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Subject: Null Announces National Tour To Alert Public to Codex & EU Threats to Vitamin Freedom Audio Files of Anti Codex Gary Null Radio Show with Guest John Hammell on (Media Section)
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 19:15:44 -0500

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IAHF List: Audio Clips from yesterdays Gary Null show with guest John Hammell are now on in the Media Section. 1/9/2001 - Pacifica Radio WPFW 89.3 FM - Washington DC

The audio clips from today's Gary Null show over Pacifica Radio Station WPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles Will be Up As soon as possible, but we have good news from today's show! (See below)



by John Hammell, President,
International Advocates for Health Freedom

Best selling health writer, vitamin manufacturer, activist and talk show host Dr. Gary Null today announced his intention to assist John Hammell of International Advocates for Health Freedom by conducting a massive national and international awareness campaign regarding the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom and the dangerous EU Vitamin Directive. Central to Null's mission is to assist IAHF in getting a badly needed Congressional Oversight Hearing on the Codex Vitamin Issue and to assist health freedom fighters in Europe in opposition to the dangerous EU Vitamin Directive which threatens to impact Americans via Codex.

Vowing to kick off the campaign during a book signing tour to be conducted immediately in major health food stores nationwide, Null made this very welcome announcement over Pacific Radio KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, broadcast live over the web to an international audience. Guests on today's show included Kenneth McIver, health freedom activist and acupuncturist from New Zealand, and John Hammell of International Advocates for Health Freedom of Floyd, Virginia.

Announcing his intention to circulate a background paper on the issue, along with a petition calling for badly needed congressional oversight, Null vowed to spark an international revolt against the Pharma Cartel in an effort to break the silence on this suppressed issue and to assist consumers world wide in defending their free access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, as well as to all dietary supplements. IAHF welcomes Null's assistance, as do allied health freedom organizations world wide.

Null requested that Hammell supply his webmaster with a Background Paper and Petition to be handed out on his tour, and to be made available from his website at IAHF webmaster is working with Null's webmaster in order to develop an online petition that can be on the IAHF and Null websites simultaneously, along with the Backgrounder and other campaign materials. These will be available soon.


Today Null was kindly allowed by Roy Tuckman of KPFK in Las Angeles to take his entire timeslot from 3-6am during which Roy normally does his popular show "Somethin's Happenin'" It is almost unheard of for a radio show host to let someone take over their timeslot to do a special program, but Roy recognizes the extreme importance of assisting Null and IAHF by getting the word out about the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom and about the current health freedom emergency in the European Union.

In an effort to help the health freedom fighters of Europe, as well as people in the USA to fight back against Codex, Null did a special fact filled monolog about the perils of globalization and the dangers of the World Trade Organization, then cut to guest Ken McIver, acupuncturist from New Zealand who educated listeners regarding the pitched battle New Zealand is currently waging with Australia. (Australia is trying very hard to force New Zealand to harmonize its very liberal vitamin regulations with Australia's far more restrictive ones.)

This situation between Australia and New Zealand mirrors the whole global harmonization situation, and helps Americans to see that just as the people in New Zealand are currently being pressured to harmonize their sovereign vitamin laws to Australia's far more restrictive laws, all 15 EU countries are currently trying to avoid being harmonized to very restrictive Germany by the EU Vitamin Directive. This EU Directive threatens not only the EU, but the USA as well via Codex, and via the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue, a body comprised of multinational pharmaceutical interests intent on taking over the dietary supplement industry.

On today's show Hammell had the chance to educate people on the broader Codex issue, as well as on what is happening here in the USA, how we're being threatened, and what we must do in order to fight back. He encouraged all Americans (and people world wide) to sign the Anti EU Vitamin Directive Petition at and to sound an urgent alarm about this. He also encouraged all Americans to call Congressman Dan Burton's office via the Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121, as well as their own Congressman and Senators to request an oversight hearing on the Codex Vitamin issue.

Hammell discussed how the FDA is scripting Congress on how to reply to constituent calls for Oversight. FDA (and Congress) are all saying that our domestic laws, (including our vitamin laws) are protected by a Federal Statute which they claim protects our laws from harmonization to international standards. While this is true on paper [U.S.C.3512(a)(1) and (a)(2) ] our reality is quite different.

Our reality is that Congress has been threatened many times with the imposition of trade sanctions unless we harmonized our laws. These threats are emanating from the WTO's dispute settlement body, an international mickey mouse court designed to protect multinational corporate interests, while refusing to hear testimony from anyone but government reps from WTO member nations, biased supporters of pharmaceutical interests such as Dr.Yetley of the FDA. Examples illustrating how non of our laws are safe from harmonization can be found at under "No US Laws Are Safe"

In contrast to Suzanne Harris,JD, who felt that nothing could be done about Codex in the USA unless our laws were first more directly threatened, Null recounted a campaign he conducted years ago in an effort to help the profession of chiropractic which was at one time under unprecedented attack by the American Medical Assn. At that time Null recalls writing two articles in an effort to assist the chiropractors "The Politics of Medicine" and "The Abuse of Chiropractic" which at first he could not get published anywhere he submitted them until Bob Guccione, Publisher of Penthouse Magazine came to his assistance and published them both.

When Null observed that Guccione's magazine was very offensive to a lot of people, Guccione offered to make reprint articles available for free for public distribution through chiropractic offices, health food stores and other outlets, and this generosity helped the Chiropractors to eventually win their landmark anti trust lawsuit Wilke VS AMA

Null also observed that at the start of the campaigns to pass both the Proxmire Vitamin Act and later the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, the supplement industry got off to a slow start initially in both instances, but he kicked things off with a National book signing tour of health food stores through which he also distributed petitions and information about the need for these bills to protect vitamins, and he played a major role in the passage of both bills in '76 and '94 respectively. Thus Null illustrates that we don't HAVE to wait for CODEX to be knocking directly on our door before we clamor for oversight, we must begin right now! IAHF agrees completely, as do all allied health freedom organizations world wide- especially people in Europe currently battling the dangerous EU Vitamin Directive that threatens to impact US law via harmonization. (See U.S. and European Leaders Agree on Principles to Harmonize Dietary Supplement Regulations)

IAHF warns consumers that the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue discussed in the aforementioned article is comprised of multinational pharmaceutical interests looking to take over the dietary supplement industry world wide. Unless the Codex issue is better understood and more widely opposed, they could succeed.

A Concise Backgrounder, and Petition For a Codex Oversight Hearing in the US Congress will soon be put on and on and people on the IAHF email distribution list will soon be sent these materials for additional distribution via health food stores, alternative practitioners offices, and vitamin companies. Anyone can be on the IAHF email distribution list by signing up on the listbot at Donations to IAHF will help carry this urgent message to others and help us do this work. IAHF PO Box 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA 800-333-2553, N.America; local and overseas 540-763-3051 Please forward widely.