To: IAHF List
Subject: What Happened At The Vitamin Oversight Hearing and Before - Snapshot of the American Police State
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 00:30:54 -0500

IAHF List: Please forward this report heavily. Anyone can be on the IAHF email distribution list by signing up at the listbot menu at or by sending email to I'll be in DC a few more days.

As predicted, all grass roots witnesses were wrongly blocked from presenting oral testimony at the Codex vitamin oversight hearing. The only thing that kept the hearing from being a complete and total whitewash was the dogged efforts grass roots efforts to keep the pressure on Congress to hold the hearing at all- given that it was blocked for 5 years by pharmaceutical interests dominating the vitamin trade associations who were (and still are) telling Burton that Oversight on the Codex issue "isn't necessary".

[Yeah- Pfizer says oversight isn't necessary. Just ask your sidekick Dennin, Karl Riedel. Just ask Blumenthal who wants to usher in the German regulatory model right NOW, just ask Israelsen- supplement issues manager for TABD which Israelsen referred to on p.80 of the Sept. '98 issue of Whole Foods Magazine as "the fast lane" compared to CODEX. (See CRN's reprint of the TABD press release titled US and European Leaders Agree on Principles to Harmonize Dietary Supplement Regulations.

Just ask Burton's "witnesses" who are going over to the IADSA meeting in Capetown at the end of this month to develop a Global Regulatory Model intended to destroy our domestic vitamin laws.]
Just 10 days from the end of Burton's hearing, Seckman, Dennin, and Israelsen will all be in Capetown South Africa at an IADSA meeting participating in the pharmaceutically driven effort to undermine US domestic law vitamin laws by helping to create a global regulatory framework for vitamins. IAHF's South African ally Anthony Rees of the Health Counter News will be monitoring the Capetown meeting on March 30-31 as a member of the press and as a vitamin consumer. See

Due to our dogged efforts to keep the truth from being buried, a bipartisan dissenting statement was entered into the Hearing record by Congressmen Paul and De Fazio, who also prevailed upon Burton to get him to make a statement in his opening remarks that the Codex vitamin issue would be referred by him to the Congressional Research Service for their interpretation of FDA's statement that our domestic laws are protected from harmonization by Federal Statute 19 USC 3512 (a)(1) and (a)(2). [Paul has also received clarification from CRS that no Federal Statute protects ANY of our laws, ALL of which are subject to a constant process of harmonization and that is why he introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act Hr 1146 last year along with HJ Res 90 that would remove us from the WTO.

It is now up to the grass roots to hold Burton's feet to the fire on this pledge to request the CRS interpretation of what FDA's Yetley said under oath at the hearing.[She lied again, and Burton didn't even make any genuine effort to question her ignoring his written directive from '98 not to put the NAS paper on the table.] It bothers me a great deal that Burton was fully apprised of every aspect of this issue for up to a full year in advance of the hearing, but that information was obviously withheld from him by staff who are clearly taking all cues from the pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations while ignoring We, the People.

One witness, Karl Riedel, NNFA International Committee co-chair made a highly questionable statement under oath, falsely claiming that the amendment to the harmonization language of the FDA Modernization Act is protecting our domestic vitamin laws from harmonization when he was fully apprised in advance of the Hearing of the letter by FDA's L.Robert Lake to me wherein Lake matter of factly stated FDA's intention to IGNORE the law, which FDA feels is superceded by agreements made under NAFTA and GATT that preceeded it to engage in a constant process of harmonization. [See IAHF's Written Comments to Congress on the Codex Issue at by clicking on the green spinning disk.]

Riedel (along with Pfizer's Dennin), American Botanical Council's Mark Blumenthal, Utah Natural Product Alliances Loren Israelsen, and NNFA's Seckman are right in sync with FDA's harmonization efforts, and NNFA's rank and file membership must awaken quickly to the gross conflict of interest of allowing these people to run their Trade Association, as none of them are is looking out for the best interests of NNFA's rank and file members, (to say nothing of the interests of consumers.)

Just as NNFA used security guards against me at their meeting in Las Vegas in 1997 to keep me from disseminating a flyer asking badly needed questions about conflict of interest within our vitamin trade associations that are keeping the truth from coming out on this issue, the Washington Capital Police monitored my every move as I made my rounds on Capital Hill during this trip.

When I walked in to Burton's office on monday, the day before the hearing at 4 PM wanting to talk to his Press Secretary, a Washington Capital Cop who had obviously been staking out the office all day long in anticipation of my arrival summoned 5 other cops as soon as I made my identity known to Burton's receptionist.

When I asked to speak with Burton's press secretary John Carterelli, Burton's receptionist was quite unfriendly and tersely informed me that I must direct all comments directly to Beth Clay. I raised my voice and angrily stated that Clay was actively blocking a proper investigation on the Codex vitamin issue, that I have done several radio shows inside Burton's district in Indiana about this over Stan Solmon's radio show, and that I wanted to discuss the issue with John Carterelli.

At that point Burton's receptionist did not reply, but the female cop who was staking out the office went into the back to confer with Burton's staffer, and the next thing I knew 5 male cops were surrounding me, and the receptionist at that point once again tersely informed me, with a visible control freak smirk on her face, that I must direct all questions only to Beth Clay at the Committee Office.

