To: IAHF List
Subject: Pharma Cartel Snitch Undercover on Capital Hill: BURTON PLEASE WAKE UP!!! LOOK at your STAFF - and LOOK at your WITNESSES - EXAMINE PROGRAM FOR THE IADSA MEETING....
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:38:56 -0500

IAHF List: Please forward this to your Congressman and tell them that unless Congressman Burton wakes up on a basis of this message, that he will be in violation of his Oath to defend the Constitution, and to defend our domestic laws against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, enemies which include the multinational pharmaceutical interests (who Burton is calling as "witnesses" who will claim that the Codex vitamin issue is a "non issue" because they don't want the truth to come out while they're OPENLY working towards creating a "Global Regulatory Model" for dietary supplements which would undermine US vitamin laws that we don't WANT undermined.

(see IADSA Program with list of presenters by clicking on acrobat reader icon at this url) List of presenters for this program include two of Burton's scheduled witnesses for the March 20 Oversight Hearing: David Seckman, Exec Dir of NNFA; Loren Israelsen, Exec Dir UNPA, and a third, Randy Dennin, employee of Pfizer, who is Co Chair of NNFA's International Committee with Karl Riedel, another of Burton's scheduled witnesses (and the man who will claim falsely that Codex is a "non issue"..... more on the conflict of interest below.

Tell your Congressman that you would like them to sign a Dear Colleague Letter protesting this situation, and that you'd like them to support an effort to hold a GENUINE oversight hearing through a DIFFERENT Congressional Committee, UNLESS Congressman Burton WAKES UP and does the RIGHT THING by firing some of his staff, and by POSTPONING the hearing planned on March 20th in order to invite those witnesses capable of bringing out the TRUTH on the Codex vitamin issue.


What follows is a true, and quite sickening story. This is my last ditch effort to wake up Burton, the American people, vitamin consumers world wide, and anyone else who may be interested in trying to help me stop the Pharma Cartel's effort to STEAL our vitamins, and to undermine our domestic vitamin laws by "harmonizing them" to a "Global Regulatory Model" an agenda which several of Congressman Burton's scheduled WITNESSES are openly planning on advancing at an IADSA meeting in Capetown South Africa just 10 days after this planned Oversight hearing on March 20 ends.


[See about the IADSA meeting in Capetown- where the "theme" is "TOWARDS A GLOBAL REGULATORY MODEL" (for dietary supplements). If you go to this website, click on the acrobat reader link to see their program of speakers. You will find that they include some of Burton's scheduled witnesses: Loren Israelsen, David Seckman, along with Randy Dennin of Pfizer. While Dennin isn't scheduled to be one of Burton's witnesses, Karl Riedel is, and Riedel is Co Chair of NNFA' International Committee along with Dennin, and they speak as if with one voice.

It was Dennin and Riedel who "developed" NNFA's pro pharmaceutical, pro FDA position on Codex.... and their involvement in IADSA's efforts to create a "Global Regulatory Model" which will undermine US domestic law speaks volumes, as does Iraelsens work as counsel to the European American Phytomedicines Coalition, where he represented several German pharmaceutical companies, including Boerhinger Ingleheim, who have for years been trying to get the world to harmonize to the German regulatory model.... I presented Burton's office with documentation on all of this in the form of correspondence between the EAPC and FDA that is on public file in the FDA's archives, but suspect it may have all been kept from him by [BLANK] or maybe by more than one person such as [BLANK] on his staff who are taking their marching orders from people like NNFA lobbyist Joe Long... rather than listen to the will of the People.

This situation regarding [BLANK] deeply saddens, and angers me, but theres not much I can do about it beyond telling you this....... it has a lot to do with the situation we're in now with this oversight hearing as the truth about the Codex vitamin issue is being so horribly suppressed.

About 7 years ago I had lunch with Jackie Wooten, PhD, who today is the Editor of the Journal of Alternative Medicine. We were at an ACAM meeting, and Jackie had just been fired from her job at the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. Also working there was an individual who will go by the name of ["BLANK"].

Jackie had been fired for doing something that angered Dr.Varmus, the head of NIH- (who HATED the Office of Alternative Medicine) and did everything possible to undermine it by firing all the effective people and filling the place up with SNITCHES who were loyal to him and who ratted out anyone who did anything that he didn't like.

