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Subject: Cry of the Invisible: How Vitamin Consumers Can Break Down the Global Walls of Oppression
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 17:24:55 -0500

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IAHF List and other vitamin consumers and freedom loving people world wide:

Please go to and be uplifted by the photos from our anti Codex pro vitamin, pro Orthomolecular demonstration against the Pharma Cartel in Berlin Germany last June. Participating in this demonstration was the most uplifting moment of my life, and we must all savor such moments and gather strength for the battle remaining ahead.


How Vitamin Consumers World Wide Can Break Down the Walls of Oppression

As Christmas nears I find myself thinking back to a Christmas I once spent years ago in a situation that is painful even now to reflect on, but I'm going to anyway because more people need to hear the Cry of the Invisible.

The young man sat naked in his own urine on a rubber mat in the corner of the cinderblock walled room. Obscenities had been scrawled on the walls, written in blood and feces by his invisible breathren, fellow inmates mired in a hellish existence, suffering pain from a broken brain, a broken body, and a beaten down spirit. From time to time a goon would peer in through the cross hatched metal wires embedded in the safety glass observation window, and the young man felt like a fish in an aquarium as the pain of his existence contrasted with the joy society conditions us to expect to feel on Christmas, and when one's reality is incongruent with that expectation, it only worsens any depression a person may happen to feel, and that was the case with me many years ago before God's vitamins and orthomolecular medicine brought me back from the dead.

Can the flickering light of hope exist behind the walls of our psychiatric hospitals and prisons? Can it be found out on the street amongst the homeless warming themselves over burning trash while sleeping on park benches, in doorways, abandoned houses, and under bridge abutments? What about those people sleeping in doorways using cardboard boxes for insulation, pushing their earthly belongings around in a stolen shopping cart, tormented by hidden voices, tormented by hallucinations, severe depression, paranoia, hunger and pain? What, if anything can be done to improve their lot?

What, if anything can be done to make audible the cry of the invisible?

Who will be their champion?
We ALL must be, by forwarding this message of hope!

The young man cried out in mortal anguish, trying with his plaintive wails to knock down the 2 inch thick steel door that only reinforced the prison of his own imbalanced mind and body, serving to heighten the feelings of hopelessness and pain, the feeling of being cut off from the world, from life, from humanity and hope.

It was Christmas day, 1978, and I will never forget that prison of pain. Too often hope is killed behind those walls. Too many have been murdered by the white coated Nazis, and the killing must stop.I will never forget the 4 years I spent needlessly mired in the hell of the psychiatric system, only for want of a few vitamins of which I have a genetic need.

How did I escape that hell?

How can others escape?

Are we all to lose our access to the vitamins we need due to Codex and the EU Anti Vitamin Directive that stands to be finalized by March?

Am I to be forced back behind those walls for lack of vitamins?
HELL NO, I WON'T GO! We're all going to win this battle TOGETHER!

As I reflect back on the past year and remember the most uplifting as well as the most trying moments, what stands out in my mind as the most memorable time was the anti Codex demonstration in Berlin, at the end of our demonstration when we let fly thousands of colorful helium baloons, along with two cages of pidgeons to symbolize the fact that the Pharma Cartel can't suppress the truth forever.

Throughout history new ideas in science and medicine have always been suppressed.
Think of Ignaz Semmelweiss back in the 1840's.
He was the first person to realize the importance of good hygiene in hospitals, of the need for surgeons to wash their hands before an operation, of the need for clean bed linnens and towels. His theories regarding contagion turned out to be 100% correct but at first they were horribly suppressed.

He observed doctors in his teaching hospital in Vienna practice dissection on cadavers, then, without washing their hands they'd go across the hall to deliver babies, and the babies and mothers were dying like flies from childbed fever: puerperal fever, a form of septicemia Semmelweiss deduced that there must be something invisible that could be transferred on their hands and instruments that caused disease, so he ordered his doctors to wash their hands and instruments and the death rate declined markedly. His hospital became the safest in Europe, and he went to the big medical gathering expecting his peers to regard him as a hero for his wonderful discovery, but much to his surprise and dismay, they MOCKED him, they REVILED him, and when the doctors in his charge and his students saw that he was not respected, they stopped following his instructions and the death rate climbed back to what it had been and it started preying on his mind. His lectures became increasingly vitriolic attacks on his detractors, and fearing for his safety, his family had him locked away in an asylum. In a last desperate attempt to call his discovery to the attention of the world, Semmelweiss delivered the baby of a fellow prisoner in the asylum, then plunged the unclean scalple into his chest, to die from the same disease that he'd learned to prevent using proper hygiene.