So, I walked through the halls of the Reyburn Building down to the Committee Office with a half dozen armed Washington Capital Cops following just 3 feet behind me. When I got there, one entered with me, totally interfering with my privacy while the other 5 waited out in the hall.

As I waited in line to get into the Hearing, a Washington Capital Cop took a poloroid photo of me while pretending to test a camera of a tourist ostensibly confiscated by the metal detector when the tourist entered the building. It was a very stupid thing for her to say given that they camera had a government tag visible on it.

When I called the Washington Capital Police today to complain about this ongoing police state harrassment demanding to know the exact nature of the complaint against me, and who had brought it since I have never so much as been convicted of a misdemeanor, much less a felony, I was provided no information, except that I must apparently obey Beth Clay's every demand when she attempts to dictate matters to me pertaining to the first amendment and my allegedly objectionable "tone".

Welcome to the 4th Reich. Also, don't make the mistake of thinking a press pass from any organization aside from the Federal Government will get you into a Congressional Hearing. It won't. The only reason I got in at all was that I waited in line for a very long time, and when I exited the Hearing, another Washington Capital Cop came up to me and said "Mr. Hammell, I believe in being very up front. I have been ordered to follow you around by my superiors." He had been shown the photo of me taken earlier that day while I waited to get into the Hearing.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich. The only thing protecting your access to the high potency vitamins you need is your second amendment right to bear arms. I strongly recommend to all Americans on the IAHF list that you join me as a member of Concerned Citizens Against Police States.You will find a link to this fine organization at off the front page of the IAHF website.

CCOPS was started by Aaron Zellman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership.
Although I am not Jewish, I joined CCOPs and JPFO, as well as Gun Owners of America because the United Nations is pressuring all governments world wide to adopt stringent gun control measures as part of the global campaign to enslave us. During the Nazi invasion of the Warsaw Ghetto, the only Jews who weren't rounded up and put on the rail road cars to Auchwitz and the other concentration camps were those gun owners who refused to give up their arms.

Hitler's war machine was fueled by IG Farben, a Cartel comprised of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. (Bayer and BASF are amongst CRNs heavily pharmaceutical membership, and CRN is actively trying to harmonize our dietary supplement laws to the grossly restrictive EU Vitamin Directive (see US and EU Business Leaders Agree on Principles to Harmonize Dietary Supplement Regulations

IG Farben was heavily funded by the Rockefellers, Morgans, Du Ponts, Rothchilds, and other ruling elite whose goal was, and still is, to force us all into a global totalitarian state. The eugenics program embraced by Adolph Hitler originated in America prior to WW 2, and at the end of the war, many of the top Nazi scientists involved in the eugenics and mind control programs were brought to America and put to work in our government.

Naval Academy Graduate Boyd Ed Graves has exposed the fact that AIDS was created by the government as part of this eugenics program. See

Velcome to Virtual Government.
Velcome to ze American Nazi Police State.

We are being readied for genocide. It is being brought to us via the TABD, IADSA, and Codex. Unless more Americans wake up fast to this reality, we will soon see our friends in Europe forced into harmonization with the grossly restrictive German regulatory model and people in the UK, Holland and Sweden will all lose access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, except by prescription, and many people will be driven to premature graves. See the 2 anti Codex petitions at and jump from there to the La Leva petition. Both the EU and the US Congress are ignoring the will of the vitamin consumers of the world, so far more people must sign.

We are NEXT. We are NEXT unless more people join forces with IAHF to hold Burton's feet to the fire. He promised to run FDA's statements that our domestic laws are protected by Federal Statute 19 USC 3512 (a)(1) and (a)(2) past the Congressional Research Service which has already told Congressman Ron Paul that no Federal Statute is currently protecting US law. Congressman De Fazio, on the other side of the aisle believes this to be true, and a growing number of American vitamin consumers, health food stores, and vitamin companies are seeing through the spin controlled lies of their own trade associations as our grass roots coalition keeps building in size and strength as the snowball of truth keeps rolling down the hill building up momentum, soon to flatten all opposition.

The chant echos through my memory from the streets of Seattle: "The PEOPLE, UNITED, Will NEVER BE DIVIDED!!!"

Who says the American Revolution has become a fat lady drivin' a Cadillac? This is just a preliminary report on what happened at the hearing. A more detailed account with specifics from the testimony will be provided soon.

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom

If you appreciate these ongoing efforts to defend your access to dietary supplements, kindly send a donation to IAHF PO Box 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA or use your credit or debit card to email a donation to me via PayPal from anywhere in the world. See on the scroll bar for info re PayPal which doesn't cost a cent to sign up for. I'm still in DC fomentin' rev for a few more days, and will be confirring again with Congressman Paul's staff tomorrow to help develop a post hearing "Dear Colleague" letter to be sent to every member of the House of Representatives to call attention to the dire need for follow up hearings on the Codex vitamin issue.

I intend to show this email to the Washington Capital Police as part of IAHF's ongoing effort to educate as they are wasting taxpayers money following me around. In 12 years of attending Congressional hearings, I have never once disrupted one, and I was wrongly barred from presenting oral testimony at the one just held. I don't have a criminal record, having never been convicted of so much as a misdemeanor, much less a felony. The only threat I pose is to the Pharma Cartel, with information I have. The pen is mightier than the sword, and through IAHF the voice of the American people will never be suppressed.