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Subject: Why the Chief Cardiologist at Harvard HAD TO GO (!) Excerpt from Dr.Rath's book, "10 Years That Changed Medicine Forever"
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 03:01:10 -0400

IAHF List: I strongly recommend a free book that you can download from the web at titled "Ten Years That Changed Medicine Forever" by Matthias Rath, MD (who along with Linus Pauling discovered the solution to human cardiovascular disease and strokes: Vitamin C combined with lysine and other nutrients.) See an excerpt from this book (below) about "Why the Chief Cardiologist at Harvard HAD TO GO!!!"

As we fight the EU/Codex Global War for Access to Vitamins, and attempt to head off the Cartel's escalating efforts to orchestrate a gradual, methodical global"train wreck" for the dietary supplement industry, we can't lose sight of WHY we're fighting, we need INSPIRATION now and then, and I'm recommending Rath's book for the simple reason that its inspiring, its FREE, it lays out a very clear picture of what is going on, and why and we need to SHOW this information to every member of the European Parliament, every Health Minister on the European Commission, every member of Congress, every member of every government in the world, and to the people of the world on a whole- because the Cartel is DESPERATE to suppress this information, and they can only succeed if we LET them.

They can TRY to suppress access to nutrients, but the human spirit is indomitable, the will to LIVE is STRONGER than their greed driven agenda---so have a look at THIS BRIEF EXCERPT..... then pass it on to more people and read Rath's books, watch the videotape on his website of the anti Codex Counter Meeting that he held in Berlin last June along with a march through Berlin and a demonstration in front of the gate of the Codex meeting. Yeah, I know, some of you don't like Rath because he has an ego. Don't we all? All I can say is thank God for this man's efforts- he's doing so much to expose the Cartel's agenda, and he's providing us with excellent tools to use in order to expose and STOP the agenda- but don't take MY word for it, please read this excerpt from Rath's FREE book and judge for yourself:



by Matthias Rath, MD

I recall sending copies of my papers to he leading scientists and doctors in the field of cardiovascular research. While only one dared to answer in a constructive manner. Valentin Fuster, at that time head of cardiology at Harvard Medical School, wrote to me: "You might be quite correct in the prediction of the health benefits of vitamins." This letter also announced his own research interest in this field. (See the actual letter from Fuster in Rath's book on his website.)

The fact that I published the letter of Dr.Fuster as a first indication of support from medical opinion leaders did not help his career. He was soon ousted from his position at Harvard Medical School for "political reasons".

Dr. Fuster's research has become a "silent support" of the cardiovascular disease mechanisms described in my papers- without openly referring to the benefits of vitamins. For example he is supporting the new definition of the deposits in the artery wall as a "plaster cast" for a weakened artery wall. However, despite knowing better, he avoids addressing the most important question of all: What is the primary cause of weak arteries? Everyone knows it anyway: Vitamin deficiency.

Amazingly, in the meantime Dr. Fuster has written a two-volume manual on "Atherosclerosis", the standard work for the American Heart Association and for generations of doctors interested in this field. On over 2000 pages vitamin C is not even mentioned. I can only conclude that the peer pressure from the medical establishment and those who control the "business with disease" does not allow a scientist- who knows the truth- to say it.

You, the readers of this book, you the people and you the patients, must understand that no one will change the deplorable state of affairs, except you. This book is written to support everyone who realizes "the business with disease" - with all its mechanisms for suppressing the truth- must be stopped and health must become a human right.

I believe, that if together we continue to advocate the health benefits of vitamins in a compelling way, the leading institutions will have to follow. Then, sooner or later, scientists and medical opinion leaders will join the vitamin reasearch community.


Informing the world's leading cardiologists first hand that the disease they specialized in can be eradicated was another milestone in this historic process.

Another event I recall is distributing copies of all my scientific publications at the annual convention of the American Heart Association in November 1991 in Anaheim, California. There was a special session on lipoprotein (a), that particle that by that time had attracted the world's leading researchers of cardiovascular disease in one conference room at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel. We had prepared a set of the publications documenting how this molecule leads the way to eradicating cardiovascular disease.

My colleague, Dr.Niedzwiecki, placed a folder with each of these scientific publications on each chair of that room. None of the scientists and doctors could miss it. At the podium some speakers gave lectures about the fiftieth malicious property of lipoprotein(a) molecular, but scarcely anyone was listening. There were all reading with astonishment that it is precisely this molecule that paved the way to the solution of the puzzle of human cardiovascular disease.

To fully appreciate the impact of this event, you have to imagine yourself to be one of 15,000 priveleged to be invited to this most important annual event for cardiologists all over the world. Only a select group of cardiologists has the opportunity to attend these conferences. The conference catalogue was more than 100 pages thick, listing several hundred lectures and more than 1000 posters, just about every detail of cardiovascular disease. So it must have appeared to the senior researchers and he young cardiologists alike- that cardiovascular disease was a huge mystery with many facets at the levels of organs, cells and molecules; in fact so complicated that the riddle could never be solved.

And here were the publications by Dr.Rath, the physician and scientist, whom they all knew from his publications on lipoprotein(a), proudly and boldly announcing the solution to the entire cardiovascular problem. Even more amazing, the solution he offered was not associated with a new surgical technique, a new device, or a pharmaceutical drug artificially developed in a drug companies reagent tube.

The solution he offered was the optimum use of one of the most ancient, widespread and affordable substances of all- vitamin C. Put yourself in the shoes of the researchers and scientists. Yuo are left in disbelief and denial. You probably would have said "It can't be the solution to the most widespread disease of our time is so simple! But it is. Interestingly, it was this simplicity that became the greatest obstacle for doctors and scientists to accept this medical breakthrough.

Many more stories about irritated doctors and medical institutions could be told. But that is not the purpose of this book. We considered it our responsibility to inform the international research and cardiology community about the breakthrough, so that they could never say: We did not know....

IAHF Comment: At our anti Codex demonstration last June in Berlin out by the gates to the building where the Codex meeting was taking place, Dr. Rath had a crane which hoisted aloft a huge banner showing a woman's face, her eyes closed, with a huge red X over her mouth to symbolize the suppression of the truth.

There were many fine speeches at the demonstration, during our march through Berlin, and at Dr.Rath's Counter Meeting, and I urge all of you to visit his website at and watch the videotape, hold fast to the energy you will receive from doing so, then please forward this message to everyone you know: health freedom world wide is under attack from the Pharma Cartel via the European Union Vitamin Directive, and via Codex: Please go to and jump from the red banner on the front of the site to both online petitions, and sign them. Tell more people. Please donate to IAHF to help us spread word of this situation more rapidly in the hope of somehow getting past the spin emanating from the pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations.

They are telling everyone that Codex "can't impact US domestic vitamin laws". This is a bald faced LIE. It can, it can because of Mutual Recognition Agreements we've signed under NAFTA and GATT. It can because the FDA is engaged in a constant process of harmonization, as our sovereignty is being destroyed, and we are being forced into a world totalitarian state run by the corporations, for the corporations of the corporations.

IAHF and allied organizations can't win this battle without your help. In the EU they're fast tracking on the vitamin directive in an effort to shove it down the throats of everyone in Europe, then to the rest of the world via Codex. Is there hope? YES!!! There IS hope! We must get this information around the world as fast as possible to as many people as possible, and to all the bought off politicians.

They will one day come face to face with a Judge who can't be bought off, who can't be bribed. So will all of us, but before that happens, we CAN break through these barriers of oppression, and we can KNOW in our hearts that ultimately, we win in the end, and we can find comfort in knowing that, and from this realization have the inner peace necessary to keep the pressure on. We must make THEM play OUR game..... because Health IS a Human RIGHT, and we longer have to TOLERATE this business with disease. There is no such THING as "cardiovascular disease".

All there is is a very simple vitamin deficiency: we need vitamin C to maintain the structural integrity of our arterial walls. Its as SIMPLE as that, and all of their TOXIC so called cardiovascular drugs must be BANNED. THIS is why they are trying to cap vitamin potencies to untherapeutic dosage levels. THIS is why they're trying to ban our access. They're DESPERATE, like that wounded bear in the corner. Please forward this to more people. Go to then go to, make a donation, and sign both online petitions. Get INVOLVED! This is a TRUE grassroots movement!