To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: May Your Chains Rest Lightly Upon You: Response to a Critic of Firearm Ownership Within the Health Freedom Movement
From: "I A H F"
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 19:36:40 -0500

IAHF List: See my response below to Linda Collins, a Canadian who Hitler would have loved had she been alive during his era due to her strong views in favor of UN gun control. Linda is of the belief that my advocacy of second amendment rights has "no place" in the health freedom movement. I STRONGLY disagree. See my argument below in response to Linda's criticisms of my brand of activism. Go ahead and ATTEMPT to refute my position citing any evidence that contradicts my points, IF you think you can...It remains indisputable that throughout history, whenever governments have forced gun bans upon a populace, GENOCIDE against the people has ALWAYS followed. This is well documented on the website of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership at The only Jews who were not railroaded to the concentration camps when Hitler overran the Warsaw Ghetto were those who had refused to lay down their arms. They fought bravely from the sewers and killed a lot of Nazis.

Tell me Linda, do you think they were somehow morally WRONG to not lay down their arms upon Hitler's demand? Was it somehow "WRONG" of them to kill Nazis who were attempting to force them into slave labor in the Death Camps where many were subjected to routine torture, murder, mutilation at the hands of such monsters as Josef Mengele who did genetic "experiments" and other hideous tortures such as those described by Victor Frankl in his book Mans Search for Meaning? By the same token, when I have a genetic need for the vitamins I take, do you think it is somehow morally wrong of me to refuse to kowtow to UN instigated gun control legislative efforts when the UN's Codex Commission is threatening my life and the lives of people all over the world? See my full argument below. Rebut if if you think you can.

The "problem" isn't that a lot of Americans are armed, the PROBLEM is the slave mind of the average Canadian who allowed amino acids to be removed from the shelves north of the 49th parallel along with numerous other products which you can only get by crossing the border into the states where your access is protected by people like ME who would willingly DIE to protect your LIBERTY even though you for damn sure don't deserve my charity. May your chains rest lightly upon you. Go ahead and TRY to refute the argument below, IF you think you can....

At 02:30 PM 2/28/02 -0800, you wrote:

Hi John
I just wanted you to read this. Some of your emails are rough around the edges so I do not email them out to all, yes some.

I believe so much in this cause and we want justice and truth. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..

See my response below to Linda Collins

Hi there,
Thank you so much for this information. I realize that as a Canadian my opinion would carry little if any weight with an American bureaucracy.

The sad part about it Linda is that AMERICANS opinions ALSO carry little weight in the American bureacracy and the government is increasingly getting more and more out of control, less and less responsive to the will of the people. They committed traitorous acts by signing the NAFTA and GATT trade agreements which contributed heavily to the threat posed by Codex to our access to dietary supplements. Prior to this, at the end of WW2 Congress committed a treasonous act by getting us into the criminal, communist body known as the United Nations.

However, as human being and a believer in and user of dietary supplements, I deeply believe that this fight is necessary. That being said, while the beginning of this letter is well written, I find it regrettable and unfortunate that Mr. Hammell has allowed his anger to overcome his good judgment. I truly believe that once an individual resorts to threats, his argument no longer appears to have any validity and he's lost. Somehow the picture of 75 million gun-toting citizens massing isn't conducive to the non-violent or sane settlement of any issue.

In America, my reference to 75 Million gun owners is not interpreted to indicate that I have "resorted to threats" or have "lost control of my emotions". I have merely stated a FACT, and the REASON I mention this to the FDA in my comments is because they have consistently been ignoring the Judge's decision which went against them in the case of Pearson v Schalala. The framers of our Constitution did not insert our second amendment right to bear arms into that document to insure our access to firearms so that we could engage in mere target shooting or to shoot rats down at the city dump. They had just finished engaging in a bloody Revolution against England, and wanted to insure that in the event any tyrannical force ever attempted to usurp the unalienable rights conferred to us by our Creator, or that the government ever became corrupt again the way England had been toward us, that we would have the physical means, via ownership of firearms, to exert a check and balance upon their despotism through engaging in the act of violent revolution if necessary. All Americans have not only the right to bear arms, but the corresponding DUTY to put any governmental body that steps as far over the line as the FDA has on NOTICE that they CAN and WILL be repelled by force of arms, if necessary for the sake of safeguarding the public health. The bottom line Linda is that the FDA are genocidal killers, and in THIS country we have NOT submitted meekly to the predations of the state the way all too many Canadians have who have mindlessly given up their handguns without a fight, and who have allowed mindlessly restrictive gun control legislation to be shoved down your throats.

