On September 17, 1998 a Public Tribunal was held in Berlin against the Pharma-Cartel, Helmut Kohl and other accomplices of this Cartel for planning, committing and assisting mass murder and crimes against humanity.

Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. who led the breakthrough in the control of cardiovascular disease by vitamins, convened this Public Tribunal on the eve of the Codex Alimentarius meeting in this city.

This complaint will be formalized and submitted to the International Court of Justice and other courts around the world. Patients and people around the world are encouraged to take similar legal action against the accused of this complaint in local, regional and national courts around the world.

Starting September 21, 1998 the full text of this complaint will be made available via the INTERNET at - a web-site that is currently contacted by several thousand visitors every day.
This is a public tribunal, a formal complaint to the International Court of Justice and other courts as well as a direct appeal to the patients and people of the world to bring to justice the pharmaceutical corporations, their executives, accomplices and all those responsible for the greatest crimes ever committed in the course of human history.

Hundreds of millions of people continue to die from heart attacks, strokes and other diseases that can be prevented and eliminated. This holocaust is neither the result of coincidence nor negligence. The pharmaceutical corporations have planned and executed this mass murder and genocide willfully and systematically to further expand a global drug market of over one trillion dollars annually.

Prevention and eradication of any disease significantly reduces or totally eliminates the sales of pharmaceutical drugs for this disease. Therefore, pharmaceutical corporations systematically obstruct and even fight the prevention and the eradication of diseases. More than 95% of the pharmaceutical drugs currently sold are without proven efficacy while the severe side-effects of these drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in the industrialized world. Thus, pharmaceutical corporations also promote the occurrence of new diseases as the basis for their expanding global market of pharmaceutical drugs.

To commit these crimes, the pharmaceutical corporations use a maze of executors and accomplices in science, medicine, mass media and in politics. The governments of entire nations are infiltrated and run by lobbyists and executors of the pharmaceutical industry. The legislation of these nations is corrupted and abused to systematically continue the mass murder and genocide of millions of innocent patients and people.

Throughout the 20th century the pharmaceutical industry was built and organized with the goal to control the health care system of nations by systematically replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable synthetic drugs. The architects of the pharmaceutical industry were unscrupulous entrepreneurs and financiers who, from the very beginning of this industry, had defined the human body and the diseases it hosts as their marketplace.

As the result of the systematic take-over of the health care system by nationally and internationally operating pharmaceutical corporations billions of people in almost all countries of the United Nations have been paying trillions of dollars for pharmaceutical drugs that neither prevent diseases nor cure them. The governments, the economic and social sectors of all industrialized countries are currently held hostage by the ill-conceived and criminal practices of pharmaceutical corporations.

A particular example is the Federal Republic of Germany, the leading export nation of such pharmaceutical products in the world. Throughout the 20th century, the German pharmaceutical corporations Hoechst, Bayer and BASF have determined the fate not only of that country but of the entire world. In an effort to control the global chemical and pharmaceutical markets, these corporations formed the IG Farben Cartel already at the beginning of this century, sponsored the rise of Hitler to power and were the driving economic force behind the Second World War and Hitler's effort to conquer the world. Hoechst, Bayer and BASF were the organizers of the giant industrial plant IG Auschwitz using as their forced labor camp the Concentration Camp Auschwitz, the largest crime site of human history.

At the 1947 Nuremberg Tribunal 24, of the managers of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF and other IG Farben executives were accused of the following crimes against humanity: planning and leading the war, mass murder, conducting criminal experiments on innocent inmates of concentration camps, grand theft and plundering, slavery and other crimes.

The US lead prosecutor Telford Taylor said in the Nuremberg Tribunal against these IG Farben executives: "Not the Nazi lunatics but these accused are responsible for this war. And if they are not punished for these crimes the harm they will do to future generations is much greater than Hitler could ever have done if he were alive."

The IG Farben Cartel was dismantled and split by the Nuremberg Tribunal into the daughter companies Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. With the help of Nelson Rockefeller, their former business partner and US Undersecretary of State after the war, all convicted IG Farben managers were released from prison already in 1952 and reassumed positions in the highest levels of German industry.

The prediction of Nuremberg Tribunal prosecutor Taylor soon became true. In post-war Germany the positions of chairmen of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF were held by war-time IG Farben directors and former members of the Nazi party for over a quarter of a century after the second world war.

