To: IAHF List
Subject: Primer for Health Freedom Activism for Vitamin Consumers World Wide: Response to Philip Dawes in London England Re The Global Health Freedom Battle: What We Must Do
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 10:49:14 -0500

All Webmasters: Please post.

IAHF List, Vitamin Consumers World Wide, and People World Wide Concerned About Stopping Massive Injustice:

I appeal to you to please read my respone to Philip Dawes in England. Our friends in Europe need the help of vitamin consumers world wide. They are trying to stop genocide which is being threatened right now through an evil, dictatorial body: the European Union. This Rockefeller inspired monster (the EU) must be stopped, before it subjugates every man, woman and child to the will of the Pharma Cartel as that body seeks to suppress the truth. The TRUTH is consumption of properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs is the 4th leading cause of death in the world, while vitamins hurt no one. Help is needed to STOP the global witch hunt against these safe, effective, inexpensive substances! By March of this year, unless more people world wide fight back, England, Holland and Sweden will be forced to walk in lockstep with France and Germany where consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range has been banned, except by prescription. The health of millions of people all over the world is more important than the value of pharmaceutical stock.

The world's #1 Killer disease, Heart Disease, is nothing more than a simple vitamin deficiency, yet the Pharma Cartel doesn't want us to know this because the largest sector of pharmaceutical sales lies in the sale of heart drugs.


See my response to Philip Dawes from England (below), please forward it to everyone you know and urge them to join you in signing the Anti EU Vitamin Directive Petition at Lets keep the ball rolling, world wide! I will be on the air in an hour and 15 minutes on the Gary Null radio show which will be broadcast globally on the web on You must download the free software from that site to be able to listen (easy, but allow time). The audio archives of this and the previous show will be put on the IAHF website at in the near future.

Webmaster's note: In the following exchange, Philip Dawes comments will be in italics.

At 06:01 AM 1/2/01 -0500, Philip Dawes wrote:
Greetings John,
Thank you for the various postings on Health Freedom, including and not least the Codex Alimentarius issue. There seems to be a technical error with the Vitamin Signatures database. After I signed, the information came up on screen that my submission was #901. I am passing it around here in the UK and friends and contacts overseas.

Philip! Thanks for signing the Anti EU Vitamin Directive Petition, and for your Interest in Health Freedom England, and the World, Need More People Such as You. Be Sure to Call, Email, Write, Fax, and VISIT your MPs and MEPs as well! Their fax machines must run out of paper and ink, and their phone lines must be jammed, and the same with the MEPs of all EU nations! We will MAKE this happen!

I just checked the petition upon arising this am at 6, and you were signatary 769. Since you signed, 12 others have also signed. Maybe you can prevail upon Ralph Pike there in Sheffield England to get a ton more people from Consumers for Health Choice to sign the petition. (see his phone numbers below) Ralph is Director of the National Assn of Health Stores. Ralph has signed, along with his family, but there really should be a lot more sigs from England, and right now Italy has ya'll beat, and that sort of embarrasses me because my ancestors hail from England and Scotland, (some too from Austria) and it saddens me that I'm not seeing more fighting spirit coming from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales. Suggest everyone over there make up a FLYER to pass out at the health food stores because we are at WAR against the Germans, once again.

Here in 1989, a really dangerous stealth bill, the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act was rushed through the House like a torpedo aimed straight for the heart of the dietary supplement industry. We had to fight like hell, but we countered it with DSHEA in '94 5 years of hard fighting later, but THAT battle isn't finished, and I am bringing THAT message to America todsay. In '89 this stealth bill was on its way to the Senate, and the bastards were figuring to "slam dunk" the industry, but a bunch of us hit the ground runnin' and busted loose all over America to give them unmitigated hell to the best of our ability. I personally made a list of every health food store within a 50 mile radius of my house, which at the time took in Manhattan in New York City. I made up a flyer using Pagemaker, make a few thousand copies, called every health food store on my list to get the names of the owners and managers, and directions to their store. I told 'em I was comin' over for the purpose of trying to save their collective asses, and that we all had to work together, or the ship was goin' down.

