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Subject: IAHF Engages in "Polemical Rhetoric" That Can't Be Supported by Evidence? Supply PROOF
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 12:19:17 -0400

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"This book will hopefully serve as the catalyst necessary to not only awaken vitamin consumers, vitamin companies and health food stores to the immense threat posed by Codex, but it will also help awaken people to the much larger threat of a global totalitarian state which we are being pushed into more and more rapidly"

Therein lies the problem: You need to restrict your book to the researched, objective FACTS re Codex (some subjective analysis probably unavoidable). Adding polemical rhetoric about a "global totalitarian state" (a disputable interpretation) enables your opponents to label YOU a 'Chicken-Little' crackpot;and, to roundly dismiss fellow-adherents! You defeat yourself!

Charles Arnold
San Diego, CA


Charles, your allegations are both highly insulting as well as groundless and unsupportable by any evidence. Given the money at stake, anyone attempting to expose a scam as large as Codex will be targeted, will receive death threats and constant efforts to marginalize and discredit him. That is par for the course! You know you are being effective if your opponents go to the trouble of building a website which libels you, if they threaten lawsuits, and if they issue threats to your career as well as death threats- all of which I have experienced since 1989 when I first started lobbying for health freedom.

My solid efforts speak for themselves, and I do not accept your empty allegations. Selling out is not something I'm interested in doing. Solid leadership REQUIRES a person to take controversial stances on things, and I will not shy away from doing so just because some ultra conservative person who is ultra "PR conscious" thinks I should in order to be "successful".

I would appreciate your response to what I'm saying here, in detail, IF you think you can refute what I am saying. I am not going to be including "polemical rhetoric" about a global totalitarian state. I will only present objective FACTS about the global totalitarian state which we ARE being forced into.

For example, consider this quote from Congressmen Ron Paul and Peter De Fazio which was presented to Congressmen Burton in a memo from them before the Oversight hearing which Burton whitewashed: "While Codex has no direct authority to force Americans to adopt stringent regulations of dietary supplements, we are concerned that the United States may be forced to adopt Codex standards as a result of the United States status as a member of the WTO. According to an August 1999 report of the Congressional Research Service, as a member of the WTO, the United States does commit to act in accordance with the rules of the multilateral body. It [the US] is legally obligated to ensure that national laws do not conflict with WTO rules. Thus Congress may have a legal obligation to again change American laws [including our dietary supplement regulations] to conform with WTO rules!"

As another example Charles, consider this speech by Michael A. Freedman,
acting FDA Director, made before the Senate Labor Committee on March 17, 1997

In this speech, Freedman announces FDA's intention to harmonize their regs to international standards......

This speech, Congressman Paul and De Fazio's statement, and a ton of other evidence that we are being set up by the FDA via Codex can be found in the questions I asked the Congressional Research Service 3 months ago, right at the end of the Oversight Hearing, because Burton announced his intention to get CRS to clarify FDA's assertion that we're not being set up this way for harmonization.

There has been no response Charles.

There has also been no response to the letter I sent to the US Trade Reps office asking them how they would respond in the event that in the future we got embroiled in a WTO trade dispute over our dietary supplement laws. Would the USTR seek to defend our laws, or would they advise congress that if we did not harmonize to a finalized Codex vitamin standard that huge trade sanctions would be imposed against us?

You are accusing me of engaging in "polemical rhetoric" Charles about the FACT that we are being forced into a global totalitarian state. Look at the EU. Right now they are being forced to adopt dietary supplement regs that will supersede and replace their existing national legislation. This is not "polemical rhetoric" it is a FACT- go to and see the effort to expose this and to stop it! I have had numerous conversations with people in EU countries and NONE of them like the fact that their national sovereignty is being destroyed, and that they are being forced into a totalitarian body called the EU, within which they have been totally disenfranchised.

The same thing is happening in our hemisphere, Charles, but that is not "polemical rhetoric" either. I have presented hard evidence that through the FTAA, NAFTA is being shoved down the throats of the whole western hemisphere, and I covered what happened in Quebec City at length where the fascist Canadian government ignored their Constitution to illegally erect a 10 sq. kilometer security fence that kept demonstrators from getting anywhere near the FTAA Summit so as to be unable to air their grievances, much less participate in the deliberations in any way.

How do you explain the fact that the WTO Dispute settlement panels operate in secret? How do you explain the fact that we can't get the transcripts from their deliberations? How do you explain the fact that the only people who have standing to present testimony before them are government reps from WTO member nations (people who are bought and paid for such as Dr.Yetley of the FDA, while experts such as Dr.Matthias Rath would never be allowed to testify before them? How do you explain the fact that every single decision the WTO Dispute Settlement panels have made has gone against the environment, against the public health, and against human rights? (source

The all seeing eye of Horus is on the back of the American one dollar bill on top of an unfinished pyramid, and underneath it are the Latin words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which means "New World Order" but the moment I start discussing the fact that there is a Masonic, Luciferic effort underway to enslave us via a world government, and cite all of the above as evidence, you attempt to accuse me of engaging in "polemical rhetoric".

The CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program and my discussion of it have not been "polemical rhetoric" either. If you think you can refute anything I am saying about MKULTRA on the IAHF website, please present your best argument that you think what I am saying is "groundless" and we can debate these issues in depth.