To: IAHF List
Subject: America NOT in Lead on EU Vitamin Directive Petition!! Ireland #1, Denmark #2, Canada #3, USA #4
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 15:40:59 -0500

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IAHF List:

Current race results are in on which countries are leading with the most signatures as a percentage of population thus far on the Anti EU Vitamin Directive Petition at , and all of us Americans must EAT HUMBLE PIE! Ireland, Denmark and Canada are kicking our butts, so we must get BUSY! The EU is being set up right now for all EU Nations to walk in lockstep with the Germans into CODEX. Vitamin Laws world wide are not safe from harmonization. We must PROTEST!


Ireland leads, Denmark is second, Canada is third, USA is fourth, New Zealand is 5th, England is 6th, Australia is 7th, Italy is 8th, Holland, Germany, South Africa and France round out the field.

When you go to to check which country is "ahead" in the race to get signatures on the Anti EU Vitamin Directive petition, you can't go by what you see there because it only takes into account total number of signatures, and its not fair because it doesn't take into account the population of the country. To be fair to all the hard working health freedom fighters in Ireland, Denmark, and Canada who are whipping American butt right now, I decided to adjust the figures- see below.

Unless more people world wide, especially inside the EU, get busy to educate the MEPs of the EU, everyone in Europe will be sidled with a grossly restrictive vitamin law that will ban their access to high potency products, and to many supplements that they should be able to get, and this would force all of Europe to walk in lockstep with the grossly restrictive vitamin regulations in Germany and France. Americans and people outside the EU should be very concerned about this due to how it threatens to impact CODEX!

We badly need an OVERSIGHT hearing on the Codex vitamin issue here in the USA, Call Congressman Burton via 202-225-321 and your own congressman and senators office! Do NOT buy into the big lie which is that US laws are "protected from harmonization". The only way any country can legally not harmonize to an international standard is on a basis of safety, and the Pharma Cartel is developing phony, unscientific safety standards as their basis for slamming the door on the USA. It is wrong that FDA is giving us a January 16 deadline on the next set of Codex comments for a meeting that won't occur for another 11 months. We're being set up. We must complain bitterly! Ask your Congressman to cosponsor the American Sovereignty Restoration Act that gets us OUT of the WTO!


Since the total numbers of signatures on the La Leva petition don't tell the REAL story of what country is ahead, I wanted to see what the REAL story is based on population. The real story is that America is NOT in fact ahead, and Canada is NOT number 2, as it appears on the La Leva Site based solely on number of signatures.

Here is the REAL story, based on populations estimates per country from the CIA World Fact Book at I divided the population of each country (July 2000 figures), into the total number of signatures per country, to derive the following percentages that show where each country stands. (If your country is behind, or not listed, please tell your friends and neigbors, invite people to your home to sign on your computer, put a computer into your health food store to encourage more people to sign. Do this ANYWAY even if you live in Ireland or Denmark, because we need FAR MORE signatures from people world wide, in any case, ESPECIALLY from the EU nations!

#1 Ireland - .00001158731 - 44 signatures divided by 3,797,257 population
(Way to go Martin Forde and friends! Surely you can do better though!)
#2 Denmark - .00000899483 - 48 signatures divided by 5,336,394 population
(Way to go Mayday- you're kicking our butts, but you're behind Ireland!)
#3 Canada - .00000696906 - 218 signatures divided by 31,281,092 population
(Canada- you're doin' good, embarrassing your larger neighbors to the south!)
#4 USA - .00000626354 - 1726 signatures divided by 275,562,673
population (Americans! Get off your butts! This is embarrassing!)
#5 N.Zealand - .00000392694 - 15 signatures divided by 3,819,762 population
(Not Bad NZ Charter, Not bad McIver, Law, you're ahead of Australia!)
#6. UK - .00000283978 - 169 signatures divided by 59,511,464 population
(England! Where is your pride?)
#7 Australia - .00000281703 - 54 signatures divided by 19,169,083 population
(Whoa! You Aussies gonna let UK and New Zealand kick your ass this way?)
#8 Italy - .000002777612 - 160 signatures divided by 57,634,327 population
(Josef- get people to queue up at a Cyber cafe in Rome to sign!
#9 Holland - .000000818 - 13 signatures divided by 15,892,237 population
(Dr.Rath! Where are you? There's about 100 people in your office alone!)
#10 Germany - .0000004831 - 40 signatures divided by 82,797,408 population
(Dr.Rath! Where are all your German followers???
#11 S. Africa - .00000025333 - 11 signatures divided by 43,421,621 population
(Stuart- Tell Ant/also Dennison to get their butts in gear!
#12 France - .00000013483 - 8 signatures divided by 59,329,691 population
(Come on France! You gonna let England and Germany whup your butts?

Based on this, people in the EU can see which countries need to work the hardest to catch up: Sweden, Norway: where are you?
France, Germany, Holland, plenty of room for improvement.
England: You're behind the USA, Denmark, Ireland and New Zealand: please have more pride!!
Ireland and Denmark, way to go! You're doing really well! Keep it up! Put laptops into your health food stores to build on your LEAD!!!
Put flyers into your Cyber Cafes! Do Public speaking on the college campuses. Get people to line up at a computer and sign the petition, send email to your MEPs.

Americans: We should be embarrassed, we're only #4 here, please tell your friends and neighbors to sign. Go to right now, sign and pass the word! If you have a laptop and own a health food store, please put it into your store with a Battle Station containing hand out flyers to alert people to what is going on in the EU! What is going on over there will impact us here via CODEX unless stopped! No American law is safe from harmonization. No vitamin law anywhere in the WORLD is safe from harmonization. See no US law safe. Call your congressman and Congressman Burton via 202-225-3121 (Capital Switchboard) and request an oversight hearing on the codex vitamin issue.

IAHF encourages health freedom fighters world wide to view the only videofootage ever shown to the public from the inside of a codex vitamin meeting. Both recent Gary Null radio shows on the Codex vitamin issue with international guests from around the world will also be put on this new IAHF multimedia website soon as audio files in case you missed them.

I got kicked off the American delegation for shooting this codex footage against the will of Herr Grossklauss, the Nazi who runs the meeting, and Dr.Yetley of the US FDA, who got angry due to my efforts to expose her criminal actions at the Codex meeting.

Also see footage of commentary in the street of Berlin by GS Odin of the American delegation as he stands in front of Dr.Rath's protest banner. Soon to be posted: IAHF's video footage from Dr.Rath's demonstration against the last Codex meeting in June. *You can see footage NOW from Rath's demonstration at along with still photos from the anti Codex demonstration in Berlin last June.

Gary Null will continue to do Radio shows on the Codex vitamin issue. I just spoke with his producer. He is still going to have Ken Mc Iver from New Zealand and also Richard North, a food expert on staff to the British members of the European Parliament who will discuss the awful monster that is the European Union...

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