At the time, I was livin' dirt poor in a tenement apartment on the wrong side of the tracks in a crime infested black ghetto, as the only white person in my building. I was trying to write a book that would have been titled "A Guidebook for Schizophrenics and Their Families" Subtitle: From an Orthomolecular Survivor's Perspective. I had 5 chapters written, and was busy interviewing others like myself from all over the US and Canada who had made full recoveries from schizophrenia, manic depression, alcholism, drug addiction, attention deficit disorder, depression using vitamins via orthomolecular medicine, the suppressed alternative treatment mode that enabled me to escape the depths of hell over 20 years ago. It saddens me today that I had to put that book on the back burner, but I was FORCED to stop writing it in order to fight for health freedom because it wouldn't have done much good if I'd written that book and no one could get the vitamins they'd need to be able to use the book as a guide.

So I worked as a janitor at night cleaning hair salons, sweeping up all the hair, shining the mirrors, shining the chrome on the barbers chairs, getting down on my hands and knees to clean the pedestals on the chairs, using a high speed buffer to shine the floors after washing them. Sometimes I'd strip and wax a floor and would finish work at sunrise. Go home. Sleep a few hours, then drive all over New Jersey where I'd set up a coffee table in front of a health food store and I'd pass out flyers to everyone entering and leaving the store. I'd talk to them, and explain to them why health freedom meant so much to me, and I'd ask them to please call their Congressman and raise hell about the bad bill. Told 'em we had to kill the bill. Asked 'em to please donate for my gas money and money to make copies and to keep my ancient pickup truck on the road.

When winter came, I kept at it. Wore a down parka, long underwear, warm gloves. Sat out in the cold sometimes for hours each week handing out flyers. You want to know how many people it takes to hold an effective demonstration? Just one. (1) (uno amigo) comprendes?

Some people will "get it" right away. Others will ignore you. Some might make stupid remarks. Some health food store owners refused to help me pass out the flyers. Can't let that sort of thing get to you. Deal in volume. Pretend you're walking down a very long corridor with lots of doors. Try each door as you walk along. If one doesn't open, don't waste time trying to force it to open. Just keep going, opening the doors that WILL open. Then go BACK to the ones that wouldn't previously open, and by THEN some WILL open because the WORD starts gettin' around that the most tenacious son of a bitch in the world is making the rounds, and his message is worth listening to. I have organized demonstrations in Washington DC, Ottawa Canada, Berlin Germany, I was arrested in Seattle at the anti WTO demonstration where I got shot with rubber bullets, was teargassed. The jack booted goons through me in a decommissioned Navy Brig in Seattle. I refused to give 'em any ID whatsoever. They tried to interrogate me, but I told them I considered my self to be a Prisoner of War, and that they could all get fucked as far as I was concerned. I told them I simply never had any chance to VOTE for ANYTHING the WTO, or the UN Codex Commission was doing. I told 'em that I had attended several UN Codex Meetings in Germany, and had observed Dr. Beth Yetley of the US FDA violating US law, and that I had been promised an Oversight Hearing by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, but that they later RENEGED on that promise due to pressure from multinational pharmaceutical companies. I spent the whole time I was locked up educating the cops, and you know what? When I walked out of jail they were shaking my hand, thanking me for defending the United States Constitution, and they were APOLOGIZING to me for locking me up.

