To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: Petition Against EU Vitamin Directive - To Be Voted on January 30 By EU
From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 15:51:40 -0500

IAHF List: Please go to this site and add your own comments to the EU Commission against the destruction of health freedom in Europe. Consumers access to vitamins there is being horribly threatened by the vote planned for January 30th.

You will find my comments posted there. See the message below, then go to the link below to add your comments, and please forward this widely. We live in troubled times, but we must oppose and resist this evil with every fiber of our being.

We must put the European Commission on notice that they are about to commit an heinous crime against humanity, and that they must stop and THINK about what they are planning to do. If the EU pushes this horrible vitamin directive through, it threatens to destroy American dietary supplement laws and those of other countries world wide via Codex. All of this is spelled out on on the IAHF website The oversight hearing on March 20, 2001 was whitewashed by pharmaceutical interests and the truth of our vulnerability never came out. The primary body responsible for the hearing being whitewashed was NNFA's lobbying firm in DC Parry, Romani, DeConcini and Symms which is chock full of pharmaceutical clients including Pfizer. NNFA is being sold out by pharmaceutical influence that is dominating their international committee via Randy Dennin of Pfizer and Karl Reidel, who are actively misleading all NNFA members on this issue, by falsely claiming US laws are not being threatened. See the gif file of the letter from Congressmen Ron Paul and Peter De Fazio to Burton at by clicking on the spinning green disk. Burton ignored it, and we're being set up badly for future harmonization to a horrible Codex vitamin standard.

Our friends in England, Holland, Sweden, and all over the EU who need vitamins really need the love and support right now of people all over the world. Please join me in prayer, for many are about to die. Many are about to become victims of genocide, planned genocide, and we're next, right here in Amerika, where Herr Bush and the 4th Reich are serving as the tip of the Illuminati's spear. They want to force vaccinations and microchips on us via the CDC's "Model Emergency Powers Legislation" that was given to the National Association of State Governors? Over my dead body. If I disappear some day because of saying these things, I want you all to never give up. They have big plans for those of us who resist. They will imprison us and torture us, but that is ok, if they do that to me, I accept it as my fate. A day will come when each of us is going to have to really think hard about what we believe in. Do we want to remain a free people, or do we wish slavery? Are we on the side of good, or on the side of evil? See

Please forward this widely. Anyone can be on the IAHF list via Please donate to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA or via paypal at thank you.

!!!Alert: EU directive will be on the agenda on January 22nd!!!

It is confirmed that indeed the EU parliament is to consider the food supplements proposal on 22 January coming up just around the corner, and that a vote on the directive will be held on 30 January. Anyone who has not contacted their national members of the EU parliament yet, please get going quickly.

Telephone the MEPs' secretariats to get meetings arranged, write to them using e-mail and fax as needed.

Our message: The EU directive on supplements as proposed and as now formulated after various compromise solutions, is serving more the interests of big pharma than that of consumers or the actual producers (smaller and mid sized companies) of these products.

The faults of the directive:

1) Dosages are not set but will be determined only after the directive has been implemented, thus the final outcome of the regulation is in the hands of bueraucrats, not of the legislators. In setting the allowable dosages, the RDI (recommended daily intake) dosages are to be "taken due account of", which is going to lead to unnecessary restrictions on availability of health promoting products that are a real alternative to pharmaceutical medicines and a real tool of PREVENTION.

2) The approval system of substances to be employed in food supplements is onerous (expensive, complicated) and more suited to medicines than to nutrients that have already proven their efficacy and innocuous nature in decades of widespread use without problems. Why spend millions of Euros to obtain approval for substances that are obviously (from actual experience) safe while on the other hand thousands die from the side effects of medicines that DID GET SUCH APPROVAL?. Something is not right here.

3) The compulsory listing of employable vitamins and minerals is unnecessary and will restrict consumer access as well as producer ability to supply products that have been on the market for decades without problems. DO THEY REALLY WANT THAT TO HAPPEN? Add you comments