CODEX Wants To Send Us To HELL???
IAHF Demands Maskeliunas Be Fired Immediately By The CODEX Commission & FAO

To:Alan Rendell, Secretary, Codex Alimentarius Commission
Re: Maskeliunas Threat to Send Mr.Holtjer to Hell (for merely telling Codex Delegates about his website chronicalling his postive healing experience with vitamins)

Also to: Editors: Media Bypass Magazine, Nexus Magazine, New Dawn Magazine, The Idaho Reporter, American Patriots and Friends Network, Jeff Rense Website, Health Freedom Websites World Wide, Millions of Health Freedom Activists World Wide, Vitamin companies world wide, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, websites

[Editors/Webmasters: Consumer access to dietary supplements is under global attack via the EU Vitamin Directive and the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission.

In this letter to Alan Rendell, Secretary of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, International Advocates for Health Freedom and the Global Health Freedom Movement call for the firing of a UN/ FAO/ Codex official for threatening to send TJ Holtjer, a Dutch health freedom activist "to hell for 20 Euro" [see this email at Although Rendell has slapped the wrists of this official, (see his email below) IAHF is calling for him to be fired completely by the UN/FAO. In this letter, IAHF also calls global attention to the Codex Vitamin issue, placing it in the context of a global genocide and mind control agenda of the National Security Agency via CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program. The ruling elite want to cull our numbers and force us into a psychocivilized society under electronic mind control.

The link between the Codex vitamin issue and the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control issue has never been exposed before, but I provide an in depth, thought provoking expose here that deserves wide circulation so that this criminal globalist agenda can be stopped! Dietary supplements aren't just under attack because their sale threatens pharmaceutical profits- the agenda is much deeper than "just" that. Please post this on your websites, publish it, and circulate it widely. If you publish a magazine and would like to edit this for publication as an article, feel free to. If you would like me to put it into a different form for publication, please let me know your requirements. Freedom loving people world wide can't afford to ignore this information, and should sign up for updates/get more info at ] Maskeliunas wants to send Holtjer "to hell"??? Lets take a very close look at this.....

Dear Mr.Rendell:

My esteemed colleage TJ Holtjer in the Netherlands, and the global health freedom movement find this decision to merely slap the wrists of Maskeliunas for stating that "For 20 Euro he'd send Holtjer to hell" to be unacceptable for the following reasons: all Holtjer was trying to do when he emailed Codex delegates was to inform them that their actions were threatening his life. All he tried to do was to inform them of his very positive healing experience via vitamins: and regarding the threats posed to health freedom by the EU Vitamin Directive and Codex

IAHF hereby calls for Maskeliunas to be fired completely from UN/FAO/ for the following reasons: No Justice.... No Peace......


#1: On March 13, 2002, the Global Health Freedom Movement crashed the server at the EU Parliament with over 6,000,000 protest emails against passage of the EU Vitamin Directive. Despite this impressive indication of total opposition, the totalitarian dictatorship known as the EU Parliament defecated and urinated on the vitamin consumers of the world by shoving the draconian measure through by a mindless two thirds vote. This genocidal action now threatens to force a vitamin standard through to completion at the CCNFSDU by virtue of the EU comprising 16 votes, with former colonies in Africa and the Carribean that are still econcomically dependent on these countries comprising at least another 12.

In the context of the bloody anti globalization protests occurring world wide in cities around the world including Genoa, Quebec City, Seattle, etc. the thoughtless, myopic, and thoroughly unecessary comment of Maskeliunas only serve to escalate tensions which unfortunately have already resulted in the loss of life and numerous severe injuries as protestors, armed only with the conviction that their human rights should still matter, have felt compelled to square off against in defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness against heavily armed NWO military and police units clad in riot gear, and driving armored personnel carriers.

As the President of International Advocates for Health Freedom, having been tear gassed, shot with plastic bullets, and arrested in Seattle for protesting against the WTO, and having demonstrated in Berlin against the drafting of a Codex vitamin standard that threatens to condemn untold millions globally to unecessary lives of ill health, I feel strongly that your action regarding Maskeliunas is insufficient because it was only a slap on the wrist and it won't do anything to defuse monting tensions with regards to this issue- it will only serve to breed more intense RESENTMENT!

Moreover, as a person who recovered from schizophrenia via orthomolecular medicine- a suppressed alternative treatment mode involving the use of dietary supplements including high dose vitamins 23 years ago after mainstream methods almost killed me, I am especially sickened by Maskeliunas threat to "send Holtjer to HELL" because I know from my own personal experience having had 4 years of my life stolen from me during 4 years of psychiatric hospitalization where I suffered the torment of the damned due to the pharmaceutical suppression of vitamins, that Holtjer has also suffered in this manner- that he has already BEEN to hell via his illness, and he certainly doesn't need to be threatened, even euphemistically, in any way by ANYONE at the Codex Commission, REGARDLESS of whether or not they are involved directly in the work of the CCNFSDU. "For 20 Euros I'll send Holtjer to hell" says Maskeliunas? This courageous Dutchman has bared his soul for the world to see- risking ridicule and ostracism in a humanitarian effort to alert the Codex delegates to the immense healing power of micronutrients. The information he gave to Maekeliunas should have been appreciated in the spirit with which it was intended. Maskeliunas could have used this information to help his own health, and that of his family, instead, he despicably THREATENED Holtjer, and all you're going to do is slap his wrists and shift him to some other part of the FAO bureaucracy??