Hoechst, Bayer and BASF lost no time to build up other political leaders to serve their interests in post-war Germany. Between 1959 and 1969 Helmut Kohl worked for the "Verband der Chemischen Industrie"(Association of Chemical Industry), the largest lobby organization of 3 the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. This industry systematically promoted Helmut Kohl political career thereby continuing to instrumentalize the German government for their global expansion plans. And their investment paid out. Now, fifty years after the Nuremberg Tribunal split the criminal IG Farben Cartel into Hoechst, Bayer and BASF each of these three daughter companies is 20 times larger than the IG Farben empire ever was. Today, these IG Farben successors are the largest exporters of pharmaceutical products in the world, maintaining an industrial network over 120 countries of the world. For almost two decades, Helmut Kohl has been heading the German government.

During this time the government of Germany became the political spearhead of the global conquest of the pharmaceutical industry and of the world-wide enocide and mass murder committed on their behalf.

The criminal role of the pharmaceutical corporations and the German government becomes particularly evident by the effort to suppress one of the greatest advances in medicine, which will lead to the elimination of heart disease.

The year 1990 became a turning point in medicine world-wide. In that year Dr. Matthias Rath discovered that heart attacks and strokes are no diseases. Similar to scurvy, they are the direct result of long-term vitamin deficiencies and they are preventable and reversible. It was also discovered that animals get heart attacks because they manufacture their own vitamin C, thereby maintaining optimum stability of their artery walls. Moreover, daily supplementation of vitamins and other essential nutrients were clinically shown to halt the development of coronary artery disease and also reverse existing atherosclerotic deposits by inducing a natural healing process in the artery wall.

Thus, it became clear that cardiovascular disease, currently the number one cause of death in the industrialized world, would essentially become unknown in future generations of mankind.

These discoveries triggered an entirely new and basic understanding of medicine and human health, Cellular Medicine. Human diseases develop at the level of cells and the most frequent cause of cellular malfunction is a chronic deficiency of vitamins and other cellular bioenergy molecules. On the basis of Cellular Medicine today's most common disease can be largely prevented and eliminated including high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, diabetic complications, osteoporosis and other health problems thus far considered incurable.

Since natural remedies - available to everyone - are the solution to these health problems, it became clear that the time it will take to eliminate all these diseases is dependent on one single factor alone: How fast can the information about this medical breakthrough be spread to millions of patients and billions of people inhabiting this planet.

The discovery that vitamins and other essential nutrients are the answer to the most common health problems of our time marked not only a turning point in medicine but it immediately threatened the very existence of the pharmaceutical industry.

The global pharmaceutical market of cardiovascular drugs alone is in excess of several hundred million dollars every year and the single largest segment of the global drug market. In order to artificially stabilize their global pharmaceutical drug market the pharmaceutical corporations now formed an international Pharma-Cartel. This Pharma-Cartel organizes a global campaign to systematically obstruct, suppress the dissemination of the life-saving information of this medical breakthrough and to publicly discredit the health benefits of vitamins and other natural remedies.

Between 1991 and 1994 and as a direct reaction to Dr. Rath's discoveries, the Pharma-Cartel tried to make vitamins and other essential nutrients prescription drugs in the US, their single largest national market. The pretenses under which the Pharma-Cartel promoted their legislative plan, "consumer protection" from non-existing side-effects and "international harmonization" to adapt inadequately low daily nutritional recommendations, were false and deceptive. However the statistical facts uncovered the deception of the Pharma-Cartel and showed that in the last ten years no American had died from side 4 effects of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Supported by millions of Americans, US Congress unanimously passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which secured unrestricted access to nutritional supplements.

After the largest national market escaped the control of the Pharma-Cartel, it turned to the international political bodies and found refuge within the "Codex Alimentarius" Commission of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

Spearheaded by Helmut Kohl and the German government on behalf of the Pharma-Cartel this Codex Alimentarius Commission is currently preparing legislation to outlaw all health information regarding the preventive or therapeutic use of vitamins and other natural, non-patentable health products in all member countries of the United Nations. To hide the real purpose of these plans they are promoted under the pretense and deception of "consumer protection" and "international harmonization" of nutrients. According to the Pharma Cartel, these unethical recommendations should become binding law for all member countries of the United Nations in the immediate future.

These criminal acts by the Pharma-Cartel and their accomplices deliberately deprive hundreds of millions of people of optimum health care. The direct result of these actions is the continuous suffering and premature death of almost every human being living today. If this mass murder and genocide committed by and on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporations is not stopped immediately it will continue and threaten human health and life in future generations of mankind.

Because of the historic and global dimension of these crimes a comprehensive effort involving all mankind is necessary to establish justice.

