To: "Randell, Alan (ESNC)"
Subject: Your Unsatisfactory Response to Tjarko Holtjer: Fire Maskeliunas From FAO/WHO/UN: No Justice- No PEACE!!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:43:09 -0400

IAHF List: No Justice- NO PEACE!!! They want another Seattle in Berlin!!!

October 14, 2002
Alan Randell, Secretary
Codex Alimentarius Commission
Rome, Italy

Dear Mr.Randell:

I read my colleague Tjarko Holtjer's response to this email of yours (below) before sending you this response.

As demanded in previous emails, IAHF continues to demand that Maskeliunas be immediately fired from FAO/WHO/UN. It is not nearly enough that you have merely removed him from the Committee on Nutrition. His comment in writing to Selma Doyran that he wanted to "send Tjarko Holtjer to hell" because he is an anti Codex protestor should be grounds for his total dismissal from any employment under FAO/WHO/UN auspices.

His so called "apology" to Tjarko Holtjer was not an apology at all, all it was was an insulting, and arrogant statement issued by a former professor of mainstream dogma nutrition who believes that anyone taking more than the RDA of any given nutrient is merely "enriching the urine." Beyond that however, his arrogant statement was symbolic of the UN's dictatorial intent on a whole. Now I see that you are attempting to finesse Tjarko Holtjer, and this conduct of yours and of Maskeliunas is patently offensive to vitamin consumers world wide, millions of whom will be reading this.

The Vitamin Standard under debate at Codex will be profoundly influenced by the mindless standard that has been finalized by the European Union. This mind numbing, pharmaceutically instigated insanity poses a threat to the public health of people all over the world. Nothing at Codex is fair. If it were fair, NGOs would have a vote- instead all they do is serve as window dressing to give an APPEARANCE of fairness. If it were fair, countries represented at Codex would have a voting capacity proportionate to population size, and on this vitamin issue, to whether or not they even MANUFACTURE vitamins. If it were fair, national governments would pay the way of private citizens to be on national delegations, but this isn't happening. When I was on the US Codex Delegation, I had to crawl over broken glass to raise grass roots donations over the internet in order to be able to get to Germany- and then when I got there, I had no vote. "My" vote was cast by Dr.Elizabeth Yetley, an unelected bureaucrat from the FDA with whom I generally disagree on almost everything and who I observed violate US law at codex meetings on two occassions.

Yetley had me kicked off the US Delegation for attempting to have her investigated by a Congressional Oversight Committee due to her violations of US law at the CCNFSDU meetings in Bonn in '96 and in Berlin in '98 when I was on the delegation. Her excuse for having me banned was that in '98 I shot some video footage of the meeting (until Herr Grossklaus, the Nazi running the meeting forced me to stop filming, clearly illustrating the gross NON TRANSPARENCY of these bogus proceedings.) Yetley didn't like me doing this, didn't like me taking "unauthorized" still photos either, and didn't like it when I put the videotaped footage of Grossklaus forcing me to stop filming on the IAHF website in the media section in order to call attention to the gross non transparency of these bogus meetings which constitute nothing more than a form of "high drama" put on for public consumption, to give an APPERANCE of "fairness" and "scientific honesty" when in FACT, there is NONE.

In '98 Bgvv Press Officer Jurgen Kundke denied my entrance to the CCNFSDU meeting despite my holding valid press credentials, so I was left with no choice but to join Dr.Matthias Rath's street demonstration. Its important that you realize that the Codex Commission has zero credability in the eyes of thousands of vitamin consumers world wide due to all of this.

You feel that the "UL" concept of creating supposed "Safe Upper Levels" is somehow "scientific". I don't agree, and neither does Richard Malter, PhD who generated a scholarly rebuttal to the mine of misinformation which the FDA illegally put on the table at the CCNFSDU meeting in Berlin in '98 in violation of US law. This mine of misinformation was titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Vitamins". Malter's rebuttal to the pharmaceutically dominated National Academy of Sciences was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and can be found on the IAHF website under NAS Paper and Rebuttal. Joining Malter in opposition to the "UL" as a "valid scientific concept" was the late Brian Leibovitz, PhD, former editor of the Journal of Applied Nutrition whose paper "The ABC's of Confusion as a Weapon" vis a vis Hathcock's mindless and supposedly "scientific" acronyms of "UL", "LOAEL" etc can also be found at

The FDA never held a public comments period on the NAS supposed "Risk Assessment" paper because it is being used off US soil at a meeting in Germany in what we know to be a back door effort on their part to set the USA up for harmonization of our vitamin laws to a mindlessly restrictive international standard. FDA is setting us up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute by falsely defining vitamin safety with help from the pharmaceutically dominated National Academy of Sciences. They're setting us up to lose on a basis of the SPS Agreement and the vast screwing is threatened to come via the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body, an international mickey mouse court designed to rubber stamp the greed driven agenda of multinational corporate interests and which isn't run in accordance with US rules of evidence. The DSB won't allow private citizens to present testimony before them, no matter how well qualified. They only allow unelected bureaucrats such as Yetley to appear before them- that is government reps from WTO member nations, so the whole process is rigged.

ANY substance, even WATER can be dangerous at SOME level, but we don't see the Codex Commission developing a "UL" for water, even though there have actually been cases where people have consumed enough water to burst the stomach wall and they've died from overconsumption. We don't see the Codex Commission debating the creation of a UL for water because aside from the obvious absurdity of doing such an unecessary thing, water is not perceived by the pharmaceutical industry as a threat to their profits- so it is not under attack although there are several contemptable efforts on the part of multinational corporate interests to dominate and control vast supplies of fresh water right now in North America and around the world because there is no limit to their greed.

I told you in my previous communication that unless Maskeliunas is completely fired from FAO/WHO/UN no justice will have been served. No one tells a colleague of mine that they want to "send him to hell" and gets off the hook merely by shifting him away from this Codex Committee on Nutrition. The fact that he wasn't FIRED gives ample cause for ongoing anger, which could easily lead to civil disobediance in Berlin and around the world on a scale matching or even surpassing that experienced by the WTO scoundrels in Seattle. NO JUSTICE- NO PEACE!!!

In Total Disgust,
John Hardliner Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom


At 08:53 AM 10/14/02 +0200, you wrote:

Dear Mr Holtjer;

As I informed you in a previous email, the Secretariat of the Codex Alimentarius Commission plays a neutral role in discussions between the Commission's Member countries on the broad range of issues under discussion within the various Codex Committees. This includes the on-going discussion on the "proposed Draft Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements". Nevertheless, in consultation with our colleagues in the Food and Nutrition Division of FAO, we have examined the question of upper limits of vitamins and minerals and have prepared a background paper for the consideration of the Committee. A copy of the paper is attached.

As you will see, the paper proposes that further consideration be given to this question and suggests that upper limits should be established on the basis of the toxicity of these substances, in much the same way that upper limits are established for other chemicals added to food. Moreover, it recommends that this should be done on a case-by-case basis so that potentially toxic substances can be regulated more effectively, while substances showing no or very little toxicity can be marketed more freely. This would take into account the substantial differences between substances of known toxicity at high levels, such as the fat-soluble vitamins and selenium, and those where the accumulated evidence suggests that there is very little toxicity at high doses, such as vitamin C.

We are hoping to approach this matter on a scientific basis.

I also regret that I will be unable to be in Berlin. As you are aware, Mr Maskeliunas is no longer associated with this Committee.

Alan Randell
Secretary, Codex Alimentarius Commission
Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme
c/- FAO, Rome, Italy Email:
Phone: +39(06)5705.4390 Fax: +39(06)5705.4593

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Sent: 12 October 2002 16:11
To: Maskeliunas, Jeronimas (ESNC)
Cc: Randell, Alan (ESNC); Jonas Mieliauskas; ESN-Registry; John Hammell
Subject: Berlin November 2002

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately I cannot be in Berlin to protest agains Codex plans.

We were sending emails to each other about the bad Codex Plans but you seem to have stopped the email thread from your side. After you wanted me to send to hell you admitted taking vitamin supplements yourself. I am defending my own health by the demand to highly dosed vitamin supplements. Those vitamin supplements gave me back my own health, the health I and my family deserve. I stopped taking poison halfway april and I still feel very normal and want to keep this health for years. Anyone (also codex's bad plans) who wants to keep me away from that feeling normal gets this warning.


If somebody is free to choose for Aspirin-tablets he should also be free to choose highly dosed vitamin supplements.

Or must we order our lemons with our doctor's?

Mr. Maskeliunas, we could have stopped you from working for the FAO after the bad words you mailed to me. I chose to accept your apology to no further escalate the situation but I ask you as somebody with great influence on the decissions of Codex Alimentarius to put in a Veto for this bad, bad plans. Why must we stay sick? For your own sake as somebody who taught about nutritional subjects at the University, there must be some kind of realization in your mind?

If your Codex plans don't go from the table I will go to court and defend my health freedom.

You are warned. Information obtainable from:

(HHFF = Holtjer's Health Freedom Foundation - being founded)

Tjarko Holtjer
The Netherlands