoscience" and she has over 20 years of clinical experience using nutrients as an orthomolecular physician. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that he concept of a "Safe Upper Level" or "UL" for any substance if fraudulent. Even WATER will kill if you drink too much of it, and where are the "UL"s on FDA approved drugs?

There is a dire need to look at the Constitutional implications of this entire situation. CODEX goes directly against the fundamental tenets of representational government on which this country was founded, and I do not feel at all comfortable being "represented" by an unelected bureaucrat from the FDA, especially when she so flagrantly ignores the will of the people, the will of Congress, and the will of people on her own delegation such as John Hammell. In addition to Congressional Oversight on a timely basis, I demand Judicial Review so that the FDA doesn't overstep their constitutional authority as they've clearly done in their July 7, 1997 ANPR on Codex."

by John C. Hammell, legislative advocate
International Advocates for Health Freedom
PO Box 625, Floyd, Virginia, 24091 USA
fax 540-745-6535, overseas 540-745-6534