To initiate this world-wide effort, a public tribunal was held in Berlin, Germany on September 17, 1998, the eve of the "Codex Alimentarius" Commission's meeting in this city. Moreover, a formal complaint is filed with the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands.

At the same time, the full text of this complaint was made public through the Internet and other means to people all over the world. Patients suffering from cardio-vascular disease or any other disease mentioned in this complaint are encouraged to start litigation in their local, regional and national courts against the pharmaceutical corporations and their accomplices responsible for having prevented the eradication of these diseases long ago.


Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. is the plaintiff in this tribunal on behalf of the patients of the world and the people of all countries of the United Nations. Dr. Rath is the scientist who led the medical breakthrough towards the control of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Rath's scientific discoveries that heart attacks and strokes can be eliminated by natural means, directly triggered the formation of the international Pharma-Cartel and its unscrupulous effort for a global ban of life-saving information on the health benefits of vitamins and other natural therapies. It is therefore incumbent upon this scientist to take the world-wide lead in stopping the mass murder organized on behalf of the Pharma-Cartel and bringing to justice those individuals and corporations responsible.


The accused in this tribunal as well as in any local, regional or national litigation on this matter are the following individuals, corporations and other entities:

1. Executives of Pharmaceutical Corporations and leaders of the international Pharma-Cartel:

a) Hoechst AG, its CEO J³rgen Dormann and all executives personally

b) BASF AG, its CEO J³rgen Strube and all executives personally 5

c) Bayer AG, its CEO Manfred Schneider and all executives personally

2. Executives of other pharmaceutical corporations

a) Merck Inc., USA and all its executives personnaly

b) Bristol Myers Squibb Inc., USA and all its executives

c) Pfizer Inc., USA and all its executives

d) Roche AG, Switzerland, and all its executives

e) Glaxo/Wellcome Ltd., United Kingdom, and all its executives

f) Rhone-Poulenc-Rhorer, France, and all its executives

g) Norvatis, Norway, and all its executives Further executives of pharmaceutical corporations will be added to this complaint as the now starting world-wide investigations proceed.

3. The political executors and accomplices of the world-wide Pharma-Cartel

a) Lead executor: Helmut Kohl Between 1982 and 1998 Kohl abused the entire political system of the Federal Republic of Germany to organize and execute mass murder and other crimes against humanity on behalf of the Pharma-Cartel, both nationally and world-wide.

b) Executors and accomplices:

i) Horst Seehofer, currently German secretary of health

ii) Manfred Kanther, currently German secretary of internal affairs

iii) G³nther Rexrodt, currently German secretary of economics

iv) The government of the Federal Republic of Germany
Further political executors and accomplices of the Pharma-Cartel will be added to this complaint as the now starting world-wide investigation proceeds.

4. Other individuals and organizations in the field of industry, finance, politics, the media, science and medicine who, in the course of the beginning comprehensive investigation will be identified of having directly or indirectly participated in or contributed to these crimes.


I. This complaint is formally filed with the International Court of Justice in The Hague, The Netherlands, for the following compelling reasons:

1. The International Court of Justice in the Hague has the competence for trials against humanity. In a similar way, the International Court of Justice conducted the International Tribunal on War Crimes Against former Yugoslavia and against individuals who had committed crimes against humanity. The mass murder, genocide and other crimes committed by and on behalf of the Pharma-Cartel surpass those committed by any war criminals by an order of magnitude.

2. The extraordinary magnitude of these crimes essentially affecting every human life on earth urges for international proceedings in addition to any legal action that may be taken at the local, regional or national level.

3. To organize these crimes, the Pharma-Cartel abuses bodies of the United Nations Organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the "Codex Alimentarius Commission" established under the auspices of these UN-Organizations. These efforts directly contradict and openly violate the purpose of these UN-Organizations that were created 6 to serve humanity and not to harm it. Therefore, the International Court of Justice has a moral, ethical and legal obligation and responsibility to initiate this case.

II. This document will serve as a legal basis for all governments and member countries of the United Nations to italic officially italic support the organization of this International Tribunal against the accused at the International Court of Justice, through the United Nations Organizations and through other ways and means. People around the world are encouraged to hold their political leaders responsible if their governments delay such support that would bring to an end the ongoing mass murder and world-wide genocide committed by the accused.

II. This document provides legal grounds for litigation against the accused at any local, regional or national court world-wide for

1. patients who have been directly or indirectly harmed, disabled, mutilated or in any other way physically or mentally damaged by the accused

2. relatives of deceased who lost their loved ones from heart attacks, strokes, heart failure or any other disease maintained and expanded by the accused

3. individuals or organizations filing class action lawsuits against the accused

4. health insurances, corporations, governments and other entities filing lawsuits against the accused for repayment of damages in the magnitude of hundreds of billions of dollars

5. any other individual or organization interested in bringing to an end the mass murder systematically committed by the accused.


