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Subject: Mindless "UL"s Approved in EU Parliament Vote on Vitamin Directive: Response to a British MEP About the Vote:
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 12:03:27 -0500

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IAHF List: [see the letter from British MEP James Elles about the vote and my response below my comments] Please forward widely !!!!

We won a partial victory in the EU in that they got a broader definition of dietary supplements than the original which was limited to strictly including vitamins and minerals and nothing else, however the mindlessly unscientific "SAFE UPPER LEVELS" were approved, therefor we shall demand that the whole sorry mess be vetoed when it goes next to the EU Council of Ministers or this decision will jeopardize the world via harmonization and Codex. The USA is roped into a constant process of harmonization via Mutual Recognition Agreements stemming from NAFTA and GATT, and unless Congress properly addresses the matter through thorough oversight on February 28th, we're in serious trouble, and there is a need to KEEP signing both petitions !!!!

I am hoping that British MEP James Elles will carefully read and respond to my response below to the email that he sent to his constituent, Philip Dawes in the UK. Philip has been doing a great job of educating British vitamin consumers to the truth, and in this email I encourage Elles to make a careful review of several well written, scientific rebuttals to the "UL" concept in the hope that when this matter next goes before the EU Council of Ministers, that England TRULY will act on behalf of its citizens (since it did NOT in the recent vote), and on behalf of vitamin consumers world wide, by doing the only morally acceptable thing here, which would be to exercise their veto power to kill the Vitamin Directive outright.

Some of you have asked what happened to the Anti Codex, Anti EU Vitamin Directive La Leva petition which went off line yesterday. An adversary committing an illegal act managed to temporarily drive the petition offline, however it is back now at with 14,878 signatures and the criminal matter is under investigation.

There is a need to keep signing the La Leva petition because the EU matter has not yet concluded, next it goes for a vote by the EU Council of Ministers where health ministers from each of the 15 EU countries vote to approve or reject the changes made to the Directive by the EU Parliament, and we're hoping perhaps the Danes, Swedes, English, Dutch, or Portuguese will veto it completely and relegate this bad idea to the scrapheap of history where it belongs. IAHF applauds the great job being done by Tamara in Denmark and her group Mayday who are the world leaders per capita in signing the La Leva petition. IAHF also applauds the Portuguese who had a sudden flurry of signatures just before the EU Parliament voted, and we encourage the Portuguese to keep at it!!

Americans: in addition to the La Leva petition, please keep signing the petition on Gary Null's website at as our Codex Vitamin Oversight Hearing is on Feb 28, and the more signatures we get, the harder it will be for the Cartel to get away with stacking the witnesses presenting oral testimony hearing against us.

3,117 Americans have now signed this petition calling for genuine Oversight, as opposed to spin controlled oversight whereby the only witnesses besides the FDA would be reps from CRN and NNFA which do not represent the American people, but do represent multinational pharmaceutical interests. Please forward this to more people. Anyone can be on the IAHFemail distribution list by sending a blank email to

Subj: Re: EU Vitamin Directive Vote
Date: 2/15/01 12:50:22 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (James Elles)

"Thank you for writing to me about the draft Directive on Food Supplements. As Conservatives, we believe in informed consumer choice to the maximum level consistent with consumer safety. In the debates and votes in the European Parliament we supported the principal of the Upper Safety Limit being the key to this and happily this was accepted by the Parliament.

Dear Mr. Elles:

I'd like to thank you for communicating with us about what happened regarding the vote in the EU Parliament on the Vitamin Directive, however as an informed vitamin consumer I must say I am quite disappointed to hear that the Parliament "happily" accepts the unscientific "Upper Safety Limit" concept for already safe substances, when there is no valid evidence to support the contention that this is even necessary. Surely after reading what follows, England will choose wisely to exercise its veto power when this matter comes under deliberation in the European Council of Ministers, and I urge you to please share my communication with your fellow MEPs, and I sincerely hope to learn your views after you've read what I'm sending you for the sake of additional dialogue, otherwise you will soon find yourselves in a black market situation with British citizens being forced to endure the indignity of flying here to the states to smuggle high potency vitamins home in their suitcases.

