To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: Report from Berlin: Codex Bombed With 127 Million Emails-Vitamin Threat Stopped Flat at Step 3- Does Not Advance At All
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 21:02:06 -0500

IAHF List: All of us owe a debt of gratitude to Matthias Rath, MD and the rest of the 500 German participants at his demonstration who braved a cold rain to demonstrate for health freedom in front of the gates of the Codex meeting in Berlin for several hours monday. Demanding in speech after speech, chant after chant that the Pharma Cartel and their Codex lackey, Nazi Ralf Grossklaus leave the people of the world in peace and not block our access to high potency vitamins- the vitamin consuming consumers of the world prevailed yet again over the greed driven agenda of the Pharma Cartel.

Due in part to the 127 Million emails sent to Codex delegates by vitamin consumers all over the world, pharmaceutical lackeys at the Codex meeting in Berlin were once again slammed hard by the sheer force of truth, and the demented anti vitamin proposal remains stalled at step 3 (step 8 is completion, but they might as well give up now, because they are NEVER going to reach completion on this agenda item!) The matter won't come up for another year now, and if we can just sustain our momentum perhaps they will withdraw the measure entirely if we can keep finding enough strategic ways to keep the pressure on. We especially need their fax numbers, because we can make them run out of paper and ink and keep them from getting any other work done til they raise the white flag of surrender! This was how we won the DSHEA battle in the USA in '94- and now we're going to do the same thing world wide- it will be the Cartel's worst nightmare, because we are GOING to win!

The heat generated by vitamin consumers played an important role in polarizing both parties at the Codex meeting- keeping them mired in unproductive debates in which neither side could reach any agreement, so that the nefarious agenda could not advance. This victory was achieved with the sheer weight of truth in the form of over 127 Million emailed form letters from the website of Matthias Rath, MD who's site has been overloaded so heavily in the past few days that its hard to even get onto it. If you swing a sledgehammer at a slab of concrete long enough, you'll start seeing cracks, and we're seeing some big ones now!

Preliminary indications coming from meeting attendee Josef Hasslberger, leader of Italian health freedom organization La Leva Di Archimede are that those countries that advocate capping potency levels at RDA levels could not agree at all with nations that favor safety based risk assessment, and so the concensus based Codex process was stalled in its tracks with delegates representing countries that have the largest pharmaceutical influence left foaming at the mouth from frustration at not being able to advance their greed driven immoral agenda. Hasslberger reports that several third world African nations (where the Cartel buys votes with a blonde and a case of Scotch) sided with the cartel due to the insidious greed driven impact of ethnopiracy as the Cartel pays them off as they seek to turn herbs into drugs.

(IAHF distrusts both the RDA proponents AND the alleged "safety based research" proponents as NEITHER camp can be trusted, but as long as they deadlock and don't ADVANCE this travesty, its ok!) (See codex oversight section- see pharmaceutically funded, unscientific paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Creating Safe Upper Levels of Nutrients" and Dr.Malter's rebuttal to this biased piece of pharmaceutically funded pseudoscience which the US FDA has criminally put on the table at Codex in an effort to set us up to lose in a future WTO trade dispute.)

This victory is GREAT NEWS, and I'd like to personally thank all of you from the IAHF who helped snowball the alert to innumerable allied groups and multilevel vitamin distributors world wide who have huge downlines! The other side may have the money, but we have the sheer force of numbers-millions of vitamin consumers vs a relative few bureaucrats is a no win scenario for them.

Due to this success, IAHF vows to intensify the anti Cartel networking more than EVER! When you slam a sledgehammer into a slab of concrete enough times, you'll start seein' cracks by God, and the Cartel is just going to have to run up the white flag or the IAHF cyber army will just continue marching right over them like so many ants on steroids. Have a gander at Dr.Rath's form letters at which the elements of coersion received in high enough volume to crash servers and cause them to have migraine headaches, and have a look at his other excellent websites including

All of us owe Matthias Rath a debt of gratitude for his superb ongoing leadership in this battle. A source reports from Berlin that they had an overflow crowd at the alternative medical symposium held in downtown Berlin over the weekend. They had so many people crowding into the Hotel that the auditorium was packed to capacity with the crowd spilling out into the foyer where they had to set up closed circuit TV so everyone could hear the speakers. At this symposium speaker after speaker discussed their wonderful orthomolecular recoveries from all kinds of serious medical conditions using vitamins with help from Dr.Rath and other orthomolecular practitioners. For additional info on orthomolecular medicine go to Please forward this message to others. Anyone can be on the IAHF email distribution list. Sign up at You can also view the list mssgs on the web, and get more info at