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Subject: CODEX: THE FIX IS IN: Complete Update & Overview on How The Codex Vitamin Issue Ties in With Current Events in the World
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Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 13:37:10 -0500

IAHF List: My response to Bud should be read by all and forwarded widely. I encourage any questions and comments on this that you might have.

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Dear Mr. Hammel,
I am arriving a little late in this crusade, but amid all the materials I have reviewed on the WWW, I have not found anything purporting to be an update that carries a date of year 2002 or even late 2001. My concern is about what actions are appropriate for me to take at this point in time. Sincerely,
Bud Turtle

You have apparently never been on my website The best thing you can do is to massively forward this alert, and get more people to do the same. If enough people do this maybe we can get ANOTHER oversight hearing, this time a FAIR one. The fix is in, we are being set up, the oversight hearing on this issue last March was whitewashed. The truth did not come out. I was not allowed to testify and neither were any of my witnesses. The EU Vitamin Directive is going to be rammed down the throats of the EU on Feb 20. The EU Parliament won't listen to their own constituents, much less people outside the EU.

Their actions will heavily impact Codex to drive the Vitamin guideline through to completion. Through her illegal actions which our pharmaceutically corrupted congress has refused to provide oversight regarding, Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA has set us up to lose in a WTO trade dispute sometime in the future after the Codex guideline is driven through to completion. The game is being rigged via a false definition of vitamin safety. Safety is the only out by which any country can refuse to harmonize its laws to a finalized Codex standard. (See SPS Agreement, info at )

Our corrupt Congress allowed Yetley to put a bogus, scientifically inaccurate, pharmaceutically funded paper on the table at Codex that was generated by the National Academy of Science. This paper, titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients" (see it at with a rebuttal by Richard Malter, PhD) This paper never underwent any public comments period of any kind. When I was on the American Delegation, I was not initially sent a copy of it because Yetley did not want me to see it and blow a whistle. I saw reference to it in the draft US comments two weeks prior to the Codex meeting that I was scheduled to attend in Berlin in '98 as a member of the US Delegation. I called Yetley demanding to know where it could be downloaded off the web.

She pretended not to know. I demanded that she email it to me. She claimed not to have it in electronic form (another lie). I demanded she overnight mail it to me since I needed time to examine it as a member of the delegation prior to the meeting in Berlin. I finally ended up receiving it, by regular snail mail, with only a few days to read this 44 page document and get orthomolecular MDs and other experts opinions on it. After feverishly faxing it to several key people on our side, all of whom pronounced it biased, pharmaceutically funded pseudoscience, I got a letter signed by several members of Congress including Dan Burton, Chair of the Committee that supposedly provides oversight on matters like this telling Yetley not to put the paper on the table at the Codex meeting in Berlin.

In Berlin I contronted Yetley with a cam corder at a pre meeting of the US Delegation the day before the Codex meeting took place. I filmed the letter from Congress which told her not to put the NAS paper on the table, but even though she acknowledged on camera having seen the letter, she made it clear that her intent was to ignore it, which she did. You can see the video footage of this at in the media section. You can also see footage there that I shot inside the meeting in Berlin til Chairman Grossklaus from Germany realized I was taping and stopped the entire meeting demanding that I stop. I did not stop right away, I waited til you could see everything they were saying demanding that I stop and you could see all the heads turning to look up at me in the upper deck in the bleacher seating in the conference room. Then I stopped because I had what I wanted: proof of the total non transparency of the Codex proceedings.

All of this should have come out in the Oversight hearing held last March 20 by Congressman Burton, but it did not. The reason I wasn't allowed to testify and none of my other witnesses weren't either, including Richard Malter, PhD whose REBUTTAL to the NAS paper is posted on and was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine is due to the immense lobbying power of Parry, Romani, DeConcini and Symms- the pharmaceutically dominated lobbying firm retained on Capital Hill by NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Assn) a large vitamin trade association that is dominated from the top-down by pharmaceutical interests that have been keeping their rank and file membership in the dark on this issue by doing spin control against my message.

The only person who was allowed to testify at the Oversight hearing on March 20, 2001 on the Codex issue lied under oath, and he was ALLOWED to lie even though I attempted to apprise Burton that he WOULD lie, and HOW he would lie.

