Subject: UN Undemocratic: Promotes Slavery: See Reuters Article Why Funding to UN Must be CUT OFF! U.S. OUT of U.N. _NOW_
From: John Hammell
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 04:38:07 -0400

IAHF LIST: Please join me in forwarding this Reuters article to your Senators and Congressmen to urge that funding be cut for the UN.

Senators Robb, and Warner, and Congressman Boucher:
Do NOT pay the $1.6 Billion the UN claims we owe it. The Reuters article below explains why you can't take ANY action to fund them. The article below explains a truth which I have personally experienced in trying to kill the draft proposal for vitamins and minerals before the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission: the UN is Genocidal. The UN is not about love and peace: to the contrary: its about war and slavery and death and evil.

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 12:40:50 -0400
From: Ron J Birckhead
Subject: UN Undemocratic

Here is an article from Reuters today (18th June) which both supports what your saying about the UN on a different subject others can also identify with and makes a strong recomendation as to how to deal with the UN.

(Refuse to fund the orginization...which is politically easier than anything else to do.)



Headlines from Reuters

06/18 11:56 Christian rights group says UN body "undemocratic"

GENEVA, June 18 (Reuters) - A Swiss-based Christian human rights group which has bought freedom for slaves in Sudan described a U.N. body which withdrew its accreditation as "undemocratic" and called for the decision be overturned.

In a statement issued on Friday in Geneva, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) also urged the U.S. Congress to postpone a decision to pay its arrears to the United Nations, which total around $1.6 billion.

The United States stood alone on Thursday in voting against a proposal to withdraw the credentials from CSI because it had hosted a key Sudanese rebel leader at the main U.N. human rights body in Geneva last March. The vote in New York was 12 to one.

"CSI calls upon the U.S. Congress to demonstrate utter abhorrence with the undemocratic procedures of this U.N. committee on non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and its contempt for human rights defenders," the Zurich-based CSI said.

"This can be done by postponing any decision on the payment of arrears or the payment of current dues until such time as the Committee's decision is reversed at the July ECOSOC meeting in Geneva..." it added, referring to the U.N. Economic and Social Council, a key U.N. body.

CSI was accused of violating the rules of its accreditation to ECOSOC when it sponsored testimony from John Garang, leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Army at the U.N. Human Rights Commission under the name of his own, unaccredited organisation. After being warned, Garang spoke again as the SPLA leader rather than as part of CSI.

CSI said: "The NGO committee's 'vote of shame' against CSI will shake the faith in the U.N. of all of those in the United States, Europe and worldwide who have supported CSI's efforts to free more than 9,000 Sudanese slaves since 1995."

In January, CSI announced that it had bought the freedom of 1,050 slaves, mainly children, for $50 per person.

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