I urge you to please visit where you can see a very educational article by Ron Law of New Zealand who has statistically plotted a chart that shows the relative danger of vitamins compared to things like bee stings, all insect poisonings, being hit by lightening, being run over by a car, and the use of properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs...... Statistically, there is a much better chance that you will be killed by a bee sting, or by being hit by lightening than there is of being killed by a vitamin.

Properly researched, regulated, prescribed and properly used drugs are the fourth most common cause of death – but they are never reported. (Source, Journal of the American Medical Association - Range 90,000 to 160,000 deaths per year.) That’s a Boeing 747 crashing every day! 46 people die every day from Aspirin alone in the USA.

Sir, even WATER is unsafe at SOME LEVEL. Please THINK about it. Drink enough WATER and it will burst your stomach wall and you will DIE, but do you see any effort being made by the so called "Scientific Committee on Food" of the EU (or the equally corrupt Food and Nutrition Board of the US National Academy of Science) to develop a "SAFE UPPER LEVEL" on WATER??? Of course not, because water doesn't "interfere" with the sales of any of their patented drugs, and if they ever TRIED putting a UL on water people would mock them with as much derision as they SHOULD be reserving for them at the MOMENT over SAFE vitamins.

Mr.Ellis, I urge you and all the other MEPs, for the sake of the PUBLIC HEALTH to please do some reading in order to learn the truth so that you can PROPERLY assist your constituents. Please read the following articles in addition to Ron Law's excellent article above:

1. The ABC's of Confusion as a Weapon by Brian Leibovitz, PhD (Former Editor the Journal of Applied Nutrition, Former Editor The Journal of Optimal Nutrition)> Leibovitz brilliantly exposes the complete fraudulence of the UL concept, as well as other equally ludicrous acronyms such as the "LOAEL" "AEI" "EAR" and shows how pharmaceutical interest use junk science to literally FABRICATE spin to be used to demonize safe vitamins.

2. by Richard Malter, Ph.D. Rebuttal to the National Academy of Sciences Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients This well written article was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine this past year. It critically dissects the junk science of the pharmaceutically funded National Academy of Science and exposes the fraudulence of the "UL" concept, proving clearly that all it is is pharmaceutical spin intended to demonize safe substances.

3. by Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health Inc. The Perils and Pitfalls of Harmonized Food Supplements Exposes the massive public health hazard posed by the pharmaceutically funded junk science induced public policy being developed in the name of "public safety"

4. A Critical Analysis of The National Academy of Sciences' Attack on Dietary Supplements by William Faloon, VP, The Life Extension Foundation Very carefully footnoted, totally exposes the spin so anyone can see it.

Mr.Ellis, please carefully review these materials and please engage me, as well as your constituent Philip Dawes in a dialogue regarding them as the life you save could be your own, or that of a loved one. You have a duty to safeguard the health of the people of England. I trust I have been of service to you here and encourage you to engage in serious communication with Philip so that you can help us educate your fellow MEPs, not only from England, but other countries as well. If this does not happen, the EU's action yesterday could jeopardize the health of not only people in the EU, but all over the world due to harmonization. You might wonder why an American would bother writing to you about this, and the answer is simple: we care deeply about our friends in England, and would hate for any harm to befall them. Just as we were there for you during the second world war when the world was at war with Germany, so we are with you again now in your time of need.

We also supported the successful move to widen the choice of supplements available to include physiological items as well as nutrients, and to extend the list of permitted supplements well beyond the list proposed by the Commission. All these items are currently and safely available in the UK.

True, they are safely available in the UK right NOW, but for how much LONGER will they be available given that you have bought into the unscientific concept of creating "Safe Upper Levels" for already safe substances where no such limits are scientifically warranted? Clearly, England must exercise its veto power over the Vitamin Directive when the matter is deliberated next before your Council of Ministers. If this is not done, England will lose access to high potency vitamins except by prescription or by black market smuggling, prescriptions for high potency vitamins aren't warranted from a safety standpoint, and a black market is never in the best interests of the public health.

