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Subject: Why Isn't IADSA Helping Mayday, CHC, La Leva? Why Doesn't IADSA Back Rath??? When You Have a Driving Force: Go With It.
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 14:48:21 -0400

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IAHF list: Why doesn't IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) attempt to awaken the sleeping giant,the American public to the fact that our domestic dietary supplement laws are being undermined by a global harmonization initiative so that American health food stores, and vitamin companies can come to the urgently needed assistance of European Health freedom organizations Mayday (Denmark), La Leva di Archimede (Italy) and Consumers for Health Choice (UK) and to the assistance of Dr.Matthias Rath (Holland) to help STOP the EU Vitamin Directive and Codex via badly needed grass roots action in Europe? IADSA could do so much that they're NOT doing. They could be helping bring celebrities into the picture, they could be helping to sponsor rallies, demonstrations, counter meetings..... instead...... they're electing to "play the game" by assisting the harmonization process, a process which is already undermining and superceding our democratically enacted laws. Dr.Rath is a driving force. When you have a driving force- GO WITH IT.

Several times, John, you've agreed with the use of warning statements --they kick in above the UL!! Anything below the UL there is zero evidence of adverse effects. I know you've got concerns about niacin, but we'll win that because the NAS have confused a nuisance with an adverse effect. Even if the UL is set at 500 mg, that doesn't prevent higher levels being sold. It seems from my lit search no one markets anything over 1,000 mg. I can't see that changing. Heaps of people are on several grams of niacin a day -- even Dr Barrett take 2.7 a day. They aren't going to ban it -- certainly not in the States.

The "States" won't be around much longer unless more people grasp what is happening globally. The Free Trade Area of the Americas is an effort to expand NAFTA to the whole western hemisphere, creating an "EU" like dictatorial structure here. see $45 Million and 5,000 Military Troops and Police are being used by the Canadians on "security" to keep protestors from getting anywhere near the Summit area which is being enclosed by a 12' high security fence enclosing a 5sq kilometer part of the city, in total violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to illegally block freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. As you can see from the enclosed letter, the FTAA is being discussed in secret, we have zero access to the negotiating texts so the people of the world are being totally disenfranchised and enslaved The largest demonstration since Seattle is about to occur in Quebec City. There will be tear gas, rubber bullets, people clubbed by police batons and mass arrests due to totally justified civil disobediance.

The moment you embrace globalism, which IADSA has clearly done, you've bought into a "system" which rips all nations loose from their constitutional underpinnings, stripping all power from the people to have any voice in deciding their own fate, ceding all power with multinational corporate interests. IADSA clearly is being influenced by several multinational pharmaceutical companies, especially PFIZER. IADSA has clearly embraced Global Governance (Global Dictatorship).

Your problem is that you are under the illusion that you can swim with sharks and win, despite the fact that there is such clear evidence that they are trying to force us into a global dictatorship. Read the book "MASS CONTROL: Engineering Human Consciousness" by Jim Keith See my review of it at

Unless enough consumers wake up, we won't be able to stop the effort being made by the so called "Dietary Supplement Working Group" of the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue to force the USA to harmonize to the EU, and we won't be able to stop whats happening at Codex because pharmaceutical interests dominate the proceedings, and consumers have no voice.

As I stated in my previous email, IADSA should be encouraging American vitamin companies and health food stores to make contributions to Mayday, Consumers for Health Choice, and La Leva Di Archimede in Europe, but this isn't happening. (So much for Karl Riedel's grandiose gesture at the IADSA meeting held in '99 in Vegas at the NNFA trade show wherein he gave a slide presentation showing the USA, UK,Holland, and Sweden as GREEN, but all the REST of Europe as RED. With a grandiose sweep of the arm- as if by MAGIC-all the rest of Europe, indeed the whole WORLD turned GREEN via sleight of hand using a slide projector.) This con job was bolstered further by PFIZER (via Capsugel) which paid for a lavish spread complete with a lot of IMPORTED BEER- the better to con the American health food store owners and small vitamin manufacturers in attendance into FALSELY BELEIVING that they can "trust" IADSA to PROTECT THEM............

The REASON its not happening is that NNFA USA, CRN, UNPA,and AHPA (to say nothing of the EAPC) and IADSA are sold out heavily to pharmaceutical interests who WANT to usher in global harmonization of the laws in order to drive all the small companies out of business. If IADSA were an organization that consumers could trust, IADSA would be doing everything humanly possible to bring celebrities into the picture in Europe, and to line up meetings between these influential people and MEPs and the Health Ministers. This isn't happening.

IADSA in making no effort to discuss with Americans the fact that our domestic vitamin laws are under attack via harmonization, to encourage American companies and health food stores to contribute to Mayday, CHC, and La Leva di Archimede because IADSA itself is playing the harmonization game, and doesn't give a damn if American vitamin laws (or British, or Danish, or Italian) are HARM-onized to a global regulatory model.

