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Subject: Codex Vitamin Agenda Timetable Sped Up: Meetings Now Scheduled Yearly for CCNFSDU Instead of Every 2 Years
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 10:40:40 -0400

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The Pharma Cartel has sped up its timetable for shoving a highly restrictive, genocidal, Codex vitamin standard down our throats by deciding to hold annual (instead of biannual) meetings of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use, from now on until they finalize their entire agenda.

You can see the schedule on at the url above. Meetings of the CCNFSDU, (the Codex Committee pushing the restrictive vitamin standard) are now scheduled in Berlin, Germany for:

2001: November 26-30
2002: November 4-8
2003: November 3-7

Whereas I previously estimated it could take another 5-6 years for the Cartel to push their agenda for vitamins through to completion at step 8 (its at step 3 now), it is painfully clear to me that the Cartel could now do it by 2003, not only because they have advanced their timetable, but also because they will be letting a large number of third world countries join the committee, expanding it considerably.

The problem with this is that in the third world, you can easily buy a Codex delegate with the proverbial blonde and a case of Scotch. Multinational corporations have gross revenues that dwarf those of third world nations which are very easily manipulated by promises of money and jobs. At Codex, its one country, one vote, with zero consideration given to the population of a country, or whether or not the country even manufactures dietary supplements. The so called Codex "process" goes diametrically against our entire system of representative government, as we are "represented" by an unelected bureaucrat (Dr.Beth Yetley) from a Federal Agency with a very long history of bias and outright hatred against dietary supplements (the FDA).

On March 20, 2001, Congressman Dan Burton whitewashed the Codex vitamin oversight hearing, where the only person allowed to present testimony on the Codex vitamin issue (Karl Riedel, co chair of NNFA's International Committee) made some highly questionable statements under oath when he asserted that "Codex won't impact our domestic laws, it will only impact our international sales." Cspan videotape of Riedel making these statements will be put on the IAHF website, with a complete analysis of how what he said was simply not true.

For one thing, the FDA has announced, through a speech in 1997 by former acting Commissioner Friedman, their intention to harmonize their regs to international standards. The transcript of this speech can be found at Scroll down to #6 International Harmonization

In it Friedman stated: "FDA plans to amend its regulations and procedures for consideration of standards adopted by CODEX. This action is being taken to provide for the systematic review of CODEX STANDARDS in order to enhance consumer protection, promote international harmonization and fulfill the obligations of the United States under international agreements."

(He's referring to the Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures Agreement, (SPS), TBT and other numerous so called "Mutual Recognition Agreements" signed under NAFTA and the WTO by a Congress that never read any of the fine print:

Text of the Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures Agreement

Despite his having been warned in writing by Congressmen Ron Paul and Peter De Fazio that the Congressional Research Service had told Congressman Paul that we in fact ARE required under the terms of our membership in the WTO to harmonize our domestic laws to international standards, or face massive trade sanctions, Congressman Burton did the bidding of the Pharma Cartel, and would not allow any balancing testimony from other witnesses, who could have brought forths the facts on this issue. click on the spinning green disk to see Congressman Paul and De Fazio's statement to Burton.

I am writing a book about the Codex Vitamin Issue. The purpose will be to arm the people of the world with the suppressed truth in the hopes that the American people, and consumers all over the world will come to see the hidden truth, and will swarm their governments with a demand for health freedom so strong that the Codex shell game might yet be stopped on a political level. With each click of the mouse, we can send the truth about the healing power of vitamins around the world so that more and more people can be armed with the truth. Because our best defense is a good offense, however, it also pays to be armed as a back up, in case our peaceful entreaties continue to be ignored as they were on March 20 by Congressman Burton due to the manipulations of Beth Clay. A government that does not fear its citizens is the most dangerous government there is.

As things stand, there is nothing whatsoever standing in the way of the complete destruction of our domestic dietary supplement laws, except the fact that the American people are very heavily armed, and if pushed too far on this and other issues of sovereignty, will undoubtedly rebel against such traitorous actions as Burton's, and will refuse to allow the imposition of this genocidal United Nations/Pharma Cartel agenda. Strongly recommend joining Concerned Citizens Against Police States also Gun Owners of America

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