We were not successful in avoiding reference to the Recommended Daily Allowance that applies in some countries, although this will only be take into account if this is 'close to the Upper Safe Limit.' Our concern was that if consumers were unable to attain locally supplements in dosages to which they had become accustomed, or which were necessary to their health, they would be forced either to purchase larger quantities and hence pay a higher price, or shop from abroad by mail order or the internet from countries where there may be no safety regulations.

You once again assert that the "Upper Safe Limit" is a valid scientific concept. Please read the materials referenced above. Upon a careful perusal of them, you will quickly disavow yourself of this erroneous notion.

Your concern about consumers having to purchase supplements in higher prices and higher quantities in order to obtain dosages to which they are accustomed is certainly valid. If your concern about alleged lack of safety regulations extends to products purchased by mail order or from the web from American companies, such concerns would not be warranted.

I would think you would feel a certain amount of embarrassment if you should fail to properly protect your own vitamin industry, when England is the world's second largest manufacturer of dietary supplements. I would think you would also feel a certain quite justifiable enmity with Germany given what they are currently trying to do to damage the the public health of whole world via this EU Directive and Codex, especially after how they pounded your cities with bombs during the second world war, and when so many British citizens died fighting Hitler. IG Farben, the Pharma Cartel which fueled Hitler's rise to power is still very much with us today, its just gone underground.

This fact has been exposed by Matthias Rath, MD of Almelo Netherlands at where you can see video and still photos from our demonstration in Berlin last June against the Codex Alimentarius Commissions Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses, where the Cartel is also trying to destroy our access to vitamins by playing games very similar to those being played within the EU Parliament.

I believe we have secured a better position for consumers than at one stage looked likely and we shall watch carefully to see what proposals and limits come from the Commission at the next stage of the legislation.

I can't comment for your constituent, but am sure Philip will have his own thoughts on what you are saying here. I will comment only to say that while you did indeed do well to expand the previously limited definition of dietary supplements, and I congratulate you on that, this "Safe Upper Level" nonsense currently poses a threat to the public health of not only people in England and throughout the EU, but to people all over the world due to "HARM-onization" stemming from the Mutual Recognition Agreements signed as a result of the great CON known as NAFTA and GATT, along with the great UN Con known as the Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use. (To see the non transparency of that corrupt body, go to the Media section of and watch the videotape of Grossklauss, the German who runs the meeting, forcing me to turn my camcorder off and stop filming.)

I urge you to please read the material I've sent you which totally validates the truth of my assertion, and I urge England to exercise its veto power to send this Vitamin Directive to where it must go: to the scrap heap of history as one of the worst, most unscientific ideas to ever be foisted upon a sleeping public. IAHF stands by to assist you in your endeavors. Many of your constituents subscribe to our listbot listserve email list which you can sign onto by sending email to or from the listbot menu at which is located underneath my story. Vitamins saved my life, and all I want is for others to have the same chance I've had. We must once again join hands across the pond in defense against a common enemy: the Pharma Cartel and the German government. Luckily, at least we don't have to fight the German people this time around, as many of them are fighting alongside us as you can see from the videotaped demonstration in Berlin last June.

With Kind Regards,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
P.O. Box 625 Floyd, Virginia, America 24091
540-763-3051 local and overseas
800-333-2553 (US and Canada)

With best wishes,
James Elles"


Mr James E.M. ELLES, MEP,

Urgent Open Address to:
European Commission
Council of Europe
Members of the European Parliament.

Codex Alimentarius


· Background
· Food supplements are proven to be extremely safe!
· The long term plans of the Pharma Cartel
· If the present availability of high potency health supplements are banned from open sale, the following will happen

An Internet-based international Anti-EU petition has recently been created campaigning against the pharmaceutical industries' onslaught to destroy the availability of mega-dose nutritional supplements in health food stores worldwide.

The Pharma Cartel, a conglomerate of multi-national pharmaceutical companies, pays high-flying public relations firms to disseminate fabricated scientific information to the international media, medical associations and government bodies worldwide.