Jackie had been fired for merely giving out the phone numbers of alternative practitioners to members of the public who called in seeking help, often for terminal illnesses and serious medical problems for which the mainstream had no answers. When she was fired, she was only given 5 minutes to clean out her desk, and was escorted from the building by an armed guard who told her never to come back.

Naturally hearing this made me very angry at Varmus, and sad for Jackie, so I told Jackie that I had been on the Ad Hoc Advisory Board which intitially set the wheels in motion to create the Office of Alternative Medicine, and that in an effort to keep abreast of their work, I made periodic phone calls to the Office where I often had spoken with [BLANK]. I wanted to know if [BLANK] was someone we could trust, or if [BLANK] was one of Varmus's snitches.

Jackie replied "she's one of Varmus's snitches".

I filed this tidbit away in the back of my brain, and didn't give much though to it til years later. Suddenly it was 1996, a couple of years after I had heard Jackie's story. In Germany at a Codex meeting of the CCNFSDU, I observed Dr.Yetley violate US law by illegally seconding a Canadian motion to shift herbs entirely out of Codex, over to a secret committee at the World Health Organization (to which we have zero access).

It was illegal for Yetley to second the motion to do this because it shifted herbs out of Codex (where they at least would have been considered FOODS, as is consistent with US law) over to the World Health Organization (which considers all dietary supplements to be "drugs" which is obviously INCONSISTENT with US law.

As soon as I got back I started calling Burton's office clamoring for Oversight, was initially promised a hearing, but then nothing happened because pharmaceutically dominated CRN and NNFA began piling Burton's plate high with other oversight matters that they insisted were "REAL" (even as they insisted Codex was "NOT REAL")

There was a guy on Burton's staff at the time named Milt Copulous who was genuinely trying to help me, but the moment he started making any headway on Codex, they'd pile his plate full of other hearings that CRN and NNFA said were "REAL" and he would be taken off of the Codex effort, time and time again. This was very frustrating to not only me, but to him as well.

After a long time of this happening repeatedly, since Copulous never "GOT THE MESSAGE" that the ruling elite were trying to send him to "STAY AWAY" from work on the Codex vitamin issue, even though he had an excellent rapport with Congressman Burton, suddenly he was "laid off" and was told he was "no longer needed" and that they were "setting him up with a job off the Hill" which he was to begin immediately. This happened in '98, AFTER Burton had tried to help me by signing the letter thats on my website in a GIF file that told FDA not to put the NAS so called "Risk Assessment" paper on the table at Codex.

I learned from Candace Campbell at the American Preventive Medical Assn that today Milt is working off the Hill in what shows every appearance of being a CIA think tank. I have his work phone number and home phone number but he won't talk to me. I suspect strongly that the reason is because he knows that the reason he got shuffled off the Hill was due to his efforts to help me on the Codex Vitamin issue. He knows that the people who removed him from Burton's staff and set him up with the job he's in now could pull the rug out from under him at any time, or even WORSE, if he dared to stick his neck out any further after having been given "THE WORD." I remember when they "laid Milt off" he was VERY CONFUSED about what was happening, but looking back it is PAINFULLY APPARENT what was happening-the ruling elite monitor certain congressional staff VERY CLOSELY, and when they don't perform as SCRIPTED they have the power to shuffle them off the hill on moment's notice, and they USE STAFF to control Senators and Congressmen by SCRIPTING them through staff since they're often too busy and delegate so much to them.

So, Milt's removal from the Hill forced me to have no choice but to attempt to work with [BLANK] who had been hired by Burton after once having worked at OAM where Jackie had run afoul of her as one of Varmus's snitches.

Needless to say, the prospect of working with [BLANK] was deeply disturbing to me, but what choice did I have? I had to consider that maybe Jackie's information was wrong, that maybe [BLANK] was actually NOT a plant doing the bidding of the Pharma Cartel, that MAYBE [BLANK] was actually on our side, or perhaps that [BLANK] might have BEEN on the other side, but had possibly switched allegiances to our side.