The defendants are accused of the following crimes:

1. Willfully and systematically maintaining cardiovascular and other diseases, including high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic complications and osteoporosis that are recognized to be preventable by natural means - thereby deliberately causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

2. Systematically and deliberately preventing the eradication of cardiovascular and other diseases by obstructing and blocking the dissemination of life-saving information on the health benefits of vitamins and other natural remedies -thereby causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

3. Deliberately and systematically expanding existing diseases and creating new diseases by manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical drugs with known detrimental side-effects - thereby causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

4. Systematically and willfully deceiving the public with false, misleading and fabricated information about causes and treatments of most common diseases by abusing science, medicine, media and governments - thereby causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

5. Deliberately and systematically abusing the legislative and political system to pass laws, establish regulations and promote public measures with the purpose to expand the sales of ineffective, unsafe but lucrative pharmaceutical drugs thereby securing exorbitant gains for the pharmaceutical industry and causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

6. Systematically and deliberately abusing the legislative and political system to pass laws, establish regulations and promote public measures with thepurpose to ban, obstruct, legally criminalize and publicly discredit and deter the use of safe and affordable vitamins and other natural remedies recognized to effectively prevent and treat today's most common diseases - thereby deliberately causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

7. Systematically and purposely plundering of health funds in the magnitude of trillions of dollars from individuals, corporations and governments around the world by requesting payment for ineffective and harmful therapies.

8. Deliberately and systematically conspiring to pass laws and make other unethical efforts to continue all these crimes on international level thereby instantly threatening the health and lives of hundreds of millions of people world-wide as well as billions of people in generations to come.

9. Purposely and systematically abusing the United Nations Organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) as well as the Codex Alimentarius Commission to cover-up this organized mass murder and genocide.

10. Deliberately abusing the United Nations Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to systematically organize censorship of the Internet, with the goal to block and ban dissemination of life-saving information on essential nutrients via this communication path and thereby depriving the people of the world from receiving life-saving health information via the Internet.

Therefore, the defendants are accused of having violated human rights and committed the following crimes against humanity as defined in the Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949:

1. Mass murder and genocide. The crime of genocide is fully applicable because the crimes committed by the accused affect the entire human race.

2. Conspiracy to commit mass murder and genocide

3. Direct and public incitement to commit mass murder and genocide

4. Attempt to commit mass murder and genocide

5. Complicity in mass murder and genocide

6. Willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health

7. Plundering and extensive appropriation of private and public property

The following international treaties and declarations are applicable for this case:

1. The United Nations Charter

2. The Declaration of Human Rights of December 8, 1948

3. The Geneva Convention on Human Rights of August 12, 1949

4. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of January 12, 1951

5. The Convention on Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity of 1968

6. The Principles of International Co-Operation in the Detection, Arrest Extradition and Punishment of Persons Guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of 1973

7. In addition, the defendants are accused of having violated the Constitution as well as criminal and civil laws of their own countries.


The existence of the pharmaceutical industry is based on business with diseases.

The primary interest of this industry is in maintaining and expanding diseases, not their prevention or cure. Following is a list of compelling evidence for the most immediate crimes of which the defendants are accused. In the course of the ensuing global investigation against the accused the full scale of evidence will become visible.

1) The following specific evidence is presented that pharmaceutical companies are responsible for deliberately maintaining existing diseases and creating new diseases in order to extend their global drug markets:

a) Side-effects from the consumption of registered pharmaceutical drugs, is the fourth leading cause of death, causing each year at least 8,000 deaths in Germany and over 100,000 deaths in the US.

b) Only for less than 5% of the registered pharmaceutical drugs and currently marketed, a therapeutic efficacy has been established. In Germany alone 24,000 drugs without any proven efficacy are still being sold and have to be paid for by health insurances and their subscribers.

c) Drugs approved and currently marketed for the most common diseases, target the temporary relief of symptoms of a disease while avoiding to treat the cause of this disease. Therefore the patient is harmed several-fold:

i) The pharmaceutical drugs given do not correct the actual cause of disease and therefore these diseases persist in patients.

ii) The pharmaceutical drugs given may temporarily relieve symptoms of diseases while they frequently worsen the actual cause of the disease. Examples for this scheme is the marketing of diuretics for heart failure, which also flush out vitamins thereby aggravating the heart pumping failure, as well as the use of cytostatic drugs, causing immune deficiency, thereby accelerating cancer progress.

