To: IAHF List
Subject: IAHF on Short Wave Radio "Sweet Liberty" Program 2 Shows Monday and Tuesday Jan 22-23
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 18:15:09 -0500

IAHF List:
Everyone on this distribution list world wide can tune in on Short Wave Radio To Hear These Health Freedom Shows Monday and Tuesday Jan 22-23 10-11 pm US Eastern Time

John Hammell will be a guest on Jackie Patru's Short Wave Radio Show "Sweet Liberty" on 3.215 MHz (WWCR, world-wide) Jackie has had this show for many years and has a large listening audience world wide.

We will discuss the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom and What You Can Do to Fight Back!

On Jackie's show I will be discussing Globalization, the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body, and how we're being set up for Harm-onization to CODEX Via the Creation of PHONY SAFETY STANDARDS for vitamins!


This is the key point to use when educating your Congressmen, MPs or MEPs is that the only OUT a country has if it wishes not to harmonize its domestic vitamin laws to these very dangerous international standards is on a basis of SAFETY, and the PHARMA CARTEL is setting us up with PHONY safety standards that will be used against us by the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body, unless exposed NOW and STOPPED!!

On the IAHF website, see NAS paper and Rebuttal, see the Leibovitz section and the Editorial "The ABC's of Confusion as a Weapon" and see Bill Faloon's excellent article A Critical Analysis of The National Academy of Sciences' Attack on Dietary Supplements at

IAHF will be on this short wave show from time to time, and if you want to tune in, but don't have a short wave receiver, you might consider getting one.

The best deal I know of is the Sangean ATS- 818CS see below This excellent radio includes a cassette player so you can tape the shows, and then make copies to send to friends. The Sangean ATS-818CS is available from American Freedom Network for the best price out there, $209 shipping included (they're up to $350 from other websites, C.Crane, etc., and discontinued @ Radio Shack). It truly has it all: digital tuning w/memory, auto-timer, SSB (so you can listen to HAM operators) and, best of all, A BUILT-IN CASSETTE RECORDER, without which you tend to become informed about what mainstream media adherents won't even believe!

IAHF Needs Your Help to Expose and STOP the Codex Threat Ask Your Congressman to Cosponsor the American Sovereignty Restoration Act which pulls us completely out of the WTO This would protect us from Codex

At there is a hotlink into both petitions that must be signed,and to materials for downloading to put in your local health food store A Codex backgrounder and petition for oversight. You can't count on your health food store to know what is going on. You MUST educate them. They are not getting the truth from NNFA or CFH which are being manipulated by pharmaceutical interests

Please donate to IAHF And tell your friends about the free IAHF email distribution list which they can sign up for at from the listbot.
IAHF PO Box 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA

To get a roll of anti UN toilet paper, with the UN logo on alternating squares and info on how the UN screws us, check out Concerned Citizens Against Police States. Get to their website from the link from

Thank you!
John Hammell