IAHF and allied organizations world wide consider Maskeliunas threat against Holtjer to be absolutely unpardonable, and we insist that Maskeliunas be fired from Codex and from the UN apparatus immediately. If this does not happen, as a UN entity, the Codex Commission will only be serving to exascerbate tensions between American gun owners, health freedom fighters world wide, and UN troops- especially those already stationed on US soil- especially former Russian Spetznaz troops who received training in door to door weapons searches at Ft.Polk, in Louisiana and other US military bases, many of which now have "war towns" (mock ups of "ANYTOWN USA" complete with resedential and business districts for the sake of conducting door to door weapons searches which mock and urinate on our second amendment right to bear arms... We fully realize the intent behind military urban warefare training drills- the intent is to enslave us after martial law is declared based on some bogus 911 like pretense- (another CIA Reichstag Fire type psyop) Marines on Mainstreet The Marines Land in Atlanta Marines Landing in North Carolina Marines Hit Beach in Kentucky Today

With each passing second, an increasing number of people world wide are coming to see through the evil UN Codex Genocide shell game, and we don't like the cynical comments made by WHO officials that "food control = people control." We see through the ruling elite's desire to destroy all religions and nations and to force us under a global dictatorship via the UN. An exponentially increasing number of people world wide are seeing through NSA's MKULTRA efforts to turn this into a psychocivilized society with everyone under electronic mind control.

See US Patent for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brainwaves- US Patent # 3,951,134'3951134'.WKU.&OS=PN/3951134&RS=PN/3951134__
"Feds Approve Implant Chip"
Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors and Mind Control

We realize that Food Control and Nutrient Control = People Control and Mind Control. We realize that via GPS chips and microwaves, NSA seeks to destabilize our neurotransmitters- and that it helps towards this end if people's access to amino acids, human growth hormones, and other nutrients is curtailed. We are also aware of the advances in nanotechnology via which NSA can induce a heart attack or stroke in anyone via microwave manipulation. The lawsuit of John St.Claire Akwei vs NSA is posted on the IAHF website in the anti NSA section. It details NSA's scientific capabilities to do Remote Neural Monitoring.

The website of John Mecca includes a section which discusses the extreme importance of access to amino acids and other nutrients to block these genocidal efforts to destabilize our neurotransmitters and to compromise our immune systems. (Countermeasures are for people xperiencing these symptoms: Mecca is one victim of the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program who is fighting back and sounding an alert to the world.

Especially in THIS context, we, the supposed "useless eaters" of the world, along with our Creator have a SERIOUS problem with ANY UN representative who threatens to send ANY of us..... "to hell" . George Orwell tried to warn us against a future that would resemble "a boot stamping into a human face, forever." What are YOUR intentions here? I, for one, am outraged and I am not alone! It hardly matters to us what Maskliunas "reasons" were for threatening to send Holtjer "to Hell". even if it was "just" a thoughtless, mindless comment - and he has no knowledge of the things I'm aking about here because he is "only" a cog in the UN machine, the fact is that is already resulting in more widespread distrust of the UN, and of the ruling elite's control agenda. Hasn't there been ENOUGH violence and bloodshed at anti globalist demonstrations without Maskeliunas inciting people this way?

If you do not immediately FIRE Maskeliunas for threatening to send Holtjer, and by extension ALL of us..... "to HELL"... , IAHF and allied organizations will consider this to be an unacceptable and unforgivable insult from the genocidal UN. Is it your wish to escalate tensions between the Codex Commission and the global health freedom movement? I strongly urge you to soberly ponder this situation and let me know your intentions in this matter. If the UN and the Father of Lies which controls it does anything more than give lip service to the notion of world peace, the Codex Commission will fire Maskeliunas immediately- because the eyes of the world are upon you right now. Don't forget- over 6 Million emails crashed the server of the EU Parliament on March 13, 2002, the day of the vote on the EU Vitamin Directive and we are not happy campers. We are the watchmen.... on the wall. You SURE you want to try sendin' US to hell? (Maskeliunas CREATOR will have the last laugh here after he shuffles off this immortal coil.)

