Subject: Special Health Freedom Alert!
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 15:57:28 -0400

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Special Health Freedom Alert!

Dietary supplement consumers world wide are in serious jeopardy of losing access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, except by prescription, and to numerous dietary supplements in general which threaten to be driven off the market as global harmonization ensues and the ruling elite continue in their relentless efforts to force us into a global totalitarian state.

I started International Advocates for Health Freedom in 1996 following a trip to Bonn, Germany where I attended a meeting of the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use as an observer on the US delegation where I observed first hand the evil manipulation of pharmaceutical interests intent on banning consumer access to dietary supplements world wide.

I feel strongly that John Mica, a victim of illegal human experimentation who has been forcibly implanted with microchips for mind control purposes by the CIA has discovered the primary reason for this effort to ban our access to dietary supplements, a reason that goes even beyond the obvious pharmaceutical effort to block unwanted competition from consumer use of dietary supplements which cut into the sale of their patented prescription drugs...

The ruling elite seek to force us into a psychocivilized society, and have the technological means to do so. Examine the articles at to learn more about this. Also see the lawsuit of John St. Claire Akwei vs NSA at in the anti NSA section. Akwei is like Mica, he is another victim of illegal government human experimentation, and in his lawsuit he details NSA's technological capabilities for doing Remote Neural Monitoring. This is not science fiction or "conspiracy theory", sadly, this is scientific fact as you can readily see for yourself. Mica has learned through his personal experimentation that mind control manipulation severely depletes our neurotransmitters, and we can protect ourselves from it to a considerable degree through nutritional supplementation, especially via amino acids and certain other nutrients including human growth hormone which the ruling elite seek to control. See Mica's website at especially the section at

Prior to the '96 Codex meeting in Bonn, I became aware of a Canadian motion to create a negative, or no trade list of herbs at Codex for the purpose of banning a lot of safe and effective herbs from international commerce. This motion had originally been tabled at a Codex meeting in Vancouver and was due to be discussed in Bonn. I did a lot of public speaking against this in Canada and generated a flood of complaints from consumers in to Parliament in Ottawa demanding that the Canadian government back off from this proposal for herbs. At the meeting in Bonn, the Canadian delegate initially backed off from the negative proposal, but then at the end of the week long meeting she reversed her position, apparently after having been "talked to" about this by the powers that be. She made a motion that shifted herbs completely out of Codex (where they are at least regulated as foods which is consistent with US law) and over to a secret panel at the World Health Organization (which regulates all supplements as drugs) and to which consumers have no access. This motion was illegally seconded by Dr.Beth Yetley of the US FDA in complete violation of US law, and Congress has allowed her to get away with this by white washing an oversight hearing that could have exposed this on March 20, 2001.

In 1998 at a Codex meeting in Berlin, Dr.Yetley ignored a letter signed by 5 members of Congress, including Congressman Dan Burton, Chair of the House Government Reform (Oversight) Committee that she not put an unscientific, biased, pharmaceutically funded paper on the table at Codex. This paper, "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients" never underwent a public comments period, and is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act because the National Academy of Sciences, who generated it via an FDA grant, are not part of the government. So we don't have access to its raw data, or to the CV's of its authors which would show a clear conflict of interest, as most are chairs of University Nutrition Departments that are awash in pharmaceutical grant money which they would stand to lose if they did anything that did not assist pharmaceutical efforts to attack the dietary supplement industry.

Having alerted Congress to the need to stop Yetley from putting this biased paper on the table, realizing that the FDA is setting us up to lose in a WTO trade dispute that would force the USA to harmonize its domestic vitamin laws to a grossly restrictive international vitamin standard under "development" at Codex and via the EU by creating a false definition of vitamin safety, (undermining our ability to defend our laws on a basis of safety), I am very concerned that Congress has now whitewashed an oversight hearing where these facts could have come out.

Vitamin consumers need to realize that the fix is in, and that our biggest enemies are the pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations world wide, which are pulling the wool over the eyes of their member companies and health food stores, keeping the public from learning the truth about the pharmaceutical takeover now in progress. We can still stop what is happening, but must realize we're playing "catch up" ball. We must alert people to the looming cliff which right now is still unseen by most. Massive spin control has been done against my message, so many people simply don't grasp the fact that this threat is very real. Many people helped pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and can't believe this law could be changed by Congress to harmonize us to international standards, but massive pressure is underway to harmonize all of our laws, just as is going on in Europe.

On March 13, 2002, the EU rammed a grossly restrictive vitamin standard down the throats of consumers in Europe despite the largest referendum in human history opposing this move in the form of emailed form letters from the website of Matthias Rath, MD. See for more information on this. Millions of emails were flooded in to the European Parliament, crashing their server on the day of the vote, yet despite this strong message, two thirds of the highly corrupt EU Parliament voted to ram the vitamin directive on through. Passage of the EU Vitamin Directive sets up future passage of the UN Codex vitamin standard because its one country, one vote, regardless of the size of the population of the country or whether or not they even manufacture dietary supplements. The EU has 15 countries, plus the EU itself has a vote now at Codex, thats 16 votes, plus they control the votes of at least another dozen African and Carribean countries which are former colonies who are still economically dependent on them. There is no way the USA can stop what is happening at Codex, and since Congress whitewashed the oversight hearing on March 20, 2001, by only allowing Karl Riedel from NNFA to speak, the fix is in- and there is nothing we can do to stop what is unfolding unless we can somehow awaken enough members of NNFA to the fact that they're being lied to about Codex that they wake up in time to still take action.... Riedel falsely stated before Congress that American supplement laws "are in no danger of harmonization to international standards."