So, throughout '98 I attempted to get [BLANK] to help me work towards having a Codex Vitamin Oversight hearing, especially since I had videotape of Yetley ignoring her bosses letter to Yetley which told Yetley not to put the NAS "risk assessment" paper on the table at Codex.

But [BLANK] was "too busy" working on other hearings, hearings which she had been told were "important" by pharmaceutically dominated CRN and NNFA while people like NNFA lobbyist Ed Long were telling her that "CODEX is a non issue- it can't impact our domestic law due to protection by Federal Statute 19 USC 3512 (a)(1) and (a)(2) which everyone on the IAHF list who has been following this sad scenario knows doesn't genuinely protect our domestic laws due to the Mutual Recognition Agreements that the USA signed under NAFTA and GATT which requires us to enter into a constant process of harmonization.

Ed Long may or may not realize this, but I assure you, attorneys at PFIZER who are scripting NNFA's International Committee Co Chair Randy Dennin (their employee) sure realize this, and have a vested interest in keeping all NNFA members (and Burton, and the public) in the DARK about this, and they absolutely can't afford to have any GENUINE oversight on the matter.

So.... on March 20, they're planning on WHITEWASHING the hearing. Via help from [BLANK] they have blindsided Burton, who has been set up like a bowling pin by information being kept from him. He just doesn't realize what is going on. He has been horribly set up, and I can only hope he gets THIS message in time and LOOKS at what I'm saying. He should contact Congressman Ron Paul, and Congressman De Fazio, both of whom can clearly see this issue and KNOW what is going on.

He should look very CLOSELY at his WITNESS LIST- especially at his NNFA Witnesses........


1. Loren Israelsen, esq, Executive Director of the Utah Natural Products Alliance ---- while claiming that Codex is a "non issue" that "can't impact our domestic law, but can only impact our international sales" will be making a presentation just 10 days after this "Oversight" hearing ends in Capetown, South Africa at a meeting of IADSA, a pharmaceutically dominated international umbrella group of vitamin trade associations which is feverishly working to create a "HARMONIZED GLOBAL REGULATORY MODEL for DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS"

In other words, while PRETENDING that our sovereign domestic vitamin laws are "SAFE" from changes by Codex harmonization, Israelsen is participating in a pharmaceutically dominated effort to GLOBALLY HARMONIZE THE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT LAWS OF THE WORLD.

2. David Seckman of NNFA, another of Burton's scheduled "witnesses" is also scheduled to speak at IADSA in Capetown just 10 days after Burton's "OVERSIGHT" hearing is held.....

3. Karl Riedel, NNFA's International Committee Co Chair is ALSO scheduled to be one of Burton's witnesses. He won't be going to the IADSA meeting in Capetown, but his co Chair on NNFA's International Committee, Randy Dennin, employee of Pfizer, WILL be presenting at IADSA, and Riedel echos everything Dennin says, RELIGIOUSLY, without even BOTHERING to examine whether or not its true...... Since he has been fully APPRISED of the ERROR of his thinking on this, one can only SPECULATE as to why he is taking this position.......

One can SPECULATE as to whether or not Dennin, the man from Pfizer, has ever made any offers to Riedel or not, but that would be sheer speculation. Could he have been offered stock options with Pfizer if he played along, or could he have been offered the possibility of Nature's Life being bought out by Pfizer, much in the way that Rand Skolnick cashed in by selling Solgar to American Home Products???

Again, there is no way to know for sure, but we DO know for sure that Randy Dennin, CEO of Capsugel, is in FACT an employee of Pfizer, because we see that right on Capsugel's own website at

So...... back to [BLANK], two years ago, after trying unsuccessfully to get [BLANK] working towards helping get an oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue, I got frustrated one day because NOTHING WAS HAPPENING, there was ZERO movement in the direction of a hearing being put together because CRN and NNFA were telling [BLANK] that Codex was a "non issue" so oversight on the issue "wasn't necessary." So I had a meeting in DC with [BLANK] and handed her a loose leaf binder with the specifics of this issue spelled out in great detail because she kept complaining that she never had time to talk with me because her desk was always piled 4 feet deep in paper and she was tied up with other hearings. So I told her I only had a few more sections of the notebook to finish gathering information on and she SMIRKED as she said very pointedly "That REALLY won't be NECESSARY!!" (In other words Pfizer, Hoffman La Roche, etc sure don't WANT a hearing, so for THEM its "not necessary" but just who the hell is [BLANK] listening to, the will of the American People or the will of PFIZER, et al, as expressed to her via people like Ed Long, Loren Israelsen, Karl Riedel, Randy Dennin...........?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

And Burton.................... what about YOU???