You had better fire Maskeliunas, prove to us that you have, and tell all of your employees why you did this. As for the EU Parliament labeling Dr.Matthias Rath "a terrorist" and banning him entry to the EU Parliament building in Strousbourg on the day of the vote just because millions of consumers world wide choose to "vote with their feet" against the Vitamin Directive by sending his form letter in en masse, you and your fellow Illuminati stooges had better ponder the fact that Rath has developed the solution to the world's number one killer disease: heart disease, and its solution is a very simple nutritional protocol. For every action there is a direct and opposite reaction. Global protest against Codex Genocide is only in its beginning stages, but our numbers grow exponentially whenever any idiots on your staff threaten to "send us to hell."

So...... WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? MERELY SLAPPING MASKELIUNAS ON THE WRISTS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO THE GLOBAL HEALTH FREEDOM MOVEMENT. NO ONE TELLS US TO GO TO HELL AND WITH US, ITS ALL FOR ONE AND ONE, FOR ALL. THIS IS AN UNFORGIVABLE INSULT. T.J.HOLTJER is not a "useless eater" he is a man with the courage of his convictions, he is a visionary, and he had the courage to reach out to the Codex Commission and to all CCNFSDU delegates in a peaceful way in an attempt to educate. The global health freedom movement applauds, and supports his courageous action, and will not tolerate insulting comments by bureaucratic idiots anywhere in the world who threaten "to send him to hell" especially when he has already been there via his illness before being helped by orthomolecular medicine via vitamins. When one of us is in chains, none of us are free, and FREEDOM is what we demand, nothing less.

WE and NOT the Codex Commission are sovereign over our own bodies and minds. WE and not the Codex Commission shall determine what we choose to ingest into OUR bodies! We, and NOT NSA hold power over our own neurotransmitters, because we are building Tesla Coils, consuming amino acids and taking OTHER defensive actions against genocidal microwave manipulation as well as oily Codex maneuvers against the populace in an effort to weaken our immune systems. (See anti NSA section, lawsuit of John St.Claire Akwei vs NSA)

I realize you probably had no knowledge of any of this before reading my email, Mr.Rendell, and realize that you are just a cog in the despicable UN machinery, and that you likely were unaware of the sinister connection between the development of a Codex vitamin standard and the CIA's MKULTRA Mind control program, but now you know, and now you know why vitamin consumers world wide will not tolerate Maskeliunas threat to send Holtjer, (or anyone else) to hell.

I am sending this to The Life Extension Foundation ( Media Bypass Magazine, Nexus magazine, New Dawn Magazine, The American Free Press, The Idaho Observer, Jeff Rense (, Alex Jones (, John Rappoport (, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party,, and others for publication as an article to be read and widely forwarded. Every health freedom website in the world will post this letter to you, so there had better be an acceptable response because millions of people world wide will be reading this.

So...... Mr.Rendell......WILL YOU FIRE MASKELIUNAS COMPLETELY FROM THE UN/FAO/WHO/CODEX APPARATUS? (IF NOT, WHY NOT???) INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW, and WON'T TAKE "NO" FOR AN ANSWER!! If you lack the power to fire Maskliunas I request that this be forwarded to whoever in FAO has the power to fire him completely, with a cc to me at Innocent people who are only trying to defend their most basic human rights by exercising their God given RIGHT to free speech are getting killed and injured by gun and club wielding New World Order goons at anti globalist demonstrations world wide, and Maskeliunas thoughtless comment to Holtjer was tantamount to pouring gasoline on a spreading fire. The world has enough problems without this. IAHF will not tolerate this, and neither will any of our peace loving, freedom loving allies world wide. No justice- no peace.You want world peace? Get this man fired immediately or there will be no peace- only festering anger. May God help us all.

With serious concern,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
Somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, Virginia, America

At 05:29 PM 8/12/02 +0200, you wrote:

Message from FAO

Begin doorgestuurd bericht:

Van: "Randell, Alan (ESNC)"
Datum: maa 12 aug 2002 11:56:39 Europe/Amsterdam
Kopie: "Maskeliunas, Jeronimas (ESNC)",
Onderwerp: Codex Alimentarius

Mr T.J. Holtjer
The Netherlands

Dear Mr Holtjer,

I am writing to you concerning an exchange of emails between yourself and Mr Jeronimas Maskeliunas, a member of the Secretariat of the Codex Alimentarius Commission with responsibility for the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses. I wish to assure you that the views expressed by Mr Maskeliunas in these emails are not the views of the Secretariat of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, especially in regard to the Proposed Draft Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements currently under negotiation within the Committee. The Secretariat maintains a neutral opinion on texts under discussion at Committee level and an equally neutral opinion of the positions taken by Member governments and other interested parties in relation to these texts.

On behalf of the Secretariat, I wish to apologise for any hurt done to you as a result of this exchange of emails.

I have relieved Mr Maskeliunas of his responsibilities in regard to the above-mentioned Committee.

Alan Randell
Secretary, Codex Alimentarius Commission
Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme
c/- FAO, Rome, Italy
Phone: +39(06)5705.4390 Fax: +39(06)5705.4593