40 years after his death, after a generation had come and gone, and a new generation of doctors came into the medical schools, doctors began to realize to their great horror, that Semmelweiss had been correct all along, and by the turn of the century they all began washing their hands and changing the bed linnens. A statue was erected in his honor in his native Budapest, and today, thanks to Semmelweiss, all doctors wash their hands, but it wasn't always like that- first the old guard had to die out,and their mindless prejudices with them.

It is similar today with orthomolecular medicine, the mode of treatment that helped me escape the hell of the psychiatric system. This treatment mode was first discovered by Abram Hoffer and Humphrey Osmond way back in 1952 in the wilds of Saskatchewan Canada, and here it is 2000, almost 50 years later and its STILL being horribly suppressed!

What can be done to stop its ongoing suppression?
What can be done to stop the relentless pharmaceutical drive to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range?

Matthias Rath, MD is a modern day Semmelweiss. As a champion of orthomolecular medicine, Rath holds a US patent on a nutritional protocol that totally prevents and easily and inexpensively treats human cardiovascular disease, the world's number one killer. His important discovery, along with all of orthomolecular medicine, the suppressed treatment approach that enabled me to recover from the hell of schizophrenia, is still horribly suppressed.

Whenever I see a homeless person or learn of someone who's child or loved one has been incarcerated in a mental hospital, it tears my heart out to know how much needless suffering can be so easily prevented. I feel similarly whenever I hear of someone dying from cancer or heart disease or any other totally preventable and easily treated illness, and I have to take active steps to stay in balance from swimming, hiking and other healthy pursuits just to be able to sleep at night. I'm sure Dr. Rath and all other orthomolecular practitioners, and people who have been helped by orthomolecular medicine via nutrients feel similarly. In Berlin, before our demonstration against Codex I attended a counter meeting held by Dr. Rath at which hundreds of orthomolecular patients got up on the stage to recount their amazing medical success stories, stories of healing made possible by vitamins and by the courage of those physicians who have the guts to stick with the truth, no matter what the consequences.

Matthias Rath, MD, points out the fact that there was a time in history when only about 10% of the populace of Europe knew how to read, because literacy was as suppressed then as knowledge of orthomolecular medicine is today. Then Guttenberg invented the printing press, and the Bible became the first mass produced book. Suddenly the floodgates were open and the common people of Europe had access to the Bible, and the chance to learn how to read. A grassroots groundswell ensued, as people taught each other how to read, and by the end of the 15th century, the litaracy rate suddenly skyrocketed, and climbed to 80%.

The same thing is happening today regarding orthomolecular medicine, as the truth keeps circling the globe. Rath is telling the world about his US patent on a nutritional treatment protocol that completely prevents and reverses the world's number one killer disease, heart disease, while orthomolecular medicine and other equally suppressed non mainstream treatments are also the answer for all other so called "diseases".

It gives me immense satisfaction to imagine the chagrine and pain the Nazis in the Pharma Cartel will feel when it dawns on them that they will not succeed as they so fervantly desire to suppress the truth of what healed me and so many others, for the word is now circling the globe, each time this email is forwarded, each time a new person comes to the IAHF website at and signs onto our email distribution list, each time people peruse our links section and jump off to all the related links and learn of the battle, and the need to spread the truth more rapidly, our opponents at Codex grow ever more desperate, and I love it! Read Dr. Rath's and others speechs from the Anti Codex demonstration held last June in Berlin at

Check out Orthomolecular Medicine online at and jump to all the links. Then pass this message on! Tell all your friends, world wide, to visit the website of International Advocates for Health Freedom at and to sign onto the email distribution list for updates. Please make a donation to IAHF to help us in our work. IAHF seeks to awaken vitamin consumers world wide to the need to fight back, especially in Europe where they currently face a horrible EU Vitamin Directive that threatens to destroy access to high potency vitamins in the EU, and by the impact this could have at Codex, on people world wide.

But we're not going to LET this happen! Right?
IAHF is in your corner, but it costs money to fight this battle. We need to go to Europe to assist the health freedom fighters there. We only have until March to stop the EU Vitamin Directive, because we only have until March to stop it.

It is imperative that more people sign the anti EU Vitamin Directive petition at

Archimedes once said: "Give me a lever long enough, and I can move the world!"

And so we can people, and so we can! Your donations help cover not only MY ass, but YOURS as well!

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