Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 20:40:31 -0400
To: "Health Freedom,Codex Issues"
From: John Hammell
Subject: Intro To My Book re Codex Vitamin Issue: Seeking Input

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IAHF List: Here is the rough draft for the introduction to the book I'm writing about the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom. Feel free to provide your input, and some of your suggested changes may be incorporated into the eventual final draft. I am working off a carefully developed outline, and hope to produce a well written book which thoroughly documents this issue in such a way that far more people will be able to wake up and understand whats going on so that we can monkey wrench the pharma cartel's greed driven agenda to block our access to dietary supplements.

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(C) 2001 by John C. Hammell, President International Advocates for Health Freedom


Unless stopped by some miracle, on September 5th, the European Commission will be shoving a grossly restrictive EU vitamin directive down the throats of every vitamin consumer in all 15 EU nations, forcing them to goose step alongside Germany, setting the stage for a massive pharmaceutical victory within the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission, unless far more consumers, vitamin companies and health food stores awaken to this threat and band together to expose and stop it.

Will dietary supplement consumers in the USA be taking to the streets in a few years in open conflict against the FDA and the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission when a future effort is made to massively restrict consumer access to high potency vitamins? Will the Washington Capital Police have to bring in the National Guard as back up to protect the lives of FDA employees inside the Parklawn building in Rockville, Maryland as angry demonstrators swarm all over the building, pounding on doors, overturning cars, and kicking in windows? Will tear gas and rubber bullets fill the air, and will police batons come down on the skulls of protestors crushing them to bloody pulps as they demand that their access to dietary supplements not be blocked by UN dictate and the criminal actions of the FDA???


Carlo Giuliani was shot in the head by a trigger happy fascist Italian cop while protesting against the G-8 Summit of leaders from industrialized nations in Genoa Italy on July 22, 2001. He was shot while his anarchist friends beat on the side of a police armored personnel carrier with iron bars while he grabbed a fire extinguisher off the side of the truck and was brandishing it, and the cop overreacted, using deadly force. Many other anti globalism protestors were beaten to pulps by police batons, and hundreds were tortured in prison after being arrested. The Independent Media Center which was covering the protests in Genoa were raided in a late night search and destroy mission by the Italian Gestapo which seized computers and destroyed hard drives in a Nazi like effort to suppress the truth. Dozens of protestors remain mired in the Italian prison system, while many more remain with serious injuries in hospitals and many remain unaccounted for and are presumed dead.

With massive street demonstrations in Seattle, Washington DC, Davos, Quebec City, Genoa and other cities world wide we're seeing the emergence of a huge international protest movement against an effort to force us under dictatorial global governance through the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

Using regional trading blocks such as the EU, and the FTAA as stepping stones to global governance, the ruling elite seek to make all the laws the same, world wide, ("Harmonization") and to impose a reign of terror through the dictates of unaccountable, faceless UN/EU/WTO bureaucrats operating in cities such as New York, Geneva, and Brussels and by the control mechanism of implanted microchips, biometric identifiers, and surveillance video cameras connected to police computers put on every lamp post. This is the nightmare scenario that George Orwell tried to warn us about in his book 1984 as his protagonist, Winston Smith, sought to escape the clutches of the mind police who tracked him like a dog and tortured him for opposing Big Brother.

Globalist efforts to restrict consumer access to dietary supplements have already sparked large demonstrations in '98 and 2000 in front of the gates of the German FDA building in Berlin where meetings of the UN Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use have been held. Organized by fearless prominent nutritional researcher and alternative physician Matthias Rath, MD, in addition to these direct protests, street marches and counter meetings have been held in an effort to stop this enormous threat to the public health and these demonstrations will only keep growing in size.

Unless enough people heed the warnings in this book, and take political action NOW to head off bloody street clashes over vitamins, their occurrence is all but assured due to the huge number of Americans (and growing number of people world wide) who consume dietary supplements, and the passionate feelings we expressed in 1994 when Congress received the largest volume of phone calls, letters, faxes, and personal visits than they did on any other single issue in Congress's history during the drive to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

As evidenced by Carlo Giuliani's senseless death at the hands of the Italian police in Genoa, we have entered into a dark age of global judicial anarchy, as the ruling elite seek to consolidate a stranglehold over the planet and make us all their slaves. They seek to force us under dictatorial global governance, which, unless very strongly opposed, will remove even the current PRETENSE of national sovereignty which currently exists.

Unless peaceful protest can prevail, Giuliani's death was just the first of what I predict will be many deaths of protestors in the future as more and more people awaken to the enormous threats posed by globalization to undermine domestic laws, including our American dietary supplement laws.

To document the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom, this book will address the following questions in detail:

Are multinational pharmaceutical interests working relentlessly to make an end run around American vitamin laws by seeking to force harmonization to a grossly restrictive international vitamin standard currently being slow tracked through Codex?

Who are these pharmaceutical companies, and have the already engaged in any actions which show a motive for what they're trying to achieve via Codex?

Have the vitamin trade associations world wide been taken over by pharmaceutical interests which are keeping their rank and file members and the health food stores in the dark about the Codex threat to health freedom?

Did a prominent spokesman of the National Nutritional Foods Association lie under oath in a Congressional Oversight hearing on March 20, 2001 on Codex by falsely claiming that it poses "no threat" to our domestic laws? Is this same individual actively working with multinational pharmaceutical interests through the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue in an effort to harmonize American dietary supplement laws to the grossly restrictive standards currently under rapid development in the EU?