This person was Karl Riedel, CEO of Nature's Life Vitamins in Garden Grove CA, co chair of NNFA's International Committee, which developed NNFA's pro pharmaceutical position on the Codex vitamin issue which is the LIE that Codex "can't" impact our domestic vitamin laws, that it can "only" impact our international sales.

Riedel's co chair on the NNFA's International Committee is Randy Dennin, CEO of Capsugel, a subsidiary of Pfizer Pharmaceutical company.

It is a total conflict of interest that NNFA allows companies like Capsugel to be members of theirs and that they allow employees of pharmaceutical firms such as Dennin to chair all important committees such as the International Committee. NNFA has a conflict of interest bylaw, Article 14.6 which they are ignoring completely. When I tried to call attention to this at an NNFA meeting in Las Vegas in '99, NNFA used Security Guards against me to throw me out of their business meeting to keep me from spilling the beans on this, and they threatened to have me arrested if I did no stop distributing flyers on their show floor.

Right after that show, NNFA lead counsel Charles Raubicheck and Riedel published a spin piece against my message in NNFA Today, NNFA's newsletter.

People in the industry who I tell this to are fearful of attempting to rock the boat to try to do anything about it because there are only two sources of gelatin capsules for their products: Capsugel, and AHP. Both are pharmaceutical firms. The many companies who do business with Dennin are afraid to call him on any of this for fear that he might suddenly start jacking up his price to them on capsules while leaving their competition alone.

On Feb 20, the EU Vitamin Directive will be rammed down the throats of all 15 EU Nations. See, Only 3 out of 15 nations oppose it. There should have been an industry funded campaign in opposition, with help coming from American vitamin companies and health food stores for an EU wide lobbying campaign due to how the EU Directive outcome threatens to impact us via Codex. But this never happened due to pharmaceutical spin against my message through which American supplement companies and health food stores are still being kept in the dark. They mistakenly believe Codex is a "non issue" because that is what Dennin, Riedel, and Raubicheck have repeatedly told them, and they've been too immersed in the running of their day to day businesses to bother examining the truth for themselves. They pay big dues to NNFA and just automatically and rather myopically trust them, never suspecting in a million years that they're being set up like bowling pins. At the last Codex meeting of the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use in November 2001, dangerous language was inserted into square brackets that more closely alligns codex with the EU Vitamin Directive than ever before. The pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade association EHPM now openly endorses the EU Directive, showing zero concern for consumers and the products they will lose access to.

Ralph Pike, Director of the UK's National Association of Health Stores tells us that the EU Directive will "Force the Removal of a minimum of over 300 products from store shelves, and thats just for starters." EHPM doesn't mind though because the increased marketshare that their members will pick up from standardized EU wide regs will more than make up for loss in revenue caused by not being able to sell certain products, so they don't care what this does to the public health or to consumers. In the USA, the pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations feel the same way and are keeping their rank and file members in the dark via spin control against my message. Although an Irish amendment to the EU Vitamin proposal would kill it if it had enough support, only 9 MEPs support the amendment to kill the directive, and we must get a minimum of 50% of the Committee plus alternates by Feb 20, a near impossibility with only 3 out of 15 nations opposing the directive.

Prior to the whitewashed Codex vitamin oversight hearing on March 20, Congressmen Ron Paul (R-TX) and Peter De Fazio (D-OR) issued a letter to Burton urging him to hold an honest oversight hearing, and they attempted to warn him of the TRUTH: which is that all of our domestic laws are subject to international harmonization, this was confirmed to Ron Paul by the Congressional Research Service, and what they said to him served as the basis for his sponsoring The American Sovereignty Restoration Act HR 1146 which would remove us from the UN (and from Codex which is part of the UN). It also served as the basis for his introducing H J Res 90 which would have removed us from the WTO (the dispute settlement panel of which can force us via a trade dispute to harmonize to a Codex standard under threat of imposing trade sanctions against broad sectors of our economy.)

You can see the gif file of this letter from Ron Paul and DeFazio to Burton at by clicking on the spinning green disk.

The hearing was whitewashed via a combo of NNFA's pharmaceutical lobbying via Parry, Romani, DeConcini and Symms (whose multinational pharmaceutical clientelle can be seen on their website at ) and via Beth Clay, a pharmaceutical plant on Burton's staff who did everything humanly possible to block the truth from coming forward. Clay used to work at the Office of Alternative Medicine where she served the cartel as a snitch for Varmus of NIH to rat out any employees who were doing anything Varmus didn't like. Via this means a friend of mine got fired from OAM years ago for merely giving the phone numbers of alternative practitioners to members of the public who called in seeking urgent help with serious medical conditions like cancer.

You should be aware that prior to Beth's appearance on Burton's staff, there was a guy named Milt Copulous who got fired for his efforts to try to help me get a hearing. He was not fired by Burton with whom he had a good rapport. He was fired by people on the Committee staff who had power over him who have been bought off by pharmaceutical interests who like to control key committee staffers to insure that they can engage in coverups like this.

One morning Milt came in to work only to find a pink slip staring him in the face on his desk. In alarm he called me. I could hear his voice cracking as he told me he did not know what it was about. He told me he had an excellent rapport with Burton, had never been called on the carpet for any reason, and he did not know what this was about but that he would call me the minute he knew more. Two days later he called and told me that in all his years on Capital Hill as a staffer, this was the worst thing he had ever seen. It was very obvious to him that they were shuffling him off the hill and setting him up with a job on the outside in order to shut him up so that he would never talk with me again about anything at all, because they can pull the rug out from under him at any time, again, and they wanted him to know it.

He told me that it was obvious to him that some very powerful interests did NOT want an oversight hearing to EVER be held on the Codex vitamin issue, and that they would do ANYTHING to keep one from being held.

I believe it due to the death threats I had which forced me to move to the middle of nowhere where I remain today.

This is a genocide campaign we are facing down.

I am at a loss at this point as to what to even tell people to do. They're going to be coming for our guns. If you aren't armed, get armed. The 911 CIA Psyop against America and the world was intended to accelerate their plan for global dominance. Georgetown University School of Law (aka "Spook Central") has generated "Model Emergency Powers Legislation" which the CDC has rubber stamped with their endorsement, and it was given to the National Assn of State Governors to give to all state Governors with instructions to get it passed through all the state legislatures. See for details. This legislation criminalizes refusal to be vaccinated.

What you need to know is that via a vaccine shot, they can get microchips into us and people would not even know it. Via nanotechnology they can manufacture chips so small you can't even see them without an electron microschope. These chips bond directly with your cells and are powered by the bodies own electrical energy. Via this means they can force our society under mind control via remote neural monitoring, an NSA technique that you can read about in depth at in the NSA section via the lawsuit filed by Daniel St.Claire Akwei vs NSA.

IAHF has been contacted by several victims of illegal NSA human experimentation, that is people being tortured as guinepigs in the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program. They all are trying to warn us that we cannot afford to ignore what they have to say. Mind control is all too real, and the ruling elite are threatening to turn our whole society into a psychocivilized society with everyone being manipulated under mind control. Due to my efforts to alert people to all of this, I had a hostile FBI visit a few years ago, and that was followed a few months later by an unmarked Delta Force black helicopter hovering at tree top level directly over the house I was renting in Hollywood FL for 45 minutes. It was down so low I could see the faces of the pilots and it made the windows shake so hard I thought the glass would break. I think they were doing an infrared scan on my house looking for "interesting" metallic objects. They were obviously also trying to scare the hell out of me and succeeded. I got the hell out of Florida shortly after that and now live in the middle of nowhere.

Blocking our access to nutrients is essential to the success of their planned move to force us into a psychocivilized society under mind control. It is part of a genocide agenda to cull and thin our numbers and to exercise complete control. For more info read MASS CONTROL: The Engineering of Human Consciousness by Jim Keith, see it at What I am saying may seem "extreme" and "outrageous" and "unreal" but I assure you it is not. I wish it were, but it is not. So what can you do about it? You can pray, really hard, and you can get out of the city and into a rural area where you can make plans to grow your own food and not be locked into the system they intend to force us all into. You can make preparations for self defense, because they will be coming for our guns. See Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States for more info on how the level of control is being ratcheted up via a series of planned shocks or "psyops" A "psyop" is a psychological operation intended to manufacture consent for legislation intended ultimately to enslave us.

If you appreciate the fact that I am risking my life to bring you this information, and would like to help me bring this to the attention of more people, please send a donation to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA or via paypal at thank you and please forward this to more people. Anyone can be on the IAHF list via

For Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
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