To me, Freedom is not something any of us can take for granted. If we want it, we must FIGHT for it. We must BELEIVE in it with every fiber of our being. We must reach out to the people around us so that THEY will want it too. My ancestors came here from Europe in search of religious freedom starting back in the 1500's when the first group of them immigrated from Scotland via Amsterdam. They didn't want their kids growing up speaking Dutch so they risked their lives to sail across the ocean where they were among the first Europeans to settle the state of Rhode Island. The wouldn't have survived if it weren't for the Narragansett Indians who taught them how to grow corn. I am part Narragansett. They were a tribe that got wiped out by measles, ironically. Their immune systems couldn't handle it. I cry when I think about how my native ancestors were treated on this continent. We have raped their land, and now we are destroying the planet. I live today very far off the beaten path, in a commune in southwest Virginia where I am growing food, and herbs, heating with wood, living the way my ancestors lived when they first arrived. Only difference is we have solar panels and a windmill, and we're connected to the internet. When I look at that Petition, it two things sadden me: (1) that Europeans are outnumbered so heavily by American signers when the petition doesn't pertain directly to us, and (2) that not MORE Americans have signed since I'm trying to GET them to sign.

Just so you realize it, I bugged Josef over there in Italy to get him to put the petition up. I COULD have put it on MY website, but didn't think that would be such a good idea seein' as how I'm over here in "the colonies". Is there HOPE over there in Europe? Damn Right! Where there is a WILL, there is ALWAYS a WAY! When the goin' gets TOUGH, the TOUGH get GOIN'!!! Now, please call my good buddy Ralph Pike of the National Assn of Health Stores over there in Sheffield, tell him I sent you, and tell him I'm PISSED. Tell him he needs to break a damn leg or two and prevail upon all the apparently lame buggers in Consumers from Health Choice and get them off their collective asses. Tell him if he wants me to come over to do some rallies to get ya'll fired up, just help me out with planefare, and I'll need a place to crash, a couch in someones home would suffice. Ralph's number is:

Ralph Pike
National Association of Health Stores
PO Box 1455
S7 2YD
Tel/Fax - 00 44 (0)114 249 5345
Tel - 00 44 (0)114 236 3043
Mobile - 07887 594226

Have bullhorn, gasmask, and magic markers, will travel. Who sez the American Revolution has become a fat lady drivin' a Cadillac?

See additional responses to the rest of your mssg below:

The vitamin issue is important - but only to those who have the realisation of (personal) health needs, and understand the problems relating to ill health, resulting from agrochemical farming systems and the toxic build-up in the soil.

You need to appeal to the MASSES. Always think BIG never small.

The main cause of heart and circulatory disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic circulatory disorders, cancer, osteoporosis and other diseases of modern man is chronic vitamin deficiency.

On the Internet over 10,000 scientific publications and clinical studies are there for all to see, documenting the health importance of vitamins.

We must do a Martin Luther King on the Pharma Cartel bastards. Appeal to people's basic sense of what is RIGHT, what is MORAL!

Heart Disease is the World's Number One Killer. Matthias Rath MD of Almelo Netherlands has a US Patent on the Prevention and Treatment of the World's Number One Killer: They're Trying to Suppress it, and thats WRONG! You can read the Patent at

Rolf Grossklauss, the German Chair of the Codex Committee that is trying to screw the world (the CCNFSDU) states on the Bgvv website that Vitamin C causes kidney stones, he is a liar, and has been disproven, but this is what he is saying! They're trying to suppress a nutritional protocol that can be used by ANYONE for mere PENNIES PER DAY to keep from EVER HAVING a heart attack or stroke, and thats WRONG! Read some of Dr.Rath's speechs on his website. See the video clips and photos from our anti Codex demonstation in Berlin last June. They're all on his website and you can INSPIRE people by telling them to go check it out! Here is just one of Rath's speeches that vitamin consumers world wide who weren't able to be with us in Berlin last June should read! (All of his speeches should be read, this is just one)

Look at it like this:

There was a time when only about 10 % of the population of Europe knew how to read. The ruling elite didn't WANT people to know how to read. They suppressed ownership of BOOKS! The could CONTROL people if they couldn't learn how to read! They attacked PRINTERS! Then Gutenberg came along in 1450 in the middle of the 15th century and started mass producing the first book, which was the BIBLE. Suddenly LOTS of people started getting copies of it, and had the CHANCE to learn to READ for the FIRST TIME! The people of the world at that time all simply assumed the moral RESPONSIBILITY to spread this basic KNOWLEDGE and those who KNEW HOW to read, each taught as many people as they could, and a REVOLUTION ensued! At the start of the 15th century, only 10% of Europe knew how to read, but by the end, 80% were at least functionally literate, despite the fact that the ruling elite of that time were burning printing presses to try to stop the proliferation of bibles, the world's first mass produced book!