iii) All synthetic pharmaceutical drugs have known detrimental side-effects to the human body causing organ damage and generating new diseases. Moreover, the pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic substances which have to be detoxified by the body. Drug elimination pathways are purely understood and drug administration frequently intoxicates the body causing new diseases or death of the patient.

d) The accused are fully aware that vitamins and other essential nutrients effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular disease and other common diseases. In order to prevent the eradication of all these diseases through adequate consumption of vitamins by patients and the general public, the accused established through accomplices in science and politics inadequately low daily recommendations for vitamins and other nutrients. In order to intimidate the public and create the false impression that "overdosing" of these natural substances could be possible, the accused deliberately titled their recommendations "daily allowances". Without any scientific or clinical basis, the German "Gesellschaft f³r Ernõhrung" a cover organization of the Pharma-Cartel, defines 75 mg of Vitamin C as a daily limit for people while clinical evidence calls for at least 230 mg per day. By purposely fixing these low recommendations and by discrediting and even criminalizing the recommendation of higher values, the accused take yet another step to purposely maintaining diseases and preventing their eradication.

e) The following evidence is presented that most common health problems are preventable by natural means and are, despite that fact, purposely and systematically maintained and expanded by the accused:

i) Coronary heart disease: The primary cause of coronary artery disease and heart attacks is a structural weakening and impaired function of the artery wall which develops - similar to scurvy as the result of long-term deficiencies of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Pharmaceutical approaches to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease deliberately ignore this cause and focus rather on the treatment of symptoms, such as the reduction of cholesterol production in the liver. While deliberately avoiding to cure the disease for which they are marketed, the detrimental side-effects of these pharmaceutical drugs cause new diseases. The world-wide death toll from cardiovascular disease as a result of these deliberateactions is in excess of 12 million lives every year.

ii) High blood pressure: The primary cause of high blood pressure is an increased tension of the artery wall from a deficiency of essential nutrients in the arterial smooth muscle cells leading to narrowing of the artery diameter and rise in blood pressure. Pharmaceutical approaches for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure deliberately ignore this fact. Pharmaceutical drugs sold for the treatment of high blood pressure purposely focus on the treatment of symptoms: Beta blockers and calcium channel blockers reduce the heart rate or diuretics reduce the blood volume. While deliberately avoiding curing the disease for which they are marketed, these pharmaceutical drugs are known to have detrimental side effects and cause new diseases.

World-wide several hundred million high blood pressure patients remain uncured as adirect result of these actions by the accused and their death toll is rising daily.

iii) Heart Failure: The primary cause of heart failure is lack of vitamins, minerals, ubiquinone and other bioenergy carriers in millions of muscle cells of the heart. This results in impaired heart pumping and accumulation of water in the body. Pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of heart failure deliberately ignore this fact and focus on symptoms. Diuretics marketed for the treatment of heart failure not only eliminate water accumulated in the body but also washes out vitamins, minerals and other water-soluble bioenergy carriers. Thus the pharmaceutical drugs marketed for heart failure actually worsen the disease and they are responsible for the extremely short life expectancy of heart failure patients once diuretic medication sets in.

While deliberately avoiding to cure the disease for which they are marketed, these pharmaceutical drugs are known to worsen the disease, cause premature deaths of heart failure patients and are the primary cause for the extremely unfavorable prognosis of this disease.

World-wide over hundred million heart failure patients remain uncured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and the death toll is rising daily.

iv) Irregular heartbeat: The primary cause of irregular heartbeat is lack of vitamins, minerals, ubiquinone and other bioenergy carriers in millions of electrical heart muscle cells. This results in impaired generation or conduction of the electrical impulses required for normal heartbeat. Pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of irregular heartbeat deliberately ignore this fact and focus on symptoms instead. Anti-arrhythmic drugs marketed to treat arrhythmia are frequently responsible for actually worsening the irregularity of the heartbeat and causing heart arrest and premature death of patients. The author Thomas Moore documented in his book "Deadly Medicine" that one class of anti-arrhythmic drugs in the USA alone caused more deaths than the number of US casualties in the Vietnam War.

v) World-wide over hundred million patients with irregular heartbeat remain uncured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and their death toll is rising daily. In a similar way, cardiovascular complications of diabetes, osteoporosis and other common diseases are systematically maintained and expanded by marketing pharmaceuticals deliberately designed for false and misleading therapeutic targets by the accused.