You're supposed to be conducting OVERSIGHT, and THAT MEANS that you are supposed to KNOW who your staff are and you're supposed to truly OVERSEE THEM so that they are in FACT doing the will of We, the People so that the OVERSIGHT that you conduct will be REAL, and not FAKE, SELF SERVING BOGUSNESS intended only to benefit the multinational pharmaceutical interests that have clearly gotten control of the vitamin trade associations which are sending some of the SAME PEOPLE who you're calling as WITNESSES over to the IADSA meeting in Capetown just 10 days later so they can all work together to bring about GLOBAL HARMONIZATION of the world's dietary supplement laws which threaten to UNDERMINE our sovereign laws...........

BURTON, PLEASE, WAKE UP!!! Please go to the following website and learn the AWFUL TRUTH for yourself, and STOP assisting pharmaceutical interests POSING under the GUISE of being vitamin industry reps..... these people are actively trying to harmonize our domestic dietary supplement laws to an international standard. If you go on the url below, you will also be able to click on an acrobat reader section to see their program where Seckman, Israelsen, Dennin are listed as presenters.... this info isn't listed in the press release below, but you can see it if you go to the url below and click on the acrobat reader section to see the program.

It seems that Seckman, Dennin, Riedel, and Israelsen don't want us to know certain things, they don't want us to know that theyr'e trying to undermine US law by working towards creation of a Global Regulatory Model. We, the People of America don't WANT or TRUST a "Global Regulatory Model" We're not INTERESTED in living in Sector 39 of a world governement, we want to remain where we are, living right here in America, under American domestic laws, and we demand REAL OVERSIGHT



South Africa will be hosting complementary medicine's first international conference on proposed global regulation entitled, "Towards a Global Regulatory Model," in Cape Town from March 30 to 31, 2001

Leading industry experts from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia will represent views, case studies and possible regulatory approaches that could assist the process towards global regulation.

Internationally the complementary medicine industry is worth $US 36 Billion with herbal foods and supplements representing $US 19 Billion and vitamins and food supplements representing $US 18 Billion. Although the South African industry represents less than 1% of the world market at R 1.7 Billion, it is exhibiting the same rapid growth pattern.

Comments South Africa-based IADSA* (International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations) President, Bruce Dennison. "It is a tremendous honor for South Africa to be selected as the host country for an international conference of this caliber. Complementary medicine worldwide is an exciting, progressive and rapidly growing industry - it's growth mainly motivated by powerful consumer demand and a subsequent keen interest from the heavily regulated traditional medicine sector.

"Global regulation of dietary and food supplements has become an industry imperative and if implemented, will alter the nature of the international complementary medicine industry forever."

The conference will strive to achieve an international perspective on global thinking and developments within the industry. Presentations will examine framework directives (the suggested rules and regulations that should govern the marketing of complementary medicines), risk assessment /management (including proposals on safe product regulation) and the various viewpoints on claim substantiation. The importance of quality products for the continued growth if the industry is highlighted and an in-depth look at herbals - the fastest growing sector of the industry - emphasises the conflicting approaches adopted by various countries.

Concludes Dennison. "The conference was structured to provide a window on current international thinking and a platform from which to start formulating harmonised regulation around the world. The next step will be the Co-ordination of an international workshop to take this initiative further.

"We look forward to welcoming the 26 IADSA* member countries to this far-reaching conference and urge the local complementary and traditional medicine industries to attend. 'Towards a Global Regulatory Model' promises to be a watershed event in the development of complementary medicine."

*IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations) members represent 26 major countries around the world and are the most powerful lobby group within their respective countries with regards to complementary medicine.

For further workshop and registration details contact:
Deirdre Allen
Tel/Fax: (011) 789-4464