The situation today is similar. Using the power of the internet, it is EASY for us to spread the TRUTH about the healing power of vitamins around the world! Soon as I finish writing this and do one tap on my mouse, my message to you (which I'm sending simultaneously to my whole list) will be shot across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans instantaneously to the thousands of people world wide on my email distribution list, and onto the IAHF website which is being visited daily by an average of over 2000 individuals, each of whom are spreading the word exponentially to still MORE websites and email lists! Every time we get the truth about Dr.Rath's Patent which PREVENTS the world's number one killer disease, Heart Disease, and related information, it gets harder and harder for CRIMINALS like Grossklaus to suppress the truth. What right does HE and the other Codex bureaucrats have to MURDER people???

It is difficult to get people motivated. I know this from past experience. I praise your efforts in keeping the health issue on the boil. It's very important to keep on going. However, there is one problem. It is information overload!!! It would perhaps be better if postings were kept specifically to health related issues! I hope you are not offended by that statement/request?

Understanding Codex is a challenge to some people. Part of the difficulty from my vantagepoint is that the issue is simply not real to enough Americans. Over here, we aren't feeling the heat the way you guys in Europe are, and most people on my email list are Americans. I have to awaken them to the fact that what is happening in the EU right now will impact us here, and that they need to join me in this fight to help you guys defend your rights. If they don't, and we don't collectively stop what is happening in the EU by March, England, Holland and Sweden, the 3 EU countries which currently enjoy the most access to supplements will be forced to walk in lockstep with Germany and France, and this could force the German vitamin proposal through at Codex. Americans don't grasp that our sovereignty is being threatened by this. We're being lied to by our government. Most people here still don't realize that none of our laws is safe. Any of our laws can be forced to be harmonized to a grossly restrictive international standard due to the threat of trade sanctions. I am having to educate people about this, and that forces me to inform them of such matters as the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue, and the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue. These bogus organizations must be exposed because they are selling us down the river.... Unless people can understand how the political game is being played, they won't know what is going on, and won't know what they have to do in order to defend their rights. They won't go sign the petition at unless I can first get them around a pretty steep learning curve. Each person who signs is telling more people.

I am fully aware of the extent of governmental and business corruption in the world, and injustices perpetrated by the judiciary. My personal efforts have to be devoted and directed towards health and medicine/medical issues. Much of your valued information on health matters has been added to my own database, which will be enacted soon.

Thank you. I am a health freedom lobbyist. I have to deal simultaneously with a wide range of issues in an effort to educate people.

People generally like to receive information on a subject which interests them, but they do not put themselves out to support it - probably less than 0.01%. It is therefore left to those who are dynamically motivated to do the donkeywork and encourage others to do something to assist. It is an uphill task!

Thats the way its always been. Thanks for your support as one of the main
catalysts in England!

Thank you for all your efforts in these health matters, and your compassion towards our fellow humans.
Kind regards,
Philip, (in London).

If not for people like you I am not sure I could keep going the way I have been, but with the support of people like you I am sure we can expose and stop the EU/Codex shell game. Thank you for all you are doing to awaken the people of not only England, but the world! I will be on the air in 2 hours, from noon to 1pm eastern US time. Please tune in on on the Gary Null show and spread the word. If you miss the broadcast, I will soon have audio archives from this and the previous anti Codex broadcast on the IAHF website at . Would you be interested in being on any future broadcasts to alert the world about the dangerous EU Vitamin Directive and Codex? If so, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with Gary Null's Producer, Jonathan Eder, who will call you. What is your phone number?

PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!