j) The following drugs and category of drugs are manufactured and marketed by the accused deliberately despite of their known detrimental side-effects and thereby causing new diseases under false pretense to fight existing ones. The fact that these new diseases caused by side-effects of these drugs surface many years later is used as an additional cover for this deceptive scheme:

i) Cholesterol-lowering drugs, particularly statins and fibrates are mass-marketed under the pretense of preventing cardiovascular disease. These drugs are known to induce cancer already at doses currently administered to millions of patients world-wide.

ii) Aspirin is mass-marketed under the false pretense of preventing heart attacks and strokes, while long-term use of this drug is known to cause an increase of heart attacks, strokes as well as other diseases such as stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.

iii) Calcium antagonists are mass-marketed under the false pretense of treating high blood pressure and preventing heart attacks, while long-term use of these drugs is known to cause an increase of heart attacks, strokes and other diseases.

iv) Estrogen and other hormone drugs are mass-marketed under the false pretense of preventing osteoporosis and heart disease, while long-term use of these drugs is known to cause cancer in more than 30% of the women taking these drugs. Particularly frequent forms of cancer caused by these drugs are hormone dependent cancers such as cancer of the breast and uterus.

2) In order to commit these crimes the accused have established a comprehensive pattern of deception ranging from fraudulent diagnostic terms in medicine to organized media campaigns to manipulate public opinion. Following are examples:

a) The accused deliberately and systematically mystify the origin of disease by using Latin and Greek diagnostic terms as cover with the aim to not reveal the true cause of the most common diseases to patients. The following evidence is presented here:

i) The true cause of high blood pressure is masked by the cover term "Essential Hypertension" = "High blood pressure of unknown origin"

ii) The true cause of heart failure is masked by the cover term "Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy" = "Heart muscle disease of unknown origin"

iii) The true cause of irregular heart beat is masked by the cover term "Paroxysmal Arrhythmia" = "Irregular heart beat of unknown origin"

b) In an effort to manipulate public opinion about the true nature of pharmaceutical drugs, the accused have subsumed pharmaceutical drugs under the fraudulent and deceptive term "ethical drugs". The word "ethical" is hereby used as a synonym for "pharmaceutical" and "patentable". This maneuver automatically implies that vitamins and other non-patentable natural therapies are "unethical" and therefore undesirable.

c) In executing their crimes, the accused systematically and deliberately extend their existing pharmaceutical drug market byinventing new health conditions for which they recommend these drugs.

The following evidence is presented here:
i) Aspirin was developed as a headache and pain relieve pill and is now being mass-marketed and recommended by BAYER for long-term use even to healthy individuals for the alleged prevention and treatment of heart disease and other severe health conditions.

ii) In order to extend the global market of their antibiotic drugs, HOECHST in cooperation with other accused fabricated and spread the so-called "bacteria-theory" of heart attacks on a world-wide scale. Without any clinical evidence that chlamydia or other bacteria cause atherosclerosis or heart attacks these accused criminally promoted the general use of antibiotics even to healthy individuals with the false pretense of preventing heart attacks.

d) In executing their crimes, the accused promote the alleged benefits of their pharmaceutical drugs through expensive advertising campaigns to medical professionals and directly to the public. The following evidence is presented here:

i) Public relation campaigns for pharmaceuticals almost exclusively feature the alleged benefits of these pharmaceuticals while deliberately ignoring, down-playing the known detrimental side effects or hiding them in small print.

ii) In order to finance these expensive deception campaigns the pharmaceutical corporations use more than one third of their revenues for advertising and public relation campaigns. This is more than twice the amount the accused spend on research of new treatments. Moreover, during the last decade the budgets of the accused for these deceptive advertising campaigns increased more than ten-fold.

iii) Millions of patients are harmed several-fold: They overpay for pharmaceuticals that do not cure their diseases and they involuntarily and unknowingly finance the advertising campaign for their own and continued deception.

e) In an effort to manipulate public opinion in order to conduct their criminal activities the accused organize, establish and maintain cover organizations. The following evidence is provided:

i) The Pharma-Cartel has established so-called "nutrition associations" which it uses as a cover to define and publicize inadequately low daily recommendations for vitamins and other nutrients thereby deliberately and systematically maintaining and extending diseases.

ii) The accused establish so-called "consumer protection" agencies who are used to create public turmoil about fraudulently alleged side-effects of vitamins and other natural substances. On behalf of the Pharma-Cartel and under the pretense of "consumer protection" these cover organizations publicly demand to make vitamins and other essential nutrients prescription drugs and to outlaw dissemination of health information in connection with these natural remedies.