IADSA should be assisting Dr.Rath which his counter meeting and demonstration. You can see a video of Rath's counter meeting, march through Berlin and Demonstration at They should help him by lining up CELEBRITIES to appear at the demonstration which would pull larger crowds so we can EDUCATE the GERMAN PEOPLE and shut the CODEX meeting down.

Rath is CLEARLY the driving force in this movement who CONSUMERS can trust, because he is wading into the fray in Germany, and is publicly doing what must be done: he is calling Grossklauss a LIAR, which Grossklauss most definitely IS. On Rath's website he has SOLID EVIDENCE that he has the answer for the world's #1 Killer Disease, Heart Disease- he has videotapes that take you inside the human body, he has books which discuss his and Pauling's research. He has evidence that shows the relationship between the timing of his and Pauling's findings and the TIMING on the regulatory attacks that we've been seeing. I've pointed you to the information: When Rath walked into the Bgvv building to confront Grossklauss for his role in trying to defame him over an attack piece that aired in German TV the evening before the vitamin issue was discussed at Codex, Grossklauss threatened Rath with arrest. Why doesn't IADSA publicly condemn Grossklauss for his criminal actions?

Petman of IADSA has attacked Rath calling him a CRIMINAL. Why does Petman support GROSSKLAUSS? WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THIS CODEX GAME? Why doesn't IADSA help Mayday, Consumers for Health Choice, and IADSA to initiate a CONSUMER REVOLT against the EU???

Look at this article from the German press: See it below.....

Look at what Grossklauss says at the end of it.
Look at the evidence Rath has on his website.
When you have a DRIVING FORCE, go with it.

Why ISN'T IADSA going with it?

Simple: IADSA is far more interested in playing the globalists game than it is in ACTUALLY defending the rights of consumers. You CAN'T WIN by playing the globalists game, you can ONLY win if you make them play OUR game. You CAN'T WIN by trying to NEGOTIATE with NAZIS. Look at this article, then look at Rath's site RATH IS CORRECT WHEN HE ASSERTS THAT GROSSKLAUSS IS A GENOCIDAL KILLER

Woe to those who scorn vitamins

Doctor Matthias Rath sells controversial preparations /He accuses his opponents of things like genocide

by Klaus Koch

Munich, Germany
August 3, 2000
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Really the stocks have been done away with a long time ago. But the internet is breathing new life into this invention of the Middle Ages. Almost a dozen researchers, politicians, industry bosses and journalists are to be found on the web pages of Dr. Matthias Rath (; there they are accused in a series of "charges" of serious crimes under the heading of "Most Wanted," among them "genocide, murder and bodily harm." Electronic vigilantism shows the other face of a man who currently looks down from red posters upon the residents of most major German cities. On these posters can be read "Millions of people say, 'Thanks, Dr. Rath!'." The reason is that he has hindered plans of a pharmacy cartel from "banning vitamin therapy and other natural healing procedures worldwide."

What the 45-year-old doctor has actually done, more than anything else, is to make things so that he can no longer be ignored. Several courts, state attorney's offices and the Federal Health Ministry are concerned with the boss of a "health network" which distributes a dozen different high-concentration vitamin preparations from Almelo in the Netherlands, 19 miles from the German border. The self-praise via poster campaign is an extension of an unprecedented advertising campaign in Germany for vitamins: Rath believes he has earned "thanks" for his influence upon a U.N. Commission's conference in Berlin. At the conference, which was held by the Federal Institute for Consumer Protection in Health (BgVV) in June, the discussion of value limits for independently sold vitamins came up. Germany would have favored a relatively low value limit for vitamins if it had not been for Rath's business. Many of his products, in the estimation of the Federal Institute for Medication in Berlin, contain such a high dose that the agency has classified them as "medication requiring permission," so that he may not sell them freely. In order to receive permission, Rath would have to submit studies which show the effectiveness of his preparations and the absence of risk.

Because the vitamin doctor has not done that, the Berlin State Court used a temporary restraining order to prohibit him from distributing ten preparations; another three court proceedings are still active. Rath is currently getting around these decisions by selling his vitamins over the internet and through a separate consulting network.

At the same time he is leading an active battle against German regulation. The value limits, says Rath, are only an invention of the pharmaceutical industry to protect their own "ineffective" or even dangerous medications which they sell out of desire for profit. "We see ourselves in health information like Greenpeace is to environmental protection," said his spokesman. Apparently the medical practitioner's theories have not fallen upon deaf ears in Germany. According to what his spokesman says, Rath has 150,000 customers in Germany.

While retrospective scientists would, of course, have been happy to have received some evidence that natural material could postpone heart attacks or cancer by one or two years, Rath is ascribing practically magical results to his products: his "medical breakthrough" has already "saved the lives of thousands of patients," he claims, and, "Heart attacks will be practically unknown to future generations."

Studies which give evidence of such results do not exist. Rolf Grossklaus, Director of the BgVV who has been charged by Rath, therefore believes that the doctor's promises of healing are thoroughly risky: "If people with unhealthy hearts believe they no longer need their medication based on Doctor Rath's promises, that belief could backfire on them."