When I have asked some Canadians to explain to me the slave mind that all too often exists north of the 49th parallel, I have been reminded that during the American Revolution, many who were loyal to the crown and did not want to fight against the tyranny of King George, a fascist Nazi on a par during his time with Adolph Hitler, moved up to Canada, which at that time still belonged to England. Perhaps the saddest manifestation of Canadian Nazism is reflected in the willingness of the populace to tolerate the mass genocide and pedophilia which has been perpetuated against the Native people of Canada by the unholy alliance between Church and State via the Residential Schools. This genocide is being exposed today by Reverend Kevin Annett in British Columbia who shares my disgust at the Canadian slave mind which is so completely willing to tolerate this form of Nazism. When Kevin's original website was blasted out of cyberspace, IAHF built him a new one. When that one in turn was blasted out of cyberspace, IAHF built him yet ANOTHER one, on a free site, which he later moved it from due to the interference of banner ads that appear on all web pages on that site.

The sad fact of the matter is that Canadians are, with the exception of a few brave people such as Kevin Annett, spineless wimps who are enslaved today under socialism because they have lacked the will to fight for their freedom.

Perhaps it's my Canadian upbringing that makes me cringe at such a thought.

Your Canadian upbringing allows you to tolerate the Nazi crimes of your government and churches to engage in genocide against the Native people of Canada. Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership documents the fact that in every country throughout history that has instituted gun bans, genocide has always followed. The only Jews who survived in the Warsaw Ghetto when the Nazis came to railroad them into the concentration camps were those who refused to yield to Hitler's demands that they disarm. They fought bravely from the sewers and killed many Nazis. In your view, was that wrong of them? In my view, it made perfect sense. Frankly, they had no choice.

Surely the examples of Ghandi and Martin Luther King have demonstrated the power of peaceful opposition.

Ghandi and Martin Luther King did demonstrate the power of peaceful opposition, but peaceful opposition is not always the best solution. Your problem is that you are a socialist, and as such you accept the notion that the state should have a RIGHT to dictate things to you the way the Candian government routinely does. A perfect example is the so called "third category" that was foisted off on you due to the merely luke warm opposition you presented when your government moved against dietary supplements. Rather than do what you SHOULD have done and put Ottawa under a state of SIEGE the way we did to DC in '94 with the passage of DSHEA, you guys CAPITULATED when Health Canada held those bogus so called "Public Meetings" across Canada, ostensibly to "listen" to the will of the Canadian people. The reality, of course, is that they merely went through the MOTIONS of listening, and created a STAR CHAMBER proceeding for the purpose of railroading all small manufacturers off a regulatory CLIFF at the behest of the Pharma Cartel.

The SICK thing about your gutlessness in allowing this vast screwing to occurr, (and before THAT to allow Amino Acids and many other supplements to be removed from your shelves with nary a WHIMPER of protest) is that now due to NAFTA, we are in jeopardy of having OUR dietary supplement laws harmonized to YOURS as a prelude in the future to Codex harmonization. Want to know what the ONLY thing is deterring our pharmaceutically bought off Con-gress from screwing US the same way YOU have been screwed in this regard? Simple. They KNOW that 75 Million of us are armed, and that if they push us too far, we wield one hell of a large check and balance against their tyranny. Due to this, they are working overtime to try to do the will of the communist UN to impose gun control legislation here, but we are fighting back hard through numerous pro gun organizations, and as a result, the only way we will ever be subjugated is if the UN decides to send TROOPS here to engage in door to door weapons searches.