3) In order to commit their crimes the accused systematically infiltrate and manipulate science, medicine, regulatory agencies and even the natural health industry. The following evidence is presented here:

a) In order to continue their crimes, the accused focus their scientific, medical research and clinical studies almost exclusively on patentable synthetic substances and pharmaceutical drugs. Medical research is not performed with the primary object to find the most effective, safest and most affordable treatment for a disease, but with the object to identify the largest disease markets and to achieve the highest gains in that market for the drug manufacturer.

b) At the same time, the accused have deliberately and systematically avoided and omitted research and clinical studies with vitamins and other non-patentable natural substances. The first studies documenting health benefits for vitamins and other essential nutrients in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetic complications as well as other common diseases were published over half a century ago. By systematically and deliberately neglecting and ignoring this information over decades the accused have willfully killed by omission to help millions of patientswith heart disease, diabetes and other preventable diseases.

c) In order to systematically organize their crimes the accused infiltrated the medical profession, which previously had been applying almost exclusively natural therapies. These natural therapeutic approaches were systematically removed from the training programs at medical schools, purposely producing generations of doctors with little or no knowledge about the live-saving health benefits of vitamins and other natural therapies. Simultaneously, therapeutic education at medical schools was reorganized, taken over by newly created departments of pharmacology and generations of doctors are leaving medical schools practically as a trained sales force for the Pharma-Cartel.

d) To systematically organize the expansion of their crime scheme the accused created an ever increasing number of synthetic substances to be marketed as pharmaceuticals. In order to accelerate the introduction of these new pharmaceuticals to the health market the accused systematically infiltrated the drug regulatory agencies and registration authorities of the governments. As a result most so-called experts of these approval committees are on the payroll of the Pharma-Cartel.

e) In order to undermine and neutralize resistance against new regulations from the health food industry and consumers, the Pharma-Cartel even infiltrates the nutritional supplement industry. The following evidence is provided:

In 1996 the accused Pharma-Cartel member Hoechst forged a strategic alliance with Rexall/Sundown, a Florida based nutritional supplement manufacturer. Rexall/Sundown, a publicly known cover organization for Organized Crime and the Genovese Crime Family, is now using its influence in the US nutrition and health food industry. The "Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)" and other associations of the health food industry are now accepting self imposed limitations on health claims in relation to vitamins and natural therapies, thereby undermining the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and depleting patients of life-saving information.

4) To promote their criminal plans on a world-wide scale and to lend their crimes the cover of legitimacy, the accused abuse the legislative bodies on national and international levels. They influence, manipulate and bribe politicians and systematically promote their own lobbyists into highest political positions and offices. Particularly evident is the influence of the accused on the government, the legislation and the administrative bodies of Germany. It is via the government of this country, Germany, that the Pharma-Cartel and its political executors are currently trying to extend and establish their criminal plans on a global scale by systematically abusing the United Nations Organizations.

a) Influencing and abusing legislation, the accused arbitrarily defined in their Arzneimittel-Gesetz (Drug Law) that Vitamin C pills over and above 500 mg are considered prescription drugs. This unethical law ignores the fact that most animals produce up to 20 grams of vitamin C, compared to the human body weight, in their own bodies - physiologically and for millions of years without any side-effects.

b) Despite the fact that this law has no scientific basis, its violation is defined by the accused as a crime and prosecuted by means of their access to administrative and law enforcement means.

c) The particularly malicious restriction of vitamin C by the accused has no medical or scientific basis, it rather serves the criminal plans of the Pharma-Cartel to further expand diseases. Vitamin C is one of the most important molecules for human health and life in general. By discrediting and criminalizing this very essence of human health, the accused deliberately and systematically impair the health as well as promote common diseases in millions of people as a basis for expanding their global drug sales.

d) This criminal legislation is now being further extended. Because a growing number of German citizens is obtaining their essential nutrients from abroad, a new law was introduced under the pretense of "consumer protection" that also prohibits and criminalizes the import of vitamin C pills above 500 mg - even from within the European Community.

e) Particularly aggravating is the fact that the main political executor of the Pharma-Cartel, the accused Helmut Kohl himself, initiated this law. On March 27, 1998 Kohl initiated the "Erstes ¯nderungsgesetz zum Medizinproduktegesetz" (First amendment to the Medical Product Law). As documented on the German government's Internet, this was only three days after the news about Dr. Rath's breakthrough discoveries and the clinical proof of natural reversal of coronary artery disease by vitamin supplementation aired on national German TV in the prime-time show Frontal of Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF). Thus, shortly after millions of people in Germany had learned for the first time that optimum vitamin C intake can prevent and effectively treat the most common disease, the accused Pharma-Cartel executor Helmut Kohl, initiates a federal law that obstructs and bans the implementation of this health measure. With full understanding of the consequences, the accused Helmut Kohl guarantees the continuation of cardiovascular disease and of ongoing sales for cardiovascular pharmaceuticals. With his acts, he deliberately and maliciously compromises the health and shortens the life of millions of people in Germany and beyond.