The Cartel hatched their plans to create Codex Alimentarius more than twelve years ago, through the World Health Organization (WTO). Their sole purpose was to force through a reduction in the nutrient levels of supplements to be sold through health food shops; levels that have negligible health benefits, if any, and to make mega-dose supplements available only by doctors' prescription

The underlying reason for these fraudulent legislative efforts is trade -money. Nothing more, nothing less! Their plan of action is to extend their stranglehold over the lucrative multi-billion dollar vitamins and minerals market, thereby strengthening their allopathic drug industry worldwide. But it is more sinister than that!

· The Cartel fabricates scientific information about the 'potentially dangerous effects' of high potency nutritional supplements.

Now Codex Alimentarius is at the European stage (Council of Europe, European Parliament).

Food supplements are proven to be extremely safe!
· People who use high potency supplements are generally healthier than the average person.

· Nutritional supplements cure specific diseases.

· The late brilliant scientist Linus Pauling, Ph.D. (1), was the first to prove the nutritional and health benefits of mega-dose vitamin supplements in relation to optimum health. He created the term 'Orthomolecular Medicine' covering this form of health treatment, which is now practiced by enlightened medical doctors around the world.

· Certain diseases are caused by the 'lack' of particular vitamins and minerals in a person's daily diet, or persons' inability to metabolize various food nutrients.

The long term plans of the Pharma Cartel:
1. Once Codex Alimentarius is agreed at European level and endorsed by European governments, it will coerce national governments around the world to fall in line.

2. High potency nutritional supplements will be banned and their sale made illegal through health food shops.

3. The small and medium traditional vitamin and mineral manufacturers, presently supplying health food shops around the world, will gradually be forced out of business.

4. Companies making up the Pharma Cartel will swallow these small flailing companies. (They have already started to do this.)

5. The Pharma Cartel will then produce the high-potency nutritional supplements, under their own, and well established, health store brand labels.

6. The new high potency vitamins and minerals will then only be available with doctors' prescription.

7. The price of the new high-potency supplements will increase multi-fold, in comparison to current prices. For example, one month's supply of a supplement now costing £10.00 in a health store, will then cost £25.00 to £60.00 or more, with a doctor's prescription from a pharmacy.

If the present availability of high potency health supplements
are banned from open sale, the following will happen:

1. People who previously maintained optimum health, using high potency supplements on a regular or periodic basis, and who can afford it, will be forced to go to their doctor and 'plead' for a prescription to buy them from a chemist.

2. Doctors, who have no understanding of nutrition in relation to good health, will dismiss these patients.

3. Other doctors who have a more mercenary approach will benefit from such sales, (as they do already when prescribing pharmaceutical medicines.)

4. People, who will not be able to afford the new extortionate prices for high potency prescription supplements, will fall ill.

i. Some of these people will fall under the hammer of allopathic medical treatment, and will be forced to use medicinal drugs to treat their (new) illnesses, or have surgery.
ii. As a direct consequence of this there will be further illnesses and deaths.

5. An illicit pharmaceutical manufacturing industry will emerge, producing high potency supplements for the new growing black market demand.

i. Because of the draconian law there will be no control over such manufacturers.
ii. Some of the illicit manufacturers will produce substandard supplements, which may have dangerous or fatal health effects.
iii. Sectors of the Pharma Cartel will produce some supplements of high potency using synthetic materials. These will cause serious allergic side effects with certain people, causing medium to chronic health disorders (and occasionally death.)
iv. This in turn will necessitate medical treatment, with possible hospitalization.

As a Member of the European Parliament, representing Great Britain, you are urged to vote against the money-driven draconian proposal of Codex Alimentarius, which the Pharma Cartel has engineered.

You are urged to do everything in your power to vote out every aspect of Codex Alimentarius! It is a matter that will not only influence the health, well being and life of hundreds of thousands of European citizens, but it also concerns tens of millions of citizens of the world.

The Anti-EU Nutritional Supplements Petition is available worldwide on the Internet and signed by people from 98 countries. It is in English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish languages, with other translations to come.

1. Linus Pauling, Ph.D., was the only ever double Nobel Laureate, and achieved the accolade: "one of the 20 most important scientists of all time," by New Scientist, 1979.)

This petition has been brought to you by:
Philip Dawes,
Health & Nutrition Protection Campaign (HNPC),
5 Brentmead Place, London NW11 9JD, UK.

Tel: 020 8201 8714