Tell me, Linda, how do you feel about the idea of a lot of good Canadian boys being sent home in body bags while serving in the UN army on "Peace Keeping" missions here in Los Estados Unidos after we REFUSE to disarm? Don't say this can't or won't happen. It WILL happen, and when it does Linda, you're just going to have to ACCEPT all the deaths of the invading UN scum who end up dying down here trying to help the tyrants rob us of our FREEDOM, because that is EXACTLY what we will NEVER be robbed of as long as we stick to our guns.

Violence begets violence and I for one, find it truly disheartening that people involved in what should be a peaceful movement find the threat of armed force necessary.

There is nothing "violent" about gun ownership. Guns don't kill people, they are just tools, like hammers, like baseball bats. In the hands of competent people a gun is no more a danger to anyone than a hammer or baseball bat is. What is VIOLENT is the GENOCIDE that has historically ALWAYS followed a gun ban, any where in the world, at ANY time in history. See the complete, documented history of this genocide at the website of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership at

The only threat of armed force Linda is the threat posed by the UN Army, and by fascist police and military that are being directed by the Globalist scum to enslave us, to force biometric identifiers onto drivers licenses, to criminalize refusal to be vaccinated, and all the other nonsense coming down via the International Standards Organization a UN NGO group that is trying to force this nonsense upon the world. The threat of violence is not posed by the American people, we are peace loving people who intend to remain free. If you are concerned about the threat of violence Linda, why don't you engage in a crusade to disband the United Nations, the most totalitarian body on the face of the earth, the scum who intend to force Codex on us just as the Nazis railroaded people into the concentration camps.

Again, thank you for forwarding this type of information to me. I have found it extremely interesting -- if more than a little depressing.

Linda Collins, Local 2729
Secretary, Radiation Program

Depressing? Imagine how you might feel if you had ever been forced to waste 4 years of your life locked up inside the psychiatric gulag, almost being killed by shock treatments, toxic drugs, brutal beatings, and the withholding of information about the healing power of nutrients due to censorship and suppression of this information. Imagine you had survived THAT, and managed to escape that HELL only by smuggling vitamins IN to the last hospital you were incarcerated in, and taking them on the sly while hiding them in a cavity gouged out from the underside of your foam mattress??

OK, now imagine that 7 years after healing from schizophrenia, you became employed within the psychiatric system, and imagine that you tried to infiltrate the hospital that you're now working in with the TRUTH, only to end up getting fired a year later for giving an unauthorized lecture complete with a slide show about the suppressed alternative treatment mode that enabled you to heal after mainstream methods almost KILLED you.

Imagine that while you were in that situation an old roommate of yours showed up like a ghost from your past, suddenly a patient at the place where you are working. Imagine the ANGUISH you would feel if you had to WATCH this person being DESTROYED by the SYSTEM right before your eyes. Would that impact you? Would the thought of possibly being forced BACK into a setting like that due to a genetic medical situation have any impact on you if you were faced with the prospect of possibly being stripped of your access to the nutrients you have a genetic need for?

You find this "more than a little depressing"?

How do you think you might feel if you caught a government official at a Codex meeting violating the law and you tried to get an oversight hearing in Congress but could not because Congress is bought off by pharmaceutical interests??

How would you feel if in the course of trying to fight back in defense of your life and the lives of others you had to put up with CRAP by idiots such as yourself?

You want to point a finger at me? Fine. You can do that if you want to, but when you do this you'd damn well better grasp the fact that there are 3 more pointing back at YOURSELF. You'd also damn well better grasp the fact that millions of Canadians who drive down here and buy products down here by mail order who only have access to amino acids, and many other products that are BANNED in Canada because there are people like ME down here in the states who are willing to DIE for YOUR FREEDOM.