f) The accused Helmut Kohl has violated the Constitution of Germany, breached his oath of office to protect German citizens from harm as well as national and international criminal laws. He has personally harmed millions of people and bears personal responsibility for that crime.

g) A further aggravating fact is the context of the political career of the accused Helmut Kohl:

h) His constituency is Ludwigshafen, the same city where BASF, one of the principals of the Pharma-Cartel and also accused here, maintains its world headquarters.

ii) From 1959 to 1969 the accused was employed by the "Verband der Chemischen Industrie", the largest pharmaceutical-chemical lobby organization in Germany. The German Pharma-Cartel promoted Helmut Kohl's political career up to the head of state.

iii) Helmut Kohl's personal political mentor Dr. Riess was a war criminal in the Second World War. Dr. Riess owned and operated the "Oberslesische Gummiwerke" (Rubber plant Upper Silesia) only a few miles away from the concentration camp Auschwitz. He exploited thousands of innocent inmates from this concentration camp as forced labor. In 1971 Helmut Kohl rewarded his political mentor Dr. Riess with the highest honor of Germany, the Bundes-verdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit). Details can be obtained from the books of Bernt Engelmann, the former President of the "Deutscher Schriftstellerverband" (German writers association).

h) Accused is the entire German government. This government, led by Helmut Kohl has systematically implemented the criminal plans of the Pharma-Cartel on national and international level. In the interest of this cartel it is continuing to abuse the United Nations and its organizations WHO, FAO, OECD, Codex Alimentarius as well as other international bodies. INDIVIDUAL CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY Because the accused, like those in the Nuremberg Tribunal, could seek refuge in a defense that they acted in their capacity as politicians or upon request of superiors, the following provisions have to be part of the tribunal proceedings: An accused who planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of a crime referred to in this complaint, shall be individually responsible for the crime.

The official position of any accused person, whether as executive of a corporation, as Head of State or Government, as a responsible Government official or in any other public or private function shall not relieve such person of criminal responsibility nor mitigate punishment. The fact that any of the acts referred to in this complaint was committed by a subordinate does not relieve his superior of criminal responsibility if he knew or had reason to know that the subordinate was about to commit such acts or had done so. The fact that an accused person acted pursuant to an order of a government or of a superior shall not relieve him of criminal responsibility. The lead corporations of the Pharma-Cartel accused in this case are identical with the corporations accused in the Nuremberg Tribunal for the crimes committed in the second World War, namely Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. In the Nuremberg Tribunal the executives of these corporations tried to excuse themselves from any guilt by blaming the doctors who administered the drugs on their behalf. The deadly experiments conducted on concentration camp inmates with typhus vaccines on behalf of Bayer and Hoechst were blamed on the doctors applying these procedures. In fact, several medical doctors were sentenced to death in the Nuremberg Tribunal, while the responsible corporate executives of Hoechst and Bayer were released from prison. Any forthcoming trial has to take particular care that this line of defense by the accused corporations and executives is excluded from the beginning. Those responsible of the Pharma-Cartel, especially the executives of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF, as well as their political arm, Helmut Kohl, must be held to the full extent, personally responsible for those crimes against the human rights. This complaint is the starting point for a world-wide campaign against the crimes committed by the pharmaceutical companies and the Pharma-Cartel, as well as their accomplices in politics, media, science and medicine. Further individuals and organizations can at all times be included in a further complaint and can be prosecuted in an international tribunal as well in regional and national courts.


If the accused in this complaint are brought to justice, mankind has the opportunity to liberate itself from the most common diseases of the industrial world, including heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, complications of diabetes, osteoporosis and many others. Millions of lives will be saved and the quality of life as well as life expectancy will rise for this generation and generations to come. The redistribution of the wealth robbed by the accused will serve millions of people, and the economies of all countries of the United Nations. Health will become a human right not only for the industrialized world. The new funds available will also be used for the developing world for health education as well as preventive and primary health care measures. This will inevitably lead to an improved standard of living in these countries and to a decrease in the current gap between rich and poor countries. Obstruction of these efforts will inevitably continue these preventable diseases resulting in unnecessary suffering and death of millions of people.