This is a bald faced lie. All American domestic laws are targetted for harmonization to international standards as a concerted effort is underway to force us into a global totalitarian state. Just two weeks after Riedel made this statement before Congress, his co chair on NNFA's International Committee, Randy Dennin of Pfizer, chaired an IADSA meeting in Capetown South Africa titled "Toward a Global Regulatory Model". See the gif file of the letter from Congressmen De Fazio and Paul to Congressman Burton in which they tried to urge him to hold an honest oversight hearing as they clearly see the truth of this. Go to and click on the spinning globe to see this letter which Burton ignored due to the manipulations of NNFA's pharmaceutically dominated lobbying firm and due to the efforts of a plant on his staff who blocked me and several other people from testifying who could have exposed all of this.

Riedel was scripted on what to say to Congress by Dennin of Pfizer and by NNFA's other pharmaceutical members, by their attorney, and by their pharmaceutically dominated DC lobbying firm: Parry, Romani, Deconcini and Symms, which is dominated by its pharmaceutical clients (including Dennin's company: Pfizer, Aventis, Novartis, Pharmacia and others... see NNFA is no longer listed as one of PRDC's clients, but they were in 2001.

In Europe, the EU Vitamin Directive passed due to 17 out of the 20 vitamin trade associations selling out and turning their backs on consumers in favor of getting increased marketshare via one set of regulations for all of Europe. In other words, these corrupt companies don't CARE if over 300 products are banned and they can no longer sell them, their attitude is that that will more than be made up for by increased marketshare across Europe as a whole, and also, they can make far more money by selling high potency vitamins by prescription than they can currently. Thus, under harmonized regulations, consumers in the more liberally regulated countries (England, Holland and Sweden) will radically lose access, while consumers in the more restricted countries will gain slightly more access, and the vitamin companies net profits will increase, even though consumers in England, Holland and Sweden, (whose access approximates that of the USA) will lose big.

Currently in Europe, although the Vitamin Directive has passed in the EU, and an equally restrictive Herbal Directive is pending, along with a very restrictive pending new definition of a medicine (that takes in anything with any kind of therapeutic effect such that even WATER could be considered a "drug".)


There is a group allied with IAHF that is still fighting back in Europe and which hopes to sue the EU Commission. They deserve the help of vitamin consumers and vitamin companies world wide. This UK based group, called The Health Freedom Movement has a website at where you can make donations using a credit card. The Health Freedom movement was started by Robert Verkerk, PhD and Lynn McTaggart. McTaggart publishes "What Doctors Don't Tell You" the largest alternative medical newsletter in the UK, and Verkerk heads the Alliance for Natural Health which has support from most alternative practitioners in the UK and their patients as well as a growing number of vitamin companies and consumers world wide. They have a good PR firm working with them, as well as lobbyists in Brussels and a strong legal team but badly need donations.

IAHF also needs donations to make a badly needed video documentary which explains to vitamin companies and consumers world wide how this pharmaceutical takeover has been proceeding, largely outside people's field of view. please donate via paypal or check.

We now have several "smoking guns" to help us prove the subterfuge in our midst. Most importantly, we can now prove what IAHF has been saying all along which is that IADSA is a controlled opposition group designed to PRETEND to fight for health freedom while in reality, leading us to the cliff.

Although IAHF has been aware of this since IADSA's inception, especially with its being chaired by Randy Dennin of Pfizer pharmaceutical company, we now can prove it beyond any shadow of a doubt because NNFA New Zealand was kicked out of IADSA for trying to expose numerous conflicts of interest pertaining to Randy Dennin and IADSA's lobbyist, Simon Pettman.

WHO AM I AND WHATS IN THIS FOR ME? I am a person with a genetic need for the supplements I take, and I am fighting for my life. My life was saved over 20 years ago via orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed alternative treatment mode involving the use of dietary supplements after mainstream medicine almost killed me. I've been a lobbyist for the dietary supplement industry since 1989, and I can see a very big picture because I am immersed in a deep study of how the supplement industry is being taken over. I take a macro view of these events, which is what enabled me to see the bigger picture- the tie in with the CIA's need to block access to supplements in order to force us into a psychocivilized society via mind control technology which is fully exposed at and on many other websites including John Mica's at I have no illusions about what we are facing, do not shy away from controversy even if that means possibly jeopardizing my effort to wake people up, and all I want is to maintain my freedom and health. The TRUTH is not always easy to bring out. I have had death threats and constant threats of legal action due to my efforts to bring you this message. Please help by donating badly needed money to IAHF and by forwarding this message to more people.

For the Public Health,

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom 800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World