All opinions expressed herein are those of John Hammell, President, International Advocates for Health Freedom.

To the AAHF Executive Director, Board of Directors, NNFA, and Health Freedom Fighters World Wide:

Pfizer's Inscrutable Crawl to the Top of the Pharmaceutical Dungheap Began Ironically With an "Antiparasitic" Medication....

Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company didn't get to the top of the stinking parastic pharmaceutical heap by accident. They crawled on their yellow bellys to the top of that reaking dung heap by exercising cunning, shrewdness, guile, and all the ruthlessness of any OTHER organized crime operation that has ever existed in the history of this blood soaked planet.

They became the largest pharmaceutical company in the world in 2000 when they merged with Warner Lambert. Pfizer currently has over 100 new medications working their way through the FDA's pipeline via which they hope to address the following illnesses that can all be prevented and much more safely using dietary supplements which Pfizer is working overtime to suppress consumer access to: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer, HIV/AIDS, depression and schizophrenia. Their statement about developing psychiatric drugs especially bothers me as someone who has experienced the long term benefits of orthomolecular medicine- of nutrients to bring about real healing at the cellular level..... see my story at . Is it to Pfizer's best advantage to promote prevention and cure via more widespread consumer access to dietary supplements?

Of course not. Globally, it is to their best advantage to lock up as many people as possible in mental hospitals, (and hospitals of all kinds.) It is to their best advantage for people to get sick and stay sick. It is to their best advantage to have lots of sick people going to doctors to have prescriptions written to buy their patented pharmaceutical drugs. Thats why they started IADSA, (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations via Randy Dennin of their affiliate, Capsugel. Thats why Dennin is trying to medicalize the supplement industry to help Pfizer and the other drug companies take it over and run all the small innovative companies out of business. [See attached file.... letter from NNFA New Zealand to IADSA, IADSA's response was to kick them out...]

Thats why Dennin kicked NNFA New Zealand out of IADSA when they requested that IADSA live up to its charter and assist them in repelling the Australian harmonization invasion. Thats why Dennin rebuked Law of NNFA New Zealand when he raised the issue of conflict of interest when Simon Pettman refused to generate an IADSA press release to defend Kava. Thats why Dennin's sidekick Karl Reidel lied under oath at the Codex oversight hearing on March 20, 2001, and its why two weeks after this whitewashed oversight hearing, Dennin was over in Capetown South Africa Chairing an IADSA meeting titled "Toward a Global Regulatory Model" (a global model which Dennin is trying to usher in, while PRETENDING to defend the supplement industry....

Charles Pfizer and Co. embarked on its depraved path to global dominance with a $2500. loan and was started by two German immigrants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, IRONICALLY with an "antiparasitic" product called santonin. By 1910 the companies sales totalled $3 Million. By 1951 they established sales world wide. In 1954 they marketed Tarramycin, an antibiotic. In 2000 they merged with Warner Lambert to become the world's biggest drug company. Their portfolio includes "five of the world's top 20 selling medicines", "eight one billion dollar prescription medicines" and "nine of Pfizers medicines are number one in their product class in the US market."

And they'd like to KEEP it that way....... by STOMPING on the dietary supplement industry while PRETENDING to "protect it" and American Association for Health Freedom is currently falling for this disgusting ruse. Why should it take a Board decision to sever ties with this parasitic company? Why can't the AAHF Board empower the Executive Director to make unilateral decisions when matters threatening the survival of the supplement industry such as this are called to their direct attention as this has been long before this email? Why should the Executive Director wait til a Board meeting in November to ACT on a matter such as this? Can't the Executive Director communicate via conference call to make an emergency Board approved decision to stop affiliating AAHF with Pfizer in order to protect AAHF's credability as a health freedom organization that is genuinely attempting to fight Codex? Why not???

Time is of the essence. For every second that AAHF publicly helps Pfizer by taking their money, we lose valuable weeks and months that we need to reverse NNFA and IADSA's spin on the Codex issue. How can we possibly wake up a sleeping industry if we fail to commit to the basic principle of keeping our hands clean? Shouldn't this be our top most priority???

(Shouldn't members of NNFA insist that the trade association ENFORCE article 14.3, their Conflict of Interest Disclosure Bylaw???

Shouldn't would be health freedom organizations such as AAHF think twice before laundering money for these parasitic criminals? Capsugel... Pfizer affiliate run by Randy Dennin, Chair of the controlled opposition group IADSA.) AAHF made a Board decision to fight Codex.

IAHF applauds that Board decision. IAHF insists that AAHF stop undermining IAHF's 6 years worth of blood, sweat and tears- very hard efforts to expose IADSA's and NNFA's spin on this issue by taking immediate action to address this very serious problem.

IAHF wants to know, and have therefor expressed these pissed off opinions.

IAHF demands complete accountablity within the ranks of health freedom fighters world wide for one simple reason:

We can't win if we don't police ourselves. We can't win if we allow pharmaceutical noses under our tent. When found, they must be thrown out IMMEDIATELY. We can't allow ourselves to take their money. When we take their money, it sanitizes their image, and THATS what they're after, they don't want people to PAY ATTENTION to what is happening right under our noses, and THATS how the vast Codex screwing is taking place.... They have learned that the best way to hide something is in plain sight.... they are employing Hitler's big lie technique: If you're going to lie, tell a BIG LIE and repeat it again and again and again....

Hence Reidel's statements before Congress at the Whitewashed Codex Oversight hearing on March 20, 2001...... "Codex won't impact DSHEA, it only threatens our international sales...."

Yeah, right, and just two weeks after he said this Dennin was over in Capetown chairing an IADSA meeting titled "Toward a Global Regulatory Model"..... and in April of 2002 Dennin kicked NNFA New Zealand out of IADSA for demanding IADSA protect them from Australian harmonization....

WE HAVE A SMOKING GUN, and IAHF is using it to shoot down the Cartel.



Some people and companies need to be sent to hell BEFORE they shuffle off this immortal coil....They must be STOPPED before they KILL any MORE people.... before they steal any more YEARS from people....

Any questions??? Hate my guts, think I'm an asshole? Think I'm correct??? Incorrect? Going about things right, wrong? I value your opinion, I value your input, if we can't all honestly address matters such as this, we are well and truly fucked.

Tell me anything you want, just don't tell me to "clean up my act." My act is VERY clean, its the other people's acts I'm worried about. Its one thing to use obscenity, and another thing to take the Cartel's money.

I use obscenity WHEN people take the Cartel's money, because the Cartel is causing innocent people who deserve one hell of a lot more to suffer the torment of the damned by depriving them of access to healing nutrients. I know. I was in their shoes, and I am their voice.

Can you hear the cry of the invisible? Can you hear the wailing of the people locked away behind the walls being tortured in seclusion rooms, injected with enough thorazine to kill an elephant? Can you feel their pain?

Many have been killed behind the walls, deprived of access to the healing nutrients that I had to smuggle in and hide and take on the sly in order to escape their hell. Its high time we put an end to the Drug Cartel. Its high time we policed ourselves and stopped tolerating any myopia that is leading us to the cliff.

When found, it must be excised like a cancerous growth, immediately, with no delay. None of us can take their money. Hard liners of the world unite. The Pharma Cartel and especially PFIZER must, and WILL be stopped.

IAHF 800-333-2553 N.America, 540-961-0476 World
John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg, Virginia, 24062-0632 America