Was his co-chair on NNFA's International Committee involved as a speaker at a meeting in South Africa called "Toward a Global Regulatory Model"? Is this individual an employee of Pfizer, a multinational pharmaceutical company who's 81 Washington lobbyists spent $3,440,000 to lobby congress in 2000? Is he working to undermine American dietary supplement laws by trying to create an international regulatory standard? Were numerous people who could have exposed the Codex threat blocked from presenting testimony at this congressional oversight hearing?

Did a congressional aide on the House Government Reform committee serve as a pharmaceutical plant by blocking key information from being brought forward in the oversight hearing on this issue?

Did Dr. Yetley of the FDA violate the will of the American people and the will of Congress by putting a grossly unscientific, non peer reviewed pharmaceutical funded paper on the table at Codex knowing fully that it would serve to undermine US domestic dietary supplement laws by setting us up to lose in a WTO trade dispute?

Has Congress become so corrupted by an influx of pharmaceutical PAC money that despite the existence of videotape on the web which proves her guilt, Yetley was allowed to go completely off the hook at this Oversight hearing where she was not asked a single hard question that could have elicited the truth about how we're being set up? How could Congressman Burton, who chaired this oversight hearing, tell Yetley in writing not to take a certain illegal action at Codex, only to be ignored, and then fail to even question her about this in his hearing?

Could the tension resulting from the forced harmonization of our dietary supplement laws to unscientific, grossly restrictive international standards spark open warfare between protestors and police in which many protestors could be injured or killed.? Will the Washington Capital Police start acting like the Gestapo by killing enraged, justifiably angry protestors massing in front of the FDA's Park Lawn building in Rockville, Maryland?

Don't say what happened in Genoa couldn't happen here in America. On March 19, 2001, the day before the Codex vitamin oversight hearing was whitewashed, I was surrounded by a phalanx of Washington Capital Police who followed me all through the House office buildings after staking out Congressman Dan Burton's office in anticipation of my arrival. All I wanted to do was hand a press release protesting Burton's intention to whitewash the Codex vitamin oversight hearing to Burton's press secretary, but I was denied this opportunity, and was angrily told to exit Burton's office immediately.

I was kicked off the US Codex delegation to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use by Dr.Beth Yetley due to my efforts to investigate her illegal actions at Codex meetings, and Jurgen Kundke, press officer of the German FDA denied my access to the CCNFSDU meeting in Berlin in June, 2000 despite my holding valid press credentials, leaving me no option but to demonstrate in the street.

We are living in a police state, and if you don't believe it, just walk alongside me in Washington some time, the next time I go to visit the congressional office buildings. For attempting to expose the truth about the Codex vitamin issue, I have been put on the watch list of the Washington Capital Police. I have become an enemy of the state, and am followed everywhere I go in Washington for my efforts to provide you with the information contained in this book- information which the ruling elite don't want you to have.

In this book I will demonstrate that a violent clash between vitamin consumers and police in front of the FDA's Parklawn Building is not only possible in the future, but I'd have to say it is highly probable unless I can succeed in awakening the sleeping giant- the American people, the health food stores, and the rank and file members of NNFA who are being kept in the dark on this issue due to pharmaceutical penetration of their ranks which I will thoroughly document.

Nearly 50% of Americans use dietary supplements on a regular basis having pushed legislation through congress in 1994* to directly thwart an FDA rule making effort every bit as restrictive then as the German vitamin proposal currently is at Codex. [* Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994]

Due to our signing the Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures agreement, (a side agreement within NAFTA and GATT) the USA will have no choice but to harmonize its domestic vitamin laws to an emerging, grossly restrictive international vitamin standard, or be faced with enormous trade sanctions that would cripple broad sectors of our economy. In a speech by acting FDA Commissioner Friedman in 1997, the FDA openly announced their intention to harmonize their regs to Codex standards. This speech can be found on the FDA's website at a url contained within the body of this book where I've excerpted his key statements.

A complete legal discussion of this horrible situation follows, clearly pointing to a dire need for the American people to get behind Congressman Ron Paul's bill HR 1146, The American Sovereignty Restoration Act that would remove us completely from the United Nations. It points to the dire need for towns and cities nation wide to exempt themselves from coming UN domination by creating UN Free Zones, much as Virgin, and La Verkin Utah recently have. See for more info on establishing UN Free Zone ordinances.

Unless the American people and vitamin consumers world wide can recognize the coming threat and take preemptive measures to oppose it, I predict that Carlo Giuliani's death in Genoa Italy will just be the first of many that I predict will result in the years to come as protestors from all walks of life, all over the world, protest against the murderous onslaught of globalization- the so called "harmonization" of our laws to international standards which routinely go against the environment, the public health, public safety, and human rights in general.

Forget about labels of "left" and "right". Political parties exist solely to get us all divided up so that we can't see the truth of the globalists agenda. Unless we all hang together against the UN/WTO juggernaut, we'll for damn sure be hanging separately.

After carefully reviewing my documentation, please join IAHF in taking the recommended actions necessary to monkey wrench the Codex juggernaut- to STOP them from engaging in their genocidal campaign to block consumer access to high potency vitamins and minerals. Visit the IAHF website at and add your name to our email announcement list for updates on this important issue.

To assist me in self publishing this book when it is completed, please send a donation to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA or make your donation electronically via paypal at

I welcome input and research on this work in progress from anyone out there as this is a true team effort to educate the masses before its too late. Questions? Call me at 800-333-2553 (North America) or from overseas via 540-763-3051